Daughters of Shame

Author: Jasvinder Sanghera

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks


Category: Abused wives

Page: 308

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The woman who has done more than anyone to expose the plight of women in forced marriages tells their harrowing and moving stories.

The Jasvinder Sanghera Ebook Collection: Shame, Daughters of Shame & Shame Travels

Author: Jasvinder Sanghera

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444763083

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 916

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Jasvinder Sanghera's Top 10 bestseller SHAME ('A success story to inspire anyone' Time Magazine) brought the issue of forced marriage into the public eye; DAUGHTERS OF SHAME is the gripping account of her on-going campaign against domestic violence and honour-based crime told through the voices of some of the victims; and SHAME TRAVELS the moving tale of Jasvinder's journey to India in search of her half-sister.

Imagining Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat in the Transnational Era

Author: Anjali Gera Roy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317501462

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

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This book moves away from originary myths of region and identity that have dominated academic and mediatized representations of Punjab, a land-locked region divided between India and Pakistan after the Partition of 1947, and instead focuses on the role of the imagination in producing Punjab. It deconstructs Punjab as an ethno-spatial, ethno-linguistic and ethno-cultural construct produced by the communities who dwell there, those who have left it and those formed by new narratives of the region.By isolating imaginings of Punjab that are not centred on exclusivist regional, linguistic, sectarian or caste perspectives, contributions to this book propose the concept of free-flowing cartographies in relation to Punjab, which facilitate its imaginings as a geographical region, a social construct and a state of consciousness. The region is simultaneously imagined as a small place, a neighbourhood, a city, and a village, but also as a performative practice and a certain ways of doing things. Through focusing on a number of Punjabi spaces and communities and engaging with Punjab as a geographical region, social construct and state of consciousness, the papers in the book hope to contribute to broader debates on transnationalism, postnationalism, micronationalism, and new identity narratives emerging in the twenty first century. This book was originally published as a special issue of South Asian Diaspora.

Toxic Couples: The Psychology of Domestic Violence

Author: Anna Motz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131781536X

Category: Psychology

Page: 228

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Domestic violence is a major public health concern, affecting millions worldwide. It is underreported, often devastating and sometimes ends in murder. In Toxic Couples: The Psychology of Domestic Violence, Anna Motz integrates psychological and criminological data with clinical illustrations and discussion of current high-profile cases. She examines the complex manifestations and multiple causes of intimate partner violence. Motz disentangles the roles played by those involved and examines the addictive nature of these damaging partnerships. The book describes various forms of abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional, and analyses how intimate partner violence can escalate to murder. She explores important factors including: the role of addiction; homelessness and vulnerability; the intergenerational transmission of abuse; sadomasochistic relationships; honour-based violence. The book emphasizes the significance of female- as well as male-perpetrated violence and outlines the powerful impact on the children of abusive parents, extending the clinical awareness of professionals working with those affected. Toxic Couples: The Psychology of Domestic Violence is ideal for clinicians working with the victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence, for students of psychology, gender studies and social care courses and for anyone interested in the psychological forces behind violence in relationships. ]

Grace is Always Much More in Poetic Reconciliation

Author: Orville Davis

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1641918179

Category: Religion

Page: 338

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From a near death experience in 1967 I had many lingering questions. It's now fifty years in the future and I've finally come to peace, with understanding, of my personal life's journey. I always knew in my heart, the joy and amazement I felt in that brief moment of time. My passion now is to share it to all from the perspective, of no doubt. I'm not the author of this book of poems. My Higher Power is. My work was to awake from my sleep with his thoughts flowing through my mind. I always had ten sharpened pencils and a clip board at the ready. He kept me pretty busy for months before sunrise. The end result was my awakening, and understanding of Apostle Paul's, "Much More Grace". So what caught my eye and kept me up at night? Four little verses. (1) For as in Adam all die, "even so", in Christ shall all be made alive. 1Corththians 15:22 (2), Therefore as by the offense of "one" judgment came unto "all" men to condemnation; "even so", by the righteousness of the "one" free gift came unto "all" men unto justification of life. Romans 5:18 (Notice the two "even so's" in these previous verses?) These are reciprocals 100% or scriptures you've bent. Like an hour glass of sand, all has to filter down, before, you flip again. All that died in Adam, are the same all, made alive in Christ! (3) Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, Grace did "Much More" abound. Romans 5:20 (4) What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that Grace may abound? Romans 6:1 Do you see, the 180 turn around? See the opposite spin? Now everyone wins! The new spin! Where sin abounds, Grace will always abound "Much More"! Why, "Grace is always Much More" in Poetic Reconciliation.

Grieving, Brooding, and Transforming: The Spirit, The Bible, and Gender

Author: N.A

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004469516

Category: Religion

Page: 168

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Grieving, Brooding, and Transforming explores troubling biblical and historical texts in regards to their portrayal of women and calls for readers to identify the Spirit’s work of grieving over brokenness, brooding over chaos, and transforming the creation.

English Turkish Bible No7

Author: TruthBeTold Ministry


ISBN: 8233909602

Category: Bibles

Page: 14714

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This publication contains Bible in Basic English (1949) (The Old Testament and The New Testament) and Turkish Bible (1878) (The Old Testament and The New Testament) translation. It has 173,745 references and shows 2 formats of The Bible. It includes Bible in Basic English and Turkish Bible (The Old Testament and The New Testament) formatted in a read and navigation friendly format, or the Navi-format for short. Here you will find each verse printed in parallel in the bbe-tur order. It includes a full, separate and not in parallel, copy of the Bible in Basic English and Turkish Bible (The Old Testament and The New Testament), built for text-to-speech (tts) so your device can read The Bible out loud to you. How the general Bible-navigation works: A Testament has an index of its books. The TTS format lists books and chapters after the book index. The Testaments reference each other in the book index. Each book has a reference to The Testament it belongs to. Each book has a reference to the previous and or next book. Each book has an index of its chapters. Each chapter has a reference to the book it belongs to. Each chapter reference the previous and or next chapter. Each chapter has an index of its verses. Each chapter in TTS reference same chapter in the Navi-format. Each verse is numbered and reference the chapter it belongs to. Each verse starts on a new line for better readability. In the TTS format the verse numbers are not shown. Any reference in an index brings you to the location. The Built-in table of contents reference all books in all formats. We believe we have built one of the best if not the best navigation there is to be found in an ebook such as this! It puts any verse at your fingertips and is perfect for the quick lookup. And the combination of Bible in Basic English and Turkish Bible and its navigation makes this ebook unique. Note that Text-To-Speech (TTS) support varies from device to device. Some devices do not support it. Others support only one language and some support many languages. The language used for TTS in this ebook is English.

Thorny Life

Author: Gurinder Abrol

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481784315

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 45

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I am a disabled Asian woman living in England. There are still a lot of prejudices towards disabled people especially among the Asian community to this very day. They think disability is a disease which they can catch. Asian people look at you, think you have no brains and feel pity for you. They also feel sorry for you. But, I am human like anybody else. This is my story.