Cracks in Her Foundation

Author: Shani Mixon

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460266056


Page: 209

View: 1440

Mia Johnson, the songbird of Living Waters Church, the daughter of a powerful pastor, and loving wife to her husband Edward, is living the perfect life or so it seems until she is unexpectedly hit with a blow that makes her question her faith and existence in God. Her pain, sadness and disappointment of this untimely revelation quickly turn into bitterness and disgust and she decides to leave her once storybook life and family behind to embark upon a journey that is ultimately destined for destruction. As her family attempts to heal its own exposed wounds and crushing secrets, Mia finds consolation and corrupt employment with a childhood friend, Corey, who is rightfully powerful in all the wrong ways. As Mia desperately looks to continually distance herself from her family thousands of miles away, the bit of light that remains within her, is a lingering reminder in her new life that God still loves her in spite of her pain and decision to leave Him. She will soon have to make a critical decision whether to return home and forgive her transgressors, as God does His children, or continue to deepen her roots in working in the dark bowels of crime.

Through the Valley

Author: Lori Clancy

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 151278219X

Category: Religion

Page: 134

View: 422

Through The Valley is a look at ones journey through the heartache of losing a loved one to suicide. Find hope for your journey as Lori shares her personal and professional strategies through her own grief process. Through The Valley offers hope, healing, and understanding of suicide from a faith-based prospective. If you are struggling in the aftermath of a loved ones suicide, this is a great resource to have.

Secrets to Receiving Uncommon Breakthroughs

Author: Shegun Bino Alabi

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532094868

Category: Religion

Page: 168

View: 2606

Praying is not enough: You need to be praying for the right things in order to see results. In this prayer handbook, you will discover areas to cover in prayers that you may be overlooking. Knowing what to pray for will greatly improve the effectiveness of your prayers and prayer life. Whether you are seeking to achieve better results in business, finances, academics, marriage, raising children, or some other area, the lessons in this book will help you fulfill your destiny. Find out how to: • stop the enemy who wants to stop you, so the enemy dies instead of you; • protect your life and the future of your family; • deliver yourself from demons and satanic oppressions; • live the fruitful life that God intended for you. Don’t allow yourself or family members to suffer because you don’t know how to pray. Rise above enemies and gather strength from the Lord with the action steps and insights in Secrets to Receiving Uncommon Breakthroughs.

Love Lives Here

Author: Amanda Jette Knox

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 073523518X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 7630

NATIONAL BESTSELLER An inspirational story of accepting and embracing two trans people in a family--a family who shows what's possible when you "lead with love." All Amanda Jetté Knox ever wanted was to enjoy a stable life. She never knew her biological father, and while her mother and stepfather were loving parents, the situation was sometimes chaotic. At school, she was bullied mercilessly, and at the age of fourteen, she entered a counselling program for alcohol addiction and was successful. While still a teenager, she met the love of her life. They were wed at 20, and the first of three children followed shortly. Jetté Knox finally had the stability she craved--or so it seemed. Their middle child struggled with depression and avoided school. The author was unprepared when the child she knew as her son came out as transgender at the age of eleven. Shocked, but knowing how important it was to support her daughter, Jetté Knox became an ardent advocate for trans rights. But the story wasn't over. For many years, the author had coped with her spouse's moodiness, but that chronic unhappiness was taking a toll on their marriage. A little over a year after their child came out, her partner also came out as transgender. Knowing better than most what would lie ahead, Jetté Knox searched for positive examples of marriages surviving transition. When she found no role models, she determined that her family would become one. The shift was challenging, but slowly the family members noticed that they were becoming happier and more united. Told with remarkable candour and humour, and full of insight into the challenges faced by trans people, Love Lives Here is a beautiful story of transition, frustration, support, acceptance, and, of course, love.

America Goes to College

Author: John E. Seery

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 0791487520

Category: Philosophy

Page: 258

View: 2372

Extols the virtue of small liberal arts colleges and the liberal arts tradition.

