Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter von Tom Franklin: Reclam Lektüreschlüssel XL

Author: Andrew Williams

Publisher: Reclam Verlag

ISBN: 3159614859

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 120

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Reclam Lektüreschlüssel XL sind die idealen Helfer bei der Vorbereitung auf Unterrichtsstunden, Referate, Klausuren und Abitur − differenziert, umfangreich, übersichtlich! * Präzise Inhaltsangaben zum Einstieg in den Text * Klare Analysen von Figuren, Aufbau, Sprache und Stil * Zuverlässige Interpretationen mit prägnanten Textbelegen * Informationen zu Autor und historischem Kontext * Hilfreiche Infografiken, Abbildungen und Tabellen * Aktuelle Literatur- und Medientipps Besonders nützliche Elemente sind: * Prüfungsaufgaben mit Lösungshinweisen * Zentrale Begriffe und Definitionen als Lernglossar * FREMDSPRACHEN-LEKTÜRESCHLÜSSEL sind auf Deutsch verfasst, enthalten das wichtigste Vokabular für die Analyse in der Fremdsprache; Aufgaben und Lösungen sind komplett in der Fremdsprache abgefasst Ein Südstaaten-Roman über Freundschaft, Verrat und Alltagsrassismus: Larry und Silas, zwei Jungs, der eine weiß, der andere schwarz, waren einmal Freunde, bis Larry des Mordes an einem Mädchen verdächtigt wird. Ihre Lebenswege trennen sich. Doch als Larry – 25 Jahre später – erneut unter Mordverdacht gerät, muss Silas, inzwischen Polizist, gegen ihn ermitteln. Szenen ihrer gemeinsamen verdrängten Vergangenheit durchbrechen das aktuelle Kriminalgeschehen.

Kerouac's Crooked Road

Author: Tim Hunt

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809385694

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 308

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Now a classic, Kerouac’s Crooked Road was one of the first critical works on the legendary Beat writer to analyze his work as serious literary art, placing it in the broader American literary tradition with canonical writers like Herman Melville and Mark Twain. Author Tim Hunt explores Kerouac’s creative process and puts his work in conversation with classic American literature and with critical theory. This edition includes a new preface by the author, which takes a discerning look at the implications of the 2007 publication of the original typewriter scroll version of On the Road for the understanding of Kerouac and his novel. Although some critics see the scroll version of the novel as embodying Kerouac’s true artistic vision and the 1957 Viking edition as a commercialized compromise of that vision, Hunt argues that the two versions should not be viewed as antithetical but rather as discrete perspectives of a writer deeply immersed in writing as both performance and evolving process. Hunt moves beyond the mythos surrounding the “spontaneous creation” of On the Road, which upholds Kerouac’s reputation as a cultural icon, to look more closely at an innovative writer who wanted to bridge the gap between the luscious, talk-filled world of real life and the sterilized version of that world circumscribed by overly intellectualized, literary texts, through the use of written language driven by effusive passion rather than sober reflection. With close, erudite readings of Kerouac’s major and minor works, from On the Road to Visions of Cody,Hunt draws on Kerouac’s letters, novels, poetry, and experimental drafts to position Kerouac in both historical and literary contexts, emphasizing the influence of writers such as Emerson, Melville, Wolfe, and Hemingway on his provocative work.

The Crooked Ladder

Author: James M. O'Kane

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412836417

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

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Ethnic organized crime is a phenomenon that has been largely ignored by social scientists and historians. "The Crooked Ladder" represents a groundbreaking attempt to describe how some members of ethnic minorities have utilized organized crime as one vehicle of upward mobility, advancing from lower-class status to middle-class power and respectability.

Quantum and Woody Vol. 3: Crooked Pasts, Present Tense TPB

Author: James Asmus

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

ISBN: 1939346398

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 128

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There’s a new scourge sweeping the streets of the big city – ROBO-CRIME! Eric needs to know he can trust Woody — and that means Woody needs to get a job, open a bank account, sign up for a library card, and do all the things a responsible adult does. But when a new gang of rogue mad-scientist super-criminals launch a wave of robot-enabled mega-crimes, will Woody stop them…or join them? Plus: the return of Edison’s Radical Acquisitions and the thrilling secret origin of… the one and only Goat! Collecting QUANTUM AND WOODY #9-12 and QUANTUM AND WOODY: THE GOAT #0, the world’s worst superhero team unleashes a volatile new batch of high-stakes hijinks right here with an all-new collection of adventures from award-winning writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves) and acclaimed artists Tom Fowler (Hulk: Season One), Kano (Gotham Central), Wilfredo Torres (The Shadow: Year One), and Erica Henderson (Subatomic Party Girls)!

My Crooked Family

Author: James Lincoln Collier

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

ISBN: 1620646900

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 125

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Sneaking into the majestic house on Park Row last night and unlocking the door for the well-dressed stranger had been exciting. Still, Roger knows that what he did for Circus was wrong, especially when he learns from the newspaper that one of the inhabitants was killed. But the fifty dollars he earned is a fortune! His mother never seems to have any change left over for dinner after she buys her daily supply of liquor. And his father is in the hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound. With fifty dollars Roger can buy those yellow trousers he's been admiring and a decent dress for Lulu, his younger sister. Now Circus is asking him to pull another job. In spite of the temptation of easy money, Roger vows he won't listen to that fast-talking redhead. Too many unanswered questions buzz through Roger's mind. Who shot his father? Why does Circus take such an interest in his father's health? Why does his father ask questions about a redheaded man? And what is Circus' connection to his father? My Crooked Family is both a gripping mystery and a powerful coming-of-age novel about a fourteen-year-old's decision to enter a world of professional crime.

Crooked Leg Road

Author: Jennifer Walsh

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1743434898

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 216

View: 1499

'I'm not saying anything until you tell me some stuff. Like, who are you really?' 'I can't say,' said Skender. 'We're stuck, then,' said Kitty firmly. 'But I am sorry about spying on you. David's grandfather says he hasn't been kidnapped after all.' 'You were right, though, to think that he was in danger,' said Skender. 'I heard my parents talking. I don't think your friend is safe at all.' It's the end of a long, hot summer, and mystery is the last thing on the minds of friends Kitty, David, Andrea and Martin. Then Andrea spots a strange van parked behind David's house, and a few days later, he disappears. Kitty is convinced he's been kidnapped - and that the secretive new boy has something to do with it - but David's family say he's safe. Only why won't they say where he's gone? The friends don't know it, but they've stumbled on a sinister plot involving a criminal gang, a planned kidnap, and a school event that could go very, very wrong.

Crooked Cabin Quilts

Author: Pat Sloan

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 160900325X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 46

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Pat Sloan's new piecing technique for making "log cabin style" blocks called crooked cabins. Leaflet features 17 crooked cabin quilt projects from Pat and her students: Housework is Fun, Apron Strings, Rhode Island Red, Ride 'Em Cowgirl, Autumn Basket.