From the Erotic to the Demonic : On Critical Musicology

Author: Derek B. Scott Chair of Music University of Salford

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198034681

Category: Music

Page: 272

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From the Erotic to the Demonic: On Critical Musicology demonstrates how different musical styles construct ideas of class, sexuality, and ethnic identity. This book will serve as a model for musicologists who want to take a postmodern approach to their inquiries. The clear and lively arguments are supported by ninety musical examples taken from such diverse sources as opera, symphonic music, jazz, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century popular songs. Derek Scott offers new insights on a range of "high" and "low" musical styles, and the cultures that produced them.

Primitive Christianity

Author: William Penn


ISBN: 1773562711


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Apocalypse Revealed

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bible

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Life-Study of Acts

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry

ISBN: 0736350438

Category: Religion

Page: 631

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In the Lord’s recovery during the past five hundred years the church’s knowledge of the Lord and His truth has been continually progressing. This monumental and classical work by Brother Witness Lee builds upon and is a further development of all that the Lord has revealed to His church in the past centuries. It is filled with the revelation concerning the processed Triune God, the living Christ, the life-giving Spirit, the experience of life, and the definition and practice of the church. In this set Brother Lee has kept three basic principles that should rule and govern every believer in their interpretation, development, and expounding of the truths contained in the Scriptures. The first principle is that of the Triune God dispensing Himself into His chosen and redeemed people; the second principle is that we should interpret, develop, and expound the truths contained in the Bible with Christ for the church; and the third governing principle is Christ, the Spirit, life, and the church. No other study or exposition of the New Testament conveys the life nourishment or ushers the reader into the divine revelation of God’s holy Word according to His New Testament economy as this one does.


Author: Rico Paganini


ISBN: 3952284998

Category: History

Page: 694

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Rico Paganini, one of the leading megalithic, geomantic and spiritual researchers has visited all the Earths major power points. In this book we travel along with him.And we are able to share in his stirring experiences, in sensitive discoveries and the wondrous insights that he was able to gain. He has not compiled them for himself, but for us all.Perhaps he could only manage his adventures travels, bear the travails and overcome some resistance because the spiritual world was on his side accompanied him, encouraged him and led him with direct guidance. These received messages are also an essential and moving part of this book, and are a special feature is astonishing.As is the telling of the tale of the spiritual and material creation, and the fact that Mother Earth is alive and is conscious; our ancestors had not yet forgotten this.He also leads us through the destruction of the environment, climate changes and the increasing natural catastrophes. What have we done?At the same time, he presents us with solution paths, gives us courage and hope in this dramatic turning point; it is not yet too late!Hence, GAIA LEGACY is much more than a travel report and insight into the power points. It is one can say without exaggeration an incomparable book full of awakening and strength, just as the fifteenth power source

The Perils of Ecumenism

Author: Colin D. Standish,Russell R. Standish

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN: 9780923309770

Category: Christian union

Page: 416

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The authors demonstrate that the holy Scriptures plainly set forth the ecumenical movement as a deception of Satan.

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha

Author: Bhikkhu Bodhi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1614290407

Category: Religion

Page: 1924

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This much-anticipated volume contains a full translation from the Pali of the Anguttara Nikaya, the fourth collection of the canonical discourses of the Buddha. The primary focus of the Anguttara Nikaya is practice, which it treats from a wide-angle perspective, advancing from basic ethical observances, through the pillars of mind training, to the highest meditative attainments. The Anguttara is also distinguished among the Nikayas by its interest in types of persons, which it describes in detail and with memorable similes. The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha continues Wisdom's Teachings of the Buddha series, which has been praised by scholars and practitioners alike for its beautifully presented, highest quality, annotated translations of the words of the Buddha.

True Christianity

Author: Johann Arndt

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3734076463

Category: Fiction

Page: 852

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Reproduction of the original: True Christianity by Johann Arndt