Root Strength E-Book

Author: Shannon Dames

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323778704

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 7659

Develop resilience and thrive as a care professional! Root Strength: A Health and Care Professionals’ Guide to Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Thriving discusses principles of self-care that can help you prevent emotional fatigue and job burnout in highly stressful workplaces. An evidence-based approach examines how the care professional can develop self-compassion, mindfulness, relationships with co-workers, and perceived satisfaction with one’s career. Written by noted educator and researcher Shannon Dames, this practical manual shows how you can apply these insights on the job and enhance your personal well-being in real-world health care settings. With the prevalence of mental health issues among care professionals — including rates of PTSD and major depressive disorder (MDD) — appearing much higher than that in the general population, never has a resource like this been more required! Focus on both theory and practice allows for self-assessment and the ability to build resilience and thrive, with concepts underpinned by research. UNIQUE! Journeys case studies highlight a care professional’s real-world experience/concerns, encouraging you to think about how you would handle the situation as you read through the chapter; the chapter closes with an effective method to handle the real-life situation, demonstrating how to apply the lessons learned. UNIQUE! Clear and conversational writing style and metaphorical roots/tree framework makes it easier to understand concepts. Practical exercises throughout the text allow you to build and strengthen your own metaphorical roots. Vignettes demonstrate how concepts apply to real-world scenarios. Attuning for the Journey Ahead sums up the content at the end of each chapter, ensuring that you understand the key concepts. UNIQUE! Special boxes contributed by Dr. Crosbie Watler, MD, FRCPC help you understand and navigate through professionals’ mental health challenges.

Not My Fight

Author: Brian V. Wieck

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1662473311

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

View: 358

As Brian V. Wieck wrote the papers that became the basis for his debut book, The War Within, he learned to forgive his offenders of their trespasses as well as himself of the sins he had committed against God. As Brian continued to write, he began to feel guilty and unworthy to be loved by God after so many years of anger and depression blamed directly on God. “How could God still love a long-term sinner such as I?” he asked. As Brian digs deeper into his spiritual needs, he learns the role Jesus Christ plays in the forgiveness of sins. It’s the blood of Jesus that washes away our sins and makes us worthy to stand before God. Bent, but not broken. Dinged, but not destroyed. Accepted, loved, and forgiven.

Waiting for Heaven

Author: Heather Gillis

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490827862

Category: Religion

Page: 231

View: 3208

Life can sometimes lead us to unexpected places, to only leave us broken, desperate, and hurting. Heather Gillis and her husband, Mac, waited in anticipation for the birth of their third child. Like many Christian couples, their dreams and expectations in marriage, parenthood, and daily life developed differently than they'd planned, and left them grieving a life that would never be. Their journey gives insight into a new normal and uncovers the stepping stones of the healing process. In their process, they re-discovered God's abounding love through their experiences of joy, heartbreak, and purpose. Heather reaches out to parents around the globe to speak openly about being a wife, mother, friend, relative, or stranger during life-changing trials and devastating struggles. In God's love, she has found beauty in the midst of pain, as well as peace in His presence on Earth while waiting for heaven.

Evangelism Unprocessed

Author: Michael Stine


ISBN: 1411658493


Page: 91

View: 1959

This is a short book that will totally change the way you think about evangelism. This book looks at the value of establishing relationships rather than going through a list of processes to witness to a non-Christian.

The Fuller Picture

Author: Cam Fuller

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1525559095

Category: Humor

Page: 200

View: 4214

Sprinting into the grocery story at closing time because your kids need greencoloured snacks for school in the morning. Realizing that when your partner asks if that’s the outfit you’re planning to wear, you’ve planned wrong and will have to change. The time-honoured but unspoken rules men follow when choosing which urinal to use in a public washroom. Saskatoon StarPhoenix columnist Cam Fuller turned these everyday episodes of life into columns that were extraordinarily fun to read, thanks to his deft writing and dry wit. Other times, his affectionate and nostalgic reflections on family and community created a fuller picture, showing us how our lives are shaped day by day. This collection of Cam’s columns reminds us that life is to be lived to the fullest “We all work with the same 26 letters, Cam Fuller just used them better,” —Kevin Mitchell, Sports Editor, Saskatoon StarPhoenix