Deserts: Children's Desert Climate Book With Informative Facts!

Author: Bold Kids


ISBN: 1071713221

Category: Nature

Page: 40

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These types of landscapes are found all around the world, and are generally low in rainfall. While the land is arid, desert animals like lizards, jackrabbits, and camels are common. They are also home to a variety of insects, spiders, and snakes. Many people are surprised to learn that arid areas are home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals.

Desert's Dawn

Author: B.D. Phillips

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1463470452

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 211

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Fifteen years ago, the residents of a smallArizonatown just north of the Mexican border began to be affected by the criminal acts of a small band of survivalists, encamped approximately 50 miles south of town. Led by by a former U.S. Army officer, named Tom Roberts, dishonorably discharged, near the end of the Vietnam war, this band of survivalists, silently conducted criminal acts, such as drug running, extortion, and white slavery. For years Roberts kept just ahead of the law in his dealings, until a beautiful district attorney by the name of Jennifer Danials manages to dig up the evidence that would finally put Roberts away. One week later, her dead body was discovered floating in a nearby river. Now, ten years later, the woman''s seventeen- year old daughter, Sheila, leads a very extraordinary life. Raised alone, by her wheelchair-bound older brother, Andrew, since she was just seven, she has excelled from a distraught young girl to a black-belt in the martial arts and an almost genius academically. Sheila Danials, her friends, and family know nothing of Roberts plans as they go about their everyday lives. But every day that brings Tom Roberts closer to his retirement...brings the Danials family closer to a showdown with him.

Transcultural Modernities

Author: Elisabeth Bekers

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042025387

Category: Art

Page: 442

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The swelling flows of migration from Africa towards Europe have aroused interest not only in the socio-political consequences of the migrants' insistent appeals to 'fortress Europe' but also in the artistic integration of African migrants into the cultural world of Europe. While in recent years the creative output of Africans living in Europe has received attention from the media and in academia, little critical consideration has been given to African migrants' modes of narration and the manner in which these modes give expression to, or are an expression of, their creators' transcultural realities.Transcultural Modernities: Narrating Africa in Europe responds to this need for reflection by examining the manner in which migrants compose and negotiate their Euro-African affiliations in their narratives. The book brings together scholars in the fields of literary and art criticism, cultural studies, and anthropology for an extensive interdisciplinary exchange on the specific modes of narration displayed in Euro-African literatures, the visual arts, and cinema, as well as offering ethnographic case studies. The result is a wide range of reflections on how African artists, writers, and ordinary people living in Europe experience and explore their transcultural and/or postcolonial environments, and how their experiences and explorations in turn contribute to the construction of modern Euro-African life-worlds.

Over on a Desert

Author: Marianne Berkes

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 158469632X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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Learning becomes fun with this counting book about the desert habitat. Kids and parents will appreciate its amazing artwork and be inspired to learn about and appreciate the world around us! Deserts are full of surprises! An amazing array of animals calls this driest place on Earth their home. Through rhythm and rhyme, children meet a new animal on every page. They won't be able to resist getting in on all the action as animal parents teach their babies how to live in this unusual habitat—camels kneel, armadillos dig, dingoes sniff, and jerboas jump. Cut paper collages capture the subtle beauty of the desert and also "hide" more animals for young eyes to find. One part song, one part story, and one part sheer delight! Backmatter Includes: Further information about the animals in the book! Music and song lyrics to "Over on a Desert" sung to the tune "Over in the Meadow".

Desert Children

Author: Waris Dirie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0349006423

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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Fashion model, UN ambassador and courageous spirit, Waris Dirie was born into a family of tribal desert nomads in Somalia. She told her story - enduring female circumcision at five years old; running away through the desert; being discovered by Terence Donovan and becoming a top fashion model - in her book, the worldwide bestseller, DESERT FLOWER. In DESERT DAWN she wrote about becoming a UN Special Ambassador against FGM (female genital mutilation) and returning to her family in Somalia. DESERT CHILDREN tells us how she and the journalist Corinna Milborn have investigated the practice of FGM in Europe - they estimate that up to 500,000 women and girls have undergone or are at risk of FGM. At the moment, France is the only European country in which offenders are convicted and no European country officially recognises the threat of genital mutilation as a reason for asylum. Here are the voices of women who have felt encouraged and emboldened by Waris Dirie's courage. They speak out for the first time and move us to action.

How the Movies Saved Christmas

Author: William D. Crump

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476627703

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 356

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 Santa Claus is in trouble! Who will save Christmas? This A-to-Z guide to holiday films, television movies and series specials provides cast, credits, production information and commentary for 228 cinema Christmases that were almost ruined by villains, monsters, spirits, secularism, greed, misanthropy or elf error—but were saved by helpful animals, magic snowmen, selfless children or compassionate understanding. Reviews and references are included.

The Story of Sorrel

Author: Joseph R. Lallo

Publisher: Joseph R. Lallo

ISBN: 0463151569

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

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For some creatures, running and hiding is the only way to stay alive. But no one can run forever. Sorrel and her twins are malthropes, creatures hated by the people of their world. Years of searching for a place where they can be safe has brought them to a mysterious new land. It would be a paradise if not for the terrible beast who casts its shadow of the people who call it home. The Story of Sorrel is a short novel in the Book of Deacon series, picking up the story of Sorrel and her children shortly after The Rise of the Red Shadow left off.

Creative Ideas for Children's Worship - Year C

Author: Sarah Lenton

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 160674125X

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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This resource provides 64 complete and ready-to-use sessions for children's worship. It will enable children to acquire a familiarity with the life of Christ and the events of the church year in a vivid and memorable way.