Road & Track Crew's Big & Fast Cars

Author: Dan Bova

Publisher: Hearst Home & Hearst Home Kids

ISBN: 1950785858

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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The fastest, funniest page-turner on the planet! This is the ultimate book for kids who love slick supercars, powerful monster trucks, and record-smashing speed machines. Buckle up — the only thing more exciting than reading this book about big and fast cars is sitting behind the wheel of one crossing the finish line at the Indy 500! Inside you’ll find amazing color photos, mind-blowing facts, and answers to some very urgent questions, like: Do you know why the van was embarrassed around its friends? Because it had a little gas! Since the invention of the wheel, people have been building machines that go faster and faster and look cooler and cooler. The first cars went about 10 mph, now they easily break 200 mph — and some even drive themselves! Speaking of which, ever wonder whose fault it is if two self-driving cars get in an accident? Pick up this book and find out! Under the hood you’ll discover: • Incredible auto-related facts like record setting rides (check out the 763 mph ThrustSSC rocket car!) and answers to seriously silly questions (How do race car drivers pee during a race?) • Many S.T.E.A.M. learning opportunities such as the science of how cars work and the history of cars from the Model T to electric cars to a Tesla in space! • Behind-the-scenes stories of people with great car-related jobs such as a Hot Wheels designer, the guy who created the Batmobile, a scientist who controls rovers on Mars, and of course, record-setting drivers like Danica Patrick, Alexander Rossi, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and teen sensation Chloe Chambers. • Fun activities such as drawing lessons (create your own car cartoon character!) matching games, quizzes, plus tons of jokes. • Sneak peeks inside the garages of your favorite famous car-collection celebs like The Rock, Lady Gaga, Guy Fieri and other car-obsessives! The only thing readers need to drive Road & Track Crew Big & Fast Cars is a license for fun. So turn the key, step on the gas and let’s go!

Collaborative Crew Performance in Complex Operational Systems

Author: North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Research and Technology Organization. Human Factors and Medicine Panel. Symposium

Publisher: N.A


Category: Armed Forces

Page: 300

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Contains the proceedings of the first RTO Human Factors and Medical Panel (HFM) Symposium, held in Edinburgh, Scotland, April 20-22, 1998, including the Technical Evaluation Report and Keynote Addresses. Research and applications in human factors has frequently only considered individual operator interfaces, for limited work domains in well-defined scenarios, as evaluated by unitary measures. As we progress towards the next millennium, complex operations will increasingly require consideration and integration of the collaborative element wherein crew performance becomes a critical factor for success. The goal of this symposium has been to bring together a global perspective on issues and factors that need to be understood when systems design is focused on the crew operating in a complex environment. Hence, the papers contained in these proceedings give the reader a broad, multidisciplinary view of needs, requirements, ongoing research and development projects, and various research agendas that will bring about new technologies, approaches, and measures with regard to collaborative crew performance. The papers and multiple perspectives contained in these proceedings provide a baseline for understanding many elements of crew performance and in that sense will be valuable for the human factors specialist that must now design for the collaborative element and be concerned with the broad bandwidth of complexities within the operational setting. Additionally, the volume provides information for researchers, scientists, and engineers in many different areas who find themselves immersed in collaborative systems design.

Small Groups

Author: John M. Levine,Richard L. Moreland

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135471401

Category: Psychology

Page: 568

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Research on small groups is highly diverse because investigators who study such groups vary in their disciplinary identifications, theoretical interests, and methodological preferences. The goal of this volume is to capture that diversity, and thereby convey the breadth and excitement of small group research by acquainting students with work on five fundamental aspects of groups. The volume also includes an introductory chapter by the editors which provides an overview of the history of and current state-of-the-art in the field. Together with introductions to each section, discussion questions and suggestions for further reading, make the volume ideal reading for senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in group dynamics.

Artificial Intelligence and Civil Engineering

Author: B. H. V. Topping

Publisher: Civil Comp Press


Category: Artificial intelligence

Page: 313

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Included in this volume are papers presented at the Second International Conference on the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil & Structural Engineering, 3-5 September, 1991, Oxford.