Dear Theo

Author: Irving Stone,Jean Stone

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 9780452275041

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

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“Written from the heart and without restraint, alive.”—The New York Times Vincent van Gogh, the great but tormented artist, bared his tortured yet ecstatic soul in his letters to his confidant and companion, his beloved brother Theo. These letters reveal the man behind such masterpieces as The Starry Night and The Bedroom—a desperate man whose quest for love became a flight into madness and for whom every day was a “fight for life.” Irving Stone, acclaimed author of Lust for Life and other remarkable biographic novels, has collected Vincent van Gogh’s fascinating letters to Theo. Here we see the great artist as a human being as well as a man with an appointment with destiny. Van Gogh is a man struggling with doubts and fears, beset by poverty and mental illness, but also a painter who dares to break all the rules of academic art to create priceless masterpieces never honored during his lifetime. He was part of the coterie of great artists of his day while as the same time an intimate of aging streetwalkers. These letters are outpourings of his soul that paint a vibrant self-portrait in words equal to the intensity and emotion his painting created. This is the personal story of a legend.

Abandoning Dead Metaphors

Author: Patricia Ismond

Publisher: University of West Indies Press

ISBN: 9789766401078

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 309

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Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992, Derek Walcott is the most important West Indian poet writing in English today, and his success has inspired many aspiring Caribbean writers. He began his career divided between his driving commitment to the revolutionary cause of his native Caribbean and his strong ties to a Western literary tradition. In his works he has studied the conflict between the heritage of European and West Indian culture. Abandoning Dead Metaphors is a critical appreciation of the works produced in Walcott's Caribbean phase (1946-1981). The poetry of this phase contains most of the seminal ideas and values that underlie his total achievement. This study closely examines Walcott's definitive use of metaphor, through which he conducts a deeply philosophical discourse focusing on the juxtaposition of his concern with a regional history of negation and his immersion in the Western literary and cultural tradition of the colonizer. Studying the works of this period also allows for a full exposure of Walcott's engagement with the landscape, culture and society of the region. Ismond's work is essential reading for students of Caribbean literature and scholars of Ne

Brothers Huxten

Author: Jenny Hula Curry

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 0741436027

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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1978 - New York. A small farming community is disrupted; years of peace and tranquility are shattered; a dark secret has surfaced--an evil, ominous secret that has been hidden for decades. A secret that no one, especially not the Huxten family, would have ever suspected. A death on a hot July night leaves the residents of the small town of Jordanville shaken and horrified; the simple, modest lives that they have led thus far are forever changed. A power beyond their control is at work; a force has emerged, and is out to destroy whom ever crosses its path.

Memoirs of Aaron Burr

Author: Matthew L. Davis

Publisher: Publio Kiadó Kft.

ISBN: 9633819415

Category: Fiction

Page: 724

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The grandfather of Colonel Aaron Burr, the subject of these memoirs, was a German by birth, and of noble parentage. Shortly after his arrival in North America, he settled in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he purchased a large tract of land, and reared a numerous family. A part of this landed estate remained in the possession of his lineal descendants until long after the revolutionary war. During Colonel Burr's travels in Germany, in the year 1809, various communications were made to him, orally and in writing, by different branches of the Burr family, some of whom were then filling high and distinguished scientific and literary stations. His father, the Rev. Aaron Burr, was born in Fairfield, on the 4th day of January, 1715, and was educated at Yale College. In a manuscript journal which he kept, and which has been preserved, he says, "In September, 1736, with many fears and doubts about my qualifications (being under clouds with respect to my spiritual state), I offered myself to trials, and was approved as a candidate for the ministry. My first sermon was preached at Greenfield, and immediately after I came into the Jerseys. I can hardly give any account why I came here. After I had preached for some time at Hanover, I had a call by the people of Newark; but there was scarce any probability that I should suit their circumstances, being young in standing and trials. I accepted of their invitation, with a reserve, that I did not come with any views of settling. My labours were universally acceptable among them, and they manifested such great regard and love for me, that I consented to accept of the charge of their souls.

The Princess's Bodyguard

Author: Beverly Barton

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 9781459201064

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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THE WRONG KIND OF MAN This arrogant, ill-mannered American was hardly the sort of man Princess Adele of Orlantha was used to encountering in her world of wealth and privilege. And yet Matt O'Brien was all that stood between her and the deadly conspiracy that threatened everything she held dear. Her only hope was a marriage—in name only—to her self-appointed "protector." But to be so very…intimate with this infuriating yet dangerously compelling man was almost more than she could bear—because their masquerade was turning into a passion that was all too real.

The Reluctant Marchioness

Author: Anne Ashley

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459231562

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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His Runaway Bride Returns Julian Stapleford, Marquis of Wroxam, is confounded when his estranged wife reappears after an eight-year absence. After being caught in the arms of another man, Lady Jennifer vanished from his life without a trace. Julian is surprised to find that Jennifer is no longer the naive girl he'd married, but instead a genteel lady of integrity with a son who is unquestionably his. Julian finds himself instinctively drawn to his newfound fatherhood. But he will certainly not make the mistake of falling for the same woman again. Or will he?

Dragon Village Firebird

Author: Ronesa Aveela

Publisher: Bendideia Publishing

ISBN: 1949397106

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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A desperate plea from a conch begs Theo for help. Can he prevent a catastrophe without losing his own life? It’s been a year since he returned from the mystical land of Dragon Village, and he’s had no word from his dragon father, Zmey. Was the promise to teach Theo about his powers a lie? Has his father abandoned him? Then, Theo discovers that a new menace terrorizes Dragon Village. This time, Theo’s home in the human world is threatened, too. He must learn about his powers on his own and find a way back to defeat his new foe. If Theo fails, the entire world is doomed.



Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1387279394

Category: Fiction

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Theo has begun his journey and started his quest to slay the dragons needed so that he can get the title that he desires. Does he get it or does he die along the way?