Denial of Illness

Author: Edwin A. Weinstein,Robert Lester Kahn

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agnosia

Page: 188

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In order to keep the old king's heart beating until the doctor arrives with the magic potion, each animal tells a story so interesting the king longs to hear the next one.

Denial of Justice

Author: Lloyd L. Weinreb

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 200

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A critical examination of criminal investigation and prosecution in the United States points out the failings of the present system and includes a revolutionary proposal for correcting injustices

Quarterly Essay 1: In Denial

Author: Robert Manne

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 1863951075

Category: Political Science

Page: 120

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In this national bestseller Robert Mane attacks the right-wing campaign against the Bringing them home report that revealed how thousands of Aborigines had been taken from their parents. What was the role of Paddy McGuinness as editor of Quadrant? How reliable was the evidence that led newspaper columnists from Piers Akerman in the Sydney Daily Telegraph to Andrew Bolt in the Melbourne Herald Sun to deny the gravity of the injustice done? In a powerful indictment of past government policies towards the Aborigines, Robert Manne has written a brilliant polemical essay which doubles as a succinct history of how Aborigines were mistreated and an exposure of the ignorance of those who want to deny that history. 'In Denial is not a book of history. It is a political intervention. By holding an influential section of the Right to account-Manne was exercising the kind of responsibility often demanded of public intellectuals.' --Raimond Gaita 'In complex intellectual conflicts, there will always be argument about whether the antagonists are committed to finding the truth or to winning the battle. This essay tells us that Robert Manne is intent on finding the truth.' --Morag Fraser 'In Denial is a work of both the head and the heart. It is carefully researched and powerfully expressed. It needs to be widely read.' --The Hon. P.J Keating 6 April 2001 'Robert Manne has made an important contribution to the continuing debate and in doing so has helped launch a new and important venture.' --Henry Reynolds

The Holocaust Denial

Author: Gill Seidel

Publisher: Steve Parish


Category: Antisemitism

Page: 202

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Describes the events of the Holocaust, and present-day Holocaust denial, as part of the continuing history of antisemitism. Analyzes manifestations of Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism in Great Britain, France, West Germany, and the USA, giving details of specific persons and organizations and their international links (e.g. Arthur Butz, William Grimstad, Lenni Brenner, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, GRECE, the Institute for Historical Review). also discusses anti-Zionism as a form of antisemitism.

Death by Denial

Author: Gary Remafedi

Publisher: Alyson Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 205

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"A federal study found in 1989 that teenagers struggling with issues of sexual orientation were three times more likely than their peers to commit suicide. The report was swept aside by the Bush administration, yet the problem didn't go away. Here are the full findings of that report, and of several other studies, documenting the difficulties faced by teenagers who are coming out, and proposing ways to ease that process." --Back cover

The Denial of Aging

Author: Muriel R. Gillick

Publisher: N.A


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 360

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Listen to a short interview with Dr. Muriel Gillick Host: Chris Gondek

The Politics of Denial

Author: Nur Masalha

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)


Category: History

Page: 308

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The 1948 war ended in the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their villages and homes. Israeli settlers moved in to occupy their land and the Palestinian refugees found themselves in refugee camps, or in neighbouring Arab countries. Today there are nearly four million Palestinian refugees -- and they want the right to go home. Their problem is the greatest and most enduring refugee problem in the world. Since 1948 Israeli refugee policy has become a classic case of denial: the denial that Zionist "transfer committees" had operated between 1937 and 1948; denial of any wrong-doing or any historical injustice; denial of the "right of return"; denial of restitution of property and compensation; and indeed denial of any moral responsibility or culpability for the creation of the refugee problem.The aim of this book is to analyse Israeli policies towards the Palestinian refugees as they evolved from the 1948 catastrophe (or nakba) to the present. It is the first volume to look in detail at Israeli law and policy surrounding the refugee question. Drawing on extensive primary sources and previously classified archive material, Masalha discusses the 1948 exodus; Israeli resettlement schemes since 1948; Israeli approaches to compensation and restitution of property; Israeli refugee policies towards the internally displaced (‘present absentees’); and Israeli refugee policies during the Madrid and Oslo negotiations. Masalha asks what rights Palestinians possess under international law? How can a refugee population be compensated, and will they ever be able to return to their homes? Masalha questions the official Israeli position that the only solution to the problem is resettlement of the refugees in Arab states or elsewhere. This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the subject that lies at the heart of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Denial of Existence

Author: Brij Mohan

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited


Category: Philosophy

Page: 136

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Denial of Empire

Author: Whitney T. Perkins

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: 388

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Committment and Denial

Author: Andrew E. Barshay

Publisher: N.A



Page: 252

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