Dear World, A Global Odyssey

Author: Garry Davis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453550623

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Dear World is a sweeping critique of nationalism and a practical guide for anyone interested in world peace, the freedom to travel, and human rights. The main locale is Japan where Davis was jailed; contacted the Emper∠̈ issued honorary World Passports to Sakharov, the mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo; and human rights documents to Southeast Asians working illegally in Japan. Meetings with Presidernts Vaclav Havel and Vytautus Landsbergis (Lithuania), Moscow mayor Gavriil Popov and correspondence with Queen Elizabeth (while in Brixton Prison), Margaret Thatcher, Emperor Akihito amd others are fascinating footnotes to history.Spanning 40 years, beginning with the founding of the UN and ending with his world tour after the Berlin Wall breakdown, Davis covers individual sovereignty, becoming a world citizen, mundialization (communities declaring themselves global units), the World Syntegrity Project (the exciting new cybernetic process designed to evolve a democratic world constitution), and the historical evolution of the World Government of World Citizens.

Dear World, Fibromyalgia People Speak Out

Author: Dawna L. Vance

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595134270

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 126

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I have suffered from Fibromyalgia all my life. The last few years have been the worst. After talking with many people who are just like me, I realized how great it felt to know I wasn't alone. I also realized that if it helped me to talk to them, then maybe it whould help others as well. So I wrote this book to help others know they are not alone. The World does care. Your Fibromite Friend Dawna

A World With You And Me

Author: Louise May L. Fami

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449796710

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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To describe life's wonderful imperfection, I wrote this book as if I'm just writing a simple and ordinary letter using a pen and paper. I imagine writing without any spell check or grammar check on. I wrote the book A World With You And Me because my dream is to be a part of a ministry. My goal is to write letters most especially for those people who didn't know how to express their thoughts in a hope that I will be able to help them say what they need to say like how some people encourage me to express myself. I wrote the letters using my simple writing style. Just imagine that my book is a huge mailbox with a lot of letters in it. I used the concept of writing letters because I believe that simple words of encouragement is a way to touch everyone's hearts. Writing this book is like a long journey. I shared everything that I've learned from this life since I was young until I became an adult. I wrote everything that I learned from the news, on tv, on the radio, in school, while traveling and everything that I've learn from my family, friends, from my influences, from different artist and even from strangers. In my letters to God, I talked to him about what happened to the world, when the problems of the world started, and the reasons why the world is always giving him the blame whenever bad things happen in their lives. In my letters to the world, I wrote letters for all of you and believe it or not?? Even for myself. I propose a happy change. It is composed of my little suggestion or solution to the problems of the world and my ideas to create change. I wrote a letter to parents, fishermen, illegal loggers, abled and disabled people, drivers, doctors, lawyers, young adults, broken and happy families, lovers, friends, and all people who are seeking an inspiration and reason for living. In the conclusion of the book, I wrote an advance thank-you letter to God and imagined that the world heard me out and granted my proposed happy change. I also wrote this book for people who are a part of a ministry, teachers, writers, artist and all those people who might grant my request to reach out to many people and start a project like what is written in the book. I wrote simple suggestions like for writers, writing a beautiful story on how to solve a math problem for those students who are having a hard time in school. For musicians, asking them to write more songs to make relationships work instead of breaking up. I also wrote a letter asking people to make a car for visually impaired people like me and a lot more! The book is a piece of enlightenment so the reader is not only drawn into the purpose why it was written but to the idea of considering making a happy change to their own lives.

Da' ?'s 4 U

Author: KDM

Publisher: lulu


Category: Poetry

Page: 108

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? is a book beings. It uses photos and poetry to express what I had a hard time saying to folks. Hopefully it'll help you find a way to express yourself! Please enjoy reading it as much as I did writing and shooting it!

The ?'s 4 Us

Author: KDM

Publisher: Createspace

ISBN: 1300641614

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

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The ?'s 4 Us is a collection of poetry that I hope will cause us to question what is going on in our world. Everything from world events to emotional issues are covered. It's a mixture of seriousness and lightheartedness that comes from various experiences. It's not for the faint of heart and language sensitive. Ok so a few F-Bombs are dropped in it but, the language used... comes from the raw emotions that were felt during the writing. It's poetry, it's not perfect, but if you end up wondering, questioning and/or criticizing, then the book has done its job!


Author: Alma Luz Villanueva

Publisher: Wings Press

ISBN: 1609403959

Category: Poetry

Page: 246

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A journey into the heart of Mexico and a coming home to the spirit of the author's beloved grandmother, this poetry collection documents travels throughout Mexico as well as Costa Rica, France, and the poet's country of birth, the United States. The titular poem, "Gracias," describes the three-day drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, taken by 60-something Alma Luz Villanueva, leaving behind all of her material possessions. These poems travel from the center of el corazon to fellow humans experiencing war and danger, the planet, and places of joy and beauty. As a whole, they tell a spiritual trajectory.

Jerry Herman

Author: Stephen Citron

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300133243

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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This revealing and comprehensive book tells the full story of Jerry Herman’s life and career, from his early work in cabaret to his recent compositions for stage, screen, and television. Stephen Citron draws on extensive open-ended interviews with Jerry Herman as well as with scores of his theatrical colleagues, collaborators, and close friends. The resulting book—which sheds new light on each of Herman’s musicals and their scores—abounds in fascinating anecdotes and behind-the-scenes details about the world of musical theater. Readers will find a sharply drawn portrait of Herman’s private life and his creative talents. Citron’s insights into Herman’s music and lyrics, including voluminous examples from each of his musicals, are as instructive as they are edifying and entertaining.

Snapshots of Judy-Ism or You Have a Right to Remain Jewish

Author: Judith Solomon Franco

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1524564990

Category: History

Page: 132

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Give it up already! states a concerned friend about my fret over the decreasing Jewish numbers. I cannot, considering the longest-running hatred toward the Jewlet alone the general challenges of poverty, weather, and family and national associations, or even when the Jew is doing well. We Jews need to take a deep breath to see what we have and what we stand to lose. There is no alternative. After all, as Detective Riback of Las Vegas says so affectionately, You have the right to remain Jewish. Thus my eponymous Snapshots of Judy-ism, an encapsulation of Jewish historical and recent affairs through personal anecdotes, compresses characters and polemics for the non-Jew who may be curious about a few Jewish subjects, the Jew about to jump into another religious system, the intermarried Jew, or the Jew considering intermarrying.

Jerry Herman

Author: Jerry Herman,Ken Bloom

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135885796

Category: Music

Page: 361

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Jerry Herman is one of Broadway's most celebrated composers and lyricists. He is the author of two of the biggest successes in musical theater history: Hello, Dolly! and Mame . Herman is also responsible for Mack and Mabel, Milk and Honey , and the musical version of the film La Cage Aux Folles. All of these have been produced many times, in both professional and amateur productions around the world. He is currently writing a new musical, Miss Spectacular , commissioned by Steve Wynn to be produced in a new theater at his Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. This book offers all of the lyrics to Herman's well-loved songs along with rare production photographs from all of his shows. It includes early lyrics from Herman's first Broadway revues and shows, songs cut from his best-loved shows, and new lyrics. Herman's songs have been sung by all the masters of American pop song but have never been collected before. In addition to the lyrics, Herman offers his personal reminiscences and comments on the lyrics and the shows. For the fan of Broadway theater and of Jerry Herman's works, this book will be a treasure.