Jesus, Deliver Us

Author: Willard M. Swartley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532654014

Category: Religion

Page: 426

View: 9975

“Deliver us from (the) evil (one)” is the heart’s cry from the Lord’s Prayer. Evil wears many faces in our modern world. This book connects the Lord’s Prayer to troubles of our times, be it attacks from Satan, the wars around the world, the scourge of racism, or the mass shootings of our time. The subtitle of the book identifies the scope. This book blends both deliverance from demonic bondage and witness to the powers in relation to political policies and government. While the book aims to be a biblical theology on these topics, it seeks also to address the praxis: how these evils are confronted through healing-deliverance ministries and what people of God say and do in witness to the powers. The two streams of response to evil are really one as a faithful response to the saving work of the Lord God Almighty through Jesus Christ’s victory over Satan, sin, evil, and death. “Love your enemy” confronts evil with power to transform!

Deliver Us From Me-Ville

Author: David Zimmerman

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 1434765741

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Welcome to Me-Ville, where you're surrounded by a culture that celebrates and elevates the individual. The You Utopia where your home, place of work, and even your place of worshp, is customized to your discerning tastes. A super-exclusive club where Self and Pride party, and Sacrifice and Humility can't get past the velvet ropes. A place where it's all about you. But is life supposed to be this way? Author Daivd Zimmerman takes us on a hilarious and honest trip through Me-Ville, while sharing the escape routes that lead out. David traces our self-loving lineage and examines prideful people in Scripture who were changed through God's power. Throughout, you'll encounter the powerful, progressive redemption from self that only Christ can offer.

Deliver Us From Evil

Author: M. David Eckel,Bradley L. Herling

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441127119

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 5254

Evil is a problem that will not go away. For some it is an inescapable fact of the human condition. For others "evil" is a term that should only be used to name the most horrible of crimes. Still others think that the worst problem lies with the abuse of the term: using it to vilify a misunderstood enemy. No matter how we approach it, "evil" is a concept that continues to call out for critical reflection. This volume collects the results of a two-year deliberation within the Boston University Institute for Philosophy of Religion lecture series, bringing together scholars of religion, literature, and philosophy. Its essays provide a thoughtful, sensitive, and wide-ranging consideration of this challenging problem-and of ways that we might be delivered from it.

Deliver Us from Evil

Author: Michael M. Alvarez

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469772608

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

View: 1145

When Nick hears about the dead man found in the desert, he doesn't give it much thought. Only thirty minutes from the Mexican border, corpses have a funny way of turning up in the strangest places. But this is no ordinary corpse. The dead man's driver's license says he is 44 years old, but the medical examiner claims the body is that of a man named Alex Dodson in his 90's. Why the age discrepancy? Dodson's research was intended to study the effects of the progeria disease, in hopes of finding a way to arrest the process. But Dodson inadvertently creates a terrifying new biological weapon, which certain parties will do anything to get their hands on. Before Nick realizes it, he's hot on the trail of a vicious killer, is sidetracked by a beautiful female homicide detective, and is almost killed by a KGB agent who never heard of glasnost. In order to recover the lethal bio-weapon and save the city from a disease deadlier than AIDS, Nick must stay alive long enough to find out who really killed Alex Dodson and solve the medical mystery of the century.

Deliver Us from Evil

Author: Daniel Reed

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595840841

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 98

View: 9037

In the fast-paced novel Deliver Us from Evil, a family's peaceful mountain existence is threatened by a series of events that no one could have predicted. The Carson family lives in the shelter of God's Rocky Mountains in Colorado, far from the death and destruction of the ongoing Second World War. Theirs is a peaceful existence, untroubled and serene. Their home is an outdoorsman's paradise, where they enjoy hunting, fishing, ranching, and horseback riding. But their blessed seclusion comes to an abrupt end with the escape of a dozen desperate Nazi POWs from nearby Camp Trinidad. Widower Jack Carson, along with his teenage sons, Wade and Josh, and daughter, Cassie, bear the full brunt of Colonel Helmut Von Toth's wrath. Murder and mayhem explode as Von Toth and his men swarm the Carson Ranch in search of weapons, horses, guides, and hostages before embarking on their desperate life-and-death run for the Mexican border. No mercy is granted to those unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Nazis, and the Carsons must use every ounce of skill and daring they possess to outlast the villains. One of the German POWs, a teenager of strong morals and unbendable character, unexpectedly decides to help the family. Author Dan Reed draws upon his own knowledge of World War II to create a fascinating and suspenseful tale of one family's fight to defend both themselves and their way of life.

