Down and Out in Paris and London

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Penguin Classics

ISBN: 9780141393032

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Written when Orwell was a struggling writer in his twenties, the book documents his 'first contact with poverty': sleeping in bug-infested hostels and doss houses, working as a dishwasher in Paris, surviving on scraps and cigarette butts, living alongside tramps, a star-gazing pavement artist and a starving Russian ex-army captain. Exposing a shocking, previously hidden world to readers, Orwell gave a human face to poverty, and in doing so, found his voice as a great writer.

Down and Out in Paris and London

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Clipper Audio

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George Orwell's acclaimed memoir of his time among the desperately poor and destitute in London and Paris is a moving tour of the underworld of society. Here he documents a world of unrelenting drudgery and squalor; sleeping in bug-infested hostels and doss houses, living alongside tramps and surviving on scraps and cigarette butts, in an unforgettable account of what being down and out is really like.

Down and Out in Paris and London


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HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics.

Down and Out in Paris and London

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1528791932

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Originally published in 1933, “Down and Out in Paris and London” is a memoir in two parts by English author George Orwell. His first full-length work, it chronicles the time he spent living in poverty in London and Paris, recounting his experiences working casual manual labour jobs and living as a vagabond on the fringes of society. A fascinating and thought-provoking insight into the poverty that exists in the two prosperous cities, “Down and Out in Paris and London” is not to be missed by fans of Orwell's seminal work. Eric Arthur Blair (1903–1950), more commonly known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English journalist, essayist, critic, and novelist most famous for his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (1949) and allegorical novella “Animal Farm” (1945). His work is characterised by an opposition to totalitarianism and biting social commentary, and remains influential in popular culture today. Many of his neologisms have forever entered the English language, including "Thought Police", "Big Brother", "Room 101", "doublethink", "thoughtcrime", and "Newspeak" to name but a few. Other notable works by this author include: "Burmese Days" (1934), "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" (1936), and "Coming Up for Air" (1939). Read & Co. Classics is proudly publishing this memoir now in a new edition complete with the introductory essay "Why I Write".

Homage to Catalonia

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 9780547447339

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Collects two works in which a British writer explores the seedy underbelly of three great cities.

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell (Book Analysis)

Author: Bright Summaries


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Unlock the more straightforward side of Down and Out in Paris and London with this concise and insightful summary and analysis! This engaging summary presents an analysis of Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell, which provides an account of the time the author spent voluntarily living among Europe’s poorest and most downtrodden citizens. His experiences of poverty gave him first-hand insight into the hardship and injustice faced by the homeless and the working poor, and he conveyed the lessons he had learnt to a largely middle-class readership in this powerful work of social criticism. Down and Out in Paris and London was Orwell’s first published book. His subsequent works, including Homage to Catalonia, Animal Farm and 1984 cemented his position as one of the most acclaimed and influential British writers of the 20th century. Find out everything you need to know about Down and Out in Paris and London in a fraction of the time! This in-depth and informative reading guide brings you: • A complete plot summary • Character studies • Key themes and symbols • Questions for further reflection Why choose Available in print and digital format, our publications are designed to accompany you on your reading journey. The clear and concise style makes for easy understanding, providing the perfect opportunity to improve your literary knowledge in no time. See the very best of literature in a whole new light with!

Down and Out in Paris and London & the Road to Wigan Pier

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Both of Orwell's searing reportage accounts of poverty in the 1930s in one volume.

Down And Out In Paris And London

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9782382260241

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Down and Out in Paris and London is the first full-length work by the English author George Orwell, published in 1933. It is a memoir in two parts on the theme of poverty in the two cities, which was written deliberately in a non-academic tone. Its target audience was the middle and upper class members of society-those who were more likely to be well educated-and exposes the poverty existing in two prosperous cities: Paris and London. The first part is an account of living in near-destitution in Paris and the experience of casual labour in restaurant kitchens. The second part is a travelogue of life on the road in and around London from the tramp's perspective, with descriptions of the types of hostel accommodation available and some of the characters to be found living on the margins.