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The Invention of Religion

Author: Derek R. Peterson,Darren R. Walhof

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813530932

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Is religion an obstacle to the values of modernity? Popular and scholarly opinion says that it is. In a world gripped in a clash of civilizations, religious absolutism seems to threaten the modern virtues of tolerance, reason, and freedom. This collection of historical essays argues that this popular view--religion versus modernity--is used by the politically powerful to construct the religious as irrational and antimodern. The authors study how nationalists, state officials, missionaries, and scholars in the West and in the colonized world defined and redefined the relationship between the political and the religious --From publisher's description.

Data as a Service

Author: Pushpak Sarkar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111905513X

Category: Computers

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Data as a Service shows how organizations can leverage “data as a service” by providing real-life case studies on the various and innovative architectures and related patterns Comprehensive approach to introducing data as a service in any organization A reusable and flexible SOA based architecture framework Roadmap to introduce ‘big data as a service’ for potential clients Presents a thorough description of each component in the DaaS reference architecture so readers can implement solutions

Developments in Information & Knowledge Management for Business Applications

Author: Natalia Kryvinska,Aneta Poniszewska-Marańda

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030766322

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book provides practical knowledge on different aspects of information and knowledge management in businesses. For enterprises/businesses those intend to remain prosperous and prolific, it is critically important to share best practices, ensure efficient information flow across company, capturing shared knowledge centrally, and communicate compliance rules, i.e. managing competently information in general. It enables faster and better decisions by helping employees’ to build a strong expertise and by avoiding duplicated projects. Thus, the second volume of this series subline continues to explore different aspects of information and knowledge handling as well as doing business with information. We survey further the key aspects of managerial implications of the informational business. The novel methodologies and practices for the business information processing as well as application of mathematical models to the business analytics and efficient management are examined.

Daas Torah

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AR 725-50 11/15/1995 REQUISITION, RECEIPT, AND ISSUE SYSTEM , Survival Ebooks

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AR 725-50 11/15/1995 REQUISITION, RECEIPT, AND ISSUE SYSTEM , Survival Ebooks

Materials for Advanced Packaging

Author: Daniel Lu,C.P. Wong

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319450980

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 969

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Significant progress has been made in advanced packaging in recent years. Several new packaging techniques have been developed and new packaging materials have been introduced. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent developments in this industry, particularly in the areas of microelectronics, optoelectronics, digital health, and bio-medical applications. The book discusses established techniques, as well as emerging technologies, in order to provide readers with the most up-to-date developments in advanced packaging.


Author: Manmohan Singh Sethi

Publisher: Sukan Publishing Universe


Category: Religion

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Remembrance of God is the Greatest Worship! Taking 'The Lord's Name' is all about remembering God! The first Astpadi of the Sukhmani Sahib sums up the necessity and benefits of remembering God! The entire Gurbani is about remembering God! But how do we remember 'The One' Who is not visible, Who is beyond our senses? How do we keep God in our consciousness? We generally do it in three ways - by Talking about Him, by Listening about Him, and by reading about Him. This book has been made possible only by the Grace of God. It is a compilation of 101 Divine Verses, or Hymns which are known as 'Hukamnama', that have been randomly selected from the Sikh Holy Book, the revered 'Siri Guru Granth Sahib'. Every verse indicates which Guru Ji imparted it, along with the Ang, which is the page number on which it appears in the Holy Siri Guru Granth Sahib'. Hukamnama, is a compound of two words, 'Hukam', meaning command or order, and 'namah', meaning statement. A Hukamnama refers to a hymn from the Guru Granth Sahib which is given as an order to Sikhs, or a historical order given by one of the Guru's of Sikhism. The Hukamnama also refers to a hymn randomly selected from the Guru Granth Sahib on a daily basis. This is seen as the order of God for that particular day, for devotees to contemplate and reflect on. The Hukamnama is distributed and then read aloud in Gurdwaras throughout the world. The purpose of this book is to help readers and seekers who are not well versed or have no knowledge of Gurmukhi, to get a 'Daily Dose of Divine Wisdom' in English. Reading and contemplating only on one Hukamnama a day, in any order, be it in sequence or randomly on a daily basis will bring about a major transformation in your life - to your Body, Mind and Soul! Such is the Divine Grace of The Lord!! To make a start, read a verse at least once a day, for a period of 101 days, and see for yourself the wonders that result from the remembrance of God and keeping Him on your mind. Not only will your yearning and Love for God, and divine wisdom increase, the people around you will also be positively affected by your aura and the positive vibrations that you send out! Just like a piece of iron(you) that comes within the magnetic field of a Super-Magnet(God), on a daily basis, one day you too will be magnetized and finally merge with the Super-Magnet(God)!! We always give time to whatever is our priority, and I can conclude with conviction that God is our 'Greatest Priority'! Can't we offer at least a few minutes daily to 'The One' Who has provided us with Twenty-Four Hours a Day? Why forget 'Him', who has given us everything? God Bless All!