Deliver Us From Evil

Author: Ravi Zacharias

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 141851490X

Category: Religion

Page: 151

View: 816

In this compelling volume, Ravi Zacharias examines the mystery of evil. This brilliant writer and gifted teacher traces how secularization has led to a loss of shame, pluralization has led to a loss of reason, and privatization has led to a loss of meaning.

Deliver Us From Evil

Author: Ron Corcoran

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460289919

Category: Adult child sexual abuse victims

Page: 218

View: 3834

Safety, Acceptance, Belonging. These words come to mind when we hear about families. Having a mother, father, and twelve siblings living in a strong Christian faith should mean plenty of love, laughter and companionship. But what if, inexplicably, one's parents selectively manipulated and mistreated some of the children and not the others? How would you deal with being one of three children who constantly bore unprovoked wrath and abuse - while watching the others receive the love, affirmation and nurturing you so desperately needed and craved? Would you ask yourself if your life was worth anything to anyone at all? Would you feel that God had overlooked and abandoned you? Would you despair of God for being unresponsive when you cried out for relief? Ron Corcoran's frank and honest memoir courageously proclaims that no matter how wretched, broken or angry we may be, we can indeed be delivered, redeemed and transformed by the love of the living, eternal God....

Deliver Us from Evil

Author: Lawrence Waddington

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462003974

Category: Fiction

Page: 229

View: 2179

A young American Catholic priest, Father Frank Morello, volunteers to assist a seriously ill and elderly colleague working in a foreign country. Arriving in an impoverished nation, Father Morello does not foresee the tumult he would confront and the challenges it brings to his vocation. The tempestuous Sister Carmona, in charge of a religious Order of women, welcomes Father Morello to the village of San Carlos, and he slowly gains the respect and devotion of the people. But a brutal and treacherous dictator dominates the country who, sensing the charismatic priest as a threat, stages Father Morello's arrest. In a sham trial, a judge sentences the priest to prison. Incarcerated, injured, and beaten by guards, Father Morello encounters another inmate, the former popular mayor of the city, who seeks revenge for the murder of his brother ordered by the dictator. Together, the two escape and flee to the capitol city where friends conceal them. Their plight lights the fire of revolution among the citizenry. Sister Carmona urges Father Morello to lead the country in its fight for freedom, but his conscience and vows as a priest reject violence. Torn between his faith and his dedication to the people, Father Morello must resolve a moral dilemma-before the country implodes.

Lord Deliver Us From The Diva

Author: Dr. Ceretta Smith


ISBN: 1304338177

Category: Self-Help

Page: 49

View: 4636

This book speaks to very issue of how women should adorn themselves in TRUE beauty, excellence and intelligence that God gave them freely to rule and reign as daughters and princesses of God. Dr Ceretta writes with purity of heart and kindness of the Holy spirit as best as she knows how. I pray that women all over the world will read this book to discover the hidden treasures they carry within themselves and unleash that power that to change the world for so long dominated by men's Ideas of who a real woman should be.

And Deliver Us from People!

Author: Jennifer Gilbert

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469746883

Category: Self-Help

Page: 74

View: 2337

The greatest deliverance that one can achieve is the deliverance from people. Deliverance from people means breaking free from the opinions, perceptions, thought patterns, expectations, and all other influences that other people have on us. When this deliverance takes place one is truly free to live his or her life the way in which they see fit. This is how one truly achieves individuality. With this guide, author Dr. Jennifer Gilbert hopes to transform the way you think about ordinary things, such as titles and the effect that they have on you as an individual. If you want to reclaim your life and your personal identity- to become free from the influence of others-then you must learn how and why making that move is vital to the elevation that we all desire in our lives. And Deliver Us from People can be your revelation to elevation in your home, workplace, church, and, most of all, mindset.