The Desert Vet

Author: Alex Tinson,David Hardaker

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 195253450X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

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'I am at home with camels. Where others see a dirty, filthy, smelling, kicking beast, I see a thing of pure anatomical beauty, an intelligent and graceful creature...Because of camels I have built a life I never imagined possible. And all this happened because I decided to say yes to adventure whenever it came my way.' When Sydney-born vet Alex Tinson was literally plucked from the Australian outback to become chief vet in charge of the United Arab Emirates President's racing camels, he was given one mission: to make the President's camels the best in the UAE and, indeed, all of Arabia. Thirty years later he is still there, having become the world's leading camel vet while caring for a menagerie of unusual animals along the way. But this is more than a story about camels and monkeys, spiders and snakes, and all sorts of other exotic creatures. It is also about crossing boundaries of race and religion to create a life full of possibility, of being introduced to the reclusive world of the Gulf Royal families and of sharing the rich lives of Alex's Bedouin family and friends. Warm and generous, intriguing and compelling, The Desert Vet takes us to a place few have entered before.

Life After the Military

Author: Janelle B. Moore

Publisher: Government Institutes

ISBN: 1605907413

Category: History

Page: 324

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Life After the Military discusses the many issues that transitioning veterans are faced with such as finding employment, going back to school, managing finances, special benefits available to veterans, and a host of other issues the transitioning veteran is likely to face when making the move to civilian life.

For Service to Your Country:

Author: Peter S. Gaytan,Marian Edelman Borden

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0806534958

Category: Reference

Page: 496

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The Must-Have Guide To Veterans' Benefits If you're a veteran--or a veteran's family member--you know how hard it is to navigate the VA benefits maze. This definitive guide steers you through the process so that you and your family can get the benefits you're entitled to. Filled with vital information on the latest programs, here is clear, step-by-step, form-by-form advice on cutting through the red tape. And if benefits are denied, it will show you how to appeal an unfair decision. In this newly updated edition, you'll find essentials on: Health Care, Disability, and Rehabilitation--including changes in eligibility and access; Emergency Room care at non-VA facilities; Project Hero for veterans in rural areas; the VA's new suicide prevention outreach initiative; the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program (BDD) for transitioning service members. Education--Complete information on the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which doubles educational benefits to eligible veterans. VA Loans for Home Ownership--For veterans facing foreclosure or looking to purchase after foreclosure. Job Preference Eligibility and Entrepreneurship Opportunities--New non-VA services that are available to veterans. Plus new benefits for dependents and an expanded resource list. When you're dealing with a system that says "no" more than "yes," it helps to know every angle--before you fill out those forms in triplicate. "Take advantage of these opportunities if you are eligible. You've earned them and deserve them." –Bob Dole

Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles

Author: Elliott R. Jacobson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420004034

Category: Medical

Page: 732

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Far from the line drawings and black-and-white photos of the past, Infectious Diseases and Pathology of Reptiles features high-quality, color photos of normal anatomy and histology, as well as gross, light, and electron microscopic images of pathogens and diseases. Many of these images have never before been published, and come directly from

Reptile Medicine and Surgery - E-Book

Author: Stephen J. Divers,Douglas R. Mader

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 141606477X

Category: Medical

Page: 1264

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This outstanding clinical reference provides valuable insights into solving clinical dilemmas, formulating diagnoses, developing therapeutic plans, and verifying drug dosages for both reptiles and amphibians. The information is outlined in an easy-to-use format for quick access that is essential for emergency and clinical situations. Discusses veterinary medicine and surgery for both reptiles and amphibians Features complete biology of snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians Provides step-by-step guidelines for performing special techniques and procedures such as anesthesia, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging, euthanasia and necropsy, fracture management, soft tissue surgery, and therapeutics Covers specific diseases and conditions such as anorexia, aural abscesses, and digit abnormalities in a separate alphabetically organized section 53 expert authors contribute crucial information to the study of reptiles and offer their unique perspectives on particular areas of study The expansive appendix includes a reptile and amphibian formulary A new full-color format features a wealth of vivid images and features that highlight important concepts and bring key procedures to life 29 new chapters covering diverse topics such as stress in captive reptiles, emergency and critical care, ultrasound, endoscopy, and working with venomous species Many new expert contributors that share valuable knowledge and insights from their experiences in practicing reptile medicine and surgery Unique coverage of cutting-edge imaging techniques, including CT and MRI


