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Current Affairs February E-Book 2021. Download PDF for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, RRB, GATE, Banking, Teaching, State PSC, PSU etc., and go through the latest news & updates.

Designing Systems for Internet Commerce

Author: G. Winfield Treese,Lawrence C. Stewart

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780201760354

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 468

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Thanks to advances in Internet commerce, every enterprise--even the smallest home-based business--now has the power to create a global presence. Each day, more businesses are drawn to the promise of increased access to customers, combined with dramatic cost reductions. However, consumer expectations and demands seem to increase daily. The major challenge in building successful Internet commerce sites continues to be how to use Internet technology most effectively to deliver added value to customers. Written by two of the leading authorities in the field of Internet commerce, Designing Systems for Internet Commerce, Second Edition , explores the core issues surrounding the construction of successful Internet commerce systems. It provides a solid foundation, focusing on best practices and approaches for Internet architecture and design. This significant new edition reflects lessons learned since the late 1990s, explaining how and why essential technologies and commerce issues have evolved and how those changes have resulted in a new era for commerce systems. Topics covered include: Extensible markup language (XML) The evolution of shopping carts and order management Integration with enterprise applications Development of reliable and scalable systems Mobile and wireless systems and technologies Designing Systems for Internet Commerce is your key to building a commerce site that will meet your business needs and satisfy demanding customers. With a focus on problem solving, the authors share their mastery with you as they explore the major challenges and obstacles related to Internet commerce architecture and strategy. This comprehensive coverage includes: Core Internet business strategy Retail and B2B systems Information commerce business models with case studies Functional architecture Implementation strategies, such as outsourcing, custom development, packaged applications, project management, 7x24 operation, and multiorganization operation The building blocks of Internet commerce, including media and application integration, sessions and cookies, object technology, and application servers Proven strategies for system design Creating and managing content Essential considerations in cryptography and system security Payment systems and transaction processing 0201760355B08262002

Supporting the Military-Affiliated Learner

Author: Victoria McDermott,Leandra Hinojosa Hernández,Amy R. May

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1793618097

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 456

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Supporting the Military-Affiliated Learner: Communication Approaches to Military Pedagogy & Education challenges the academic community to 1) reevaluate how they support military-affiliated learners (MALs) and address how the military-civilian-academic divide causes disparities and barriers to MAL academic achievement and retention and 2) implement programs and develop strategies to facilitate equitable academic integration from application to graduation. With contributions from veterans, military spouses, and communication educators, the chapters explicate barriers that MALs face when trying to transition to, navigate, and succeed in higher education. This edited volume explores the impact of the diversity and nuances of MAL identities on their experiences in higher education; promotes military competence by providing opportunities for educators and support staff to learn about potential barriers and promote best practices for connecting with MALs and validating their lived experiences; examines how technology/computer-mediated communication may be used to facilitate community building and promote connectedness for MALs within face-to-face and digital spheres. This book is intended to be a resource guide for administrators, policymakers, and educators by providing tangible strategies, recommendations, and resources to promote the academic success of MALs navigating higher education.

How to Become a Flight Attendant for Airlines in the Middle East

Author: Kara Grand

Publisher: Flight Attendant Central


Category: Education

Page: 318

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'How to Become a Flight Attendant for airlines in the Middle East' will teach you how to be successful at the cabin crew interview from the first try.You will learn: -How to build your CV with examples of job descriptions, a sample Cabin Crew CV, and 3 CV templates ready to download and just fill in with your data.-Sample application photos.-Online Video Interview highlights.-How to prepare for an Assessment Day, Open Day, and CV Submission Day.-What mindset you need to change to become more confident during the interview.-How to dress for the interview day (ladies and gentlemen, including photos).-Worries and questions answered (various topics such as tattoos, maximum age, minimum height or maximum weight, swimming skills and appearance).-Group exercise samples tests: customer service scenario and role play (what to say and do when dealing with an angry customer), one-word cards (and how to train your creativity and resourcefulness), prioritization (in case you land on the Moon) and a team-building scenario. You will get sample tests and how to approach the task, including language to use, your position in the group and how to integrate into the team.-English test: 250 Missing Words Sample Test, 4 "fill-in-the-blanks" Tests, 30-Sentence "fill-in-the-blanks" Practice Test, 40-Sentence Rephrase Test, 5 Reading and Understanding Tests, Essay Writing Sample plus 10 Essay Topics.-Math test: 20 Questions and Answers Sample Test.-101 Questions and Answers for the Final Interview.-What medical tests you need to pass when the interview is completed.-What to pack for your departure.-The airline's training.

Developing with PDF

Author: Leonard Rosenthol

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449327877

Category: Computers

Page: 218

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PDF is becoming the standard for digital documents worldwide, but it’s not easy to learn on your own. With capabilities that let you use a variety of images and text, embed audio and video, and provide links and navigation, there’s a lot to explore. This practical guide helps you understand how to work with PDF to construct your own documents, troubleshoot problems, and even build your own tools. You’ll also find best practices for producing, manipulating, and consuming PDF documents. In addition, this highly approachable reference will help you navigate the official (and complex) ISO documentation. Learn how to combine PDF objects into a cohesive whole Use PDF’s imaging model to create vector and raster graphics Integrate text, and become familiar with fonts and glyphs Provide navigation within and between documents Use annotations to overlay or incorporate additional content Build interactive forms with the Widget annotation Embed related files such as multimedia, 3D content, and XML files Use optional content to enable non-printing graphics Tag content with HTML-like structures, including paragraphs and tables

Becoming Enlightened

Author: Dalai Lama,Jeffrey Hopkins

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416565841

Category: Religion

Page: 303

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The renowned spiritual leader outlines an accessible approach to the pursuit of enlightenment that draws on traditional Buddhist meditative practices, in a step-by-step guide that includes coverage of such topics as embracing a positive attitude and overcoming suffering. 150,000 first printing.

The Student's Guide to Becoming a Nurse

Author: Ian Peate

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118278291

Category: Medical

Page: 472

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The Student’s Guide to Becoming a Nurse is anessential guide for all student nurses who want to become competentpractitioners. It explores the knowledge, skills and attitudes thatall pre-registration nursing students must acquire by the end oftheir programme of study, enabling them to become confident,successful nurses. Thoroughly re-written and updated to include the latest 2010 NMCstandards for pre-registration nursing education, this invaluabletextbook is divided into four key sections: Professional values Communication and interpersonal skills Nursing practice and decision making Leadership, management and team working With case studies, top tips, activities and questionsthroughout, The Student's Guide to Becoming a Nurse is idealfor all pre-registration nurses and those about to qualify.