Author: John Harrington

Publisher: John Harrington


Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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Happenstance The abduction of a young, brilliant mechanical engineer who happened to be a pot-head, in his pursuit of the finest reefer in the world, leads to an adventure with potentially dire consequences. An unlikely crew assembles in an effort to thwart a diabolical, sinister, murderous criminal mastermind in his scheme to take political and financial control over the booming new marijuana legalization. The Triangle Thinkers have other things in mind. Audacity! How dare I? Who am I to think that I could ever actually write a book? Well, whatever, I went for it. I’ve read thousands of fiction novels and have often thought about the challenge. I’ve also been told that I should write a book. So here you have it, which begs another question I must ask myself; why? What is the end-goal? What is the objective I’d like to accomplish as a result of putting forth all of this tremendous effort and expense? I respond to this quandary through introspection. I look and see some of the awful things that I’ve been through and I’d like to be able to contribute toward their ultimate eradication. Most notably, to me, and I’m dreadfully ashamed to say so, as I’m first-hand experienced with it, is homelessness, which, in retrospect, is nothing compared to having had the ultimate tragedy in my life of dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. As an answer to these questions that I’ve asked myself, while creating an exciting, suspenseful, entertaining and perhaps provocative story, I’ve hoped to bring some attention to their issues within the pages of this novel. The writing touches upon not only the two that I’ve mentioned, but also other socio-economic issues affecting everyday American citizens…every day. It is my sincerest hope that with The Help of God and God Willing, my effort will not be for naught; that somehow, some way, through whatever (if ever) profit this may yield, a percentage of your purchase can go toward contributing to these causes. In my wildest dreams, if this is successful, I hope to establish a dual-purpose foundation; one concentration battling Alzheimer’s Disease, and the other, the blight of homelessness in America. All this being said, please, forgive me for my audacity. …How dare I write a book A New Novel with a Mission Reefenue is a novel with surprising and reasonable conclusions about marijuana in our society through imagining what it would be like to have it as a mainstream, legal commodity instead of a very limited or forbidden product in the hands of the mafia, where its dangers in this book and in real life are not chemical but rather those of distribution in the hands of powerful thugs for whom murder is a mere inconvenience for those who interfere with material profits. The characters are drawn with a realism that makes their values, humor, shortcomings, and even breathing part of the reader’s journey through the book’s 370 pages. Each persona is plausible down to his or her speech patterns, personal idioms and motives right down to the romance between Morty and Hank (Henrietta). The villainous Maestro conveys a picture of evil that makes any bad guys from Ian Fleming look like Mr. Rogers. The conflict at times becomes a wee bit grinding for readers who want simply “to get on with it”, but Mr. Harrington is not what I would call a “terse” writer with a sense of verbal economy. His scenarios paint characters and their predicaments in sensory ways with elaborate detail and plausible, extensive dialogue. The principal message from the book is that marijuana should not be something restricted by government interference. I think of prohibition of alcohol during the 1920’s and early 1930’s and am convinced that many similar horrors of crime from that era could be diminished or eliminated by making pot as legal as cigarettes. Mr. Harrington is a skilled writer with a mission, one that he renders quite convincingly in his novel. John Bolinger April, 2021

From There to Here

Author: Herman Haenert

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480874825

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 178

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From There to Here is the life story of Herman Haenert, an American citizen who spent his youth in Germany first under Nazi and then Communist rule. Haenert recalls his early years during World War II and his subsequent oppressive life in East Germany—nightmares from which his family eventually fled to the United States. Their escape allowed the young Herman to come of age in a country he regards as a land of freedom and opportunity. In sharing his experiences and successes over the years, Haenert presents a detailed and informed perspective on the last eighty years of US history and reflects on how that history informs America’s current political landscape. This sweeping memoir follows one man’s journey as he escapes the turbulent Germany of his youth and builds a new life as an immigrant who cherishes his American opportunities.

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