Eating Smoke

Author: Mark Tebeau

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421412500

Category: History

Page: 440

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By comparing the simple skills employed by firefighters—climbing ladders and manipulating hoses—with the mundane technologies—maps and accounting charts—of insurers, the author demonstrates that the daily routines of both groups were instrumental in making intense urban and industrial expansion a less precarious endeavor.

Eating Smoke - One Man's Descent Into Crystal Meth Psychosis in Hong Kong's Triad Heartland

Author: Chris Thrall

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 1784181587

Category: Self-Help

Page: 300

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Chris Thrall left the Royal Marines to find fortune in Hong Kong, but following a bizarre series of jobs he ended up homeless and hooked on Crystal Meth. He began working for the 14K, the city's most notorious crime syndicate, as a nightclub doorman in the Wan Chai red-light district. Heavily in psychosis, he uncovered a huge global conspiracy, made all the more confusing by the 'Foreign Triad' - a secretive expat clique in cahoots with the Chinese mafia. Desperate, addicted and alone in the neon glare of Hong Kong's seedy backstreets, Chris was forced to survive in the world's most unforgiving city, addicted to the world's most dangerous drug. Engaging, honest and full of Chris's irrepressible humour, this remarkable memoir combines gripping storytelling with brooding menace as the Triads begin to cast their shadow over him. The result is a truly psychotic urban nightmare.

Eating Smoke

Author: Chris Thrall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780993543944

Category: Self-Help

Page: 394

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Chris Thrall left the Royal Marine Commandos to find fortune in Hong Kong, but following a bizarre series of jobs ended up homeless and in psychosis from crystal meth addiction.He began working for the 14K, a viscous Hong Kong crime syndicate, as a nightclub doorman in the Wan Chai red-light district, where he uncovered a vast global conspiracy and the 'Foreign Triad' - a secretive expat clique in cahoots with the Chinese gangs.Alone and confused in the neon glare of Hong Kong's seedy backstreets, Chris was forced to survive in the world's most unforgiving city, hooked on the world's most dangerous drug ...

Drinking Smoke

Author: Mac Marshall

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824836855

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

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Tobacco kills 5 million people every year and that number is expected to double by the year 2020. Despite its enormous toll on human health, tobacco has been largely neglected by anthropologists. Drinking Smoke combines an exhaustive search of historical materials on the introduction and spread of tobacco in the Pacific with extensive anthropological accounts of the ways Islanders have incorporated this substance into their lives. The author uses a relatively new concept called a syndemic—the synergistic interaction of two or more afflictions contributing to a greater burden of disease in a population—to focus at once on the health of a community, political and economic structures, and the wider physical and social environment and ultimately provide an in-depth analysis of smoking’s negative health impact in Oceania. In Drinking Smoke the idea of a syndemic is applied to the current health crisis in the Pacific, where the number of deaths from coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease continues to rise, and the case is made that smoking tobacco in the form of industrially manufactured cigarettes is the keystone of the contemporary syndemic in Oceania. The author shows how tobacco consumption (particularly cigarette smoking after World War II) has become the central interstitial element of a syndemic that produces most of the morbidity and mortality Pacific Islanders suffer. This syndemic is made up of a bundle of diseases and conditions, a set of historical circumstances and events, and social and health inequities most easily summed up as “poverty.” He calls this the tobacco syndemic and argues that smoking is the crucial behavior—the “glue”—holding all of these diseases and conditions together. Drinking Smoke is the first book-length examination of the damaging tobacco syndemic in a specific world region. It is a must-read for scholars and students of anthropology, Pacific studies, history, and economic globalization, as well as for public health practitioners and those working in allied health fields. More broadly the book will appeal to anyone concerned with disease interaction, the social context of disease production, and the full health consequences of the global promotional efforts of Big Tobacco.


Author: Alan E. Waite

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493181947

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

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HATS. . . . takes you on a delightful journey into the minds of young baby boomers in early to late childhood—what their world was like nearly three quarters of a century ago, how they wrestled with it, and what values they embraced. With a mixture of humor, warmth, nostalgia, and a dash of painful honesty, Hats offers a collection of provocative and entertaining small-town America coming-of-age stories that center on the eternal ideas of truth, honesty, and compassion. These are stories of a time gone by, stories from what some see as the American golden age, but most of all, stories that resonate today because they are about what people of all eras and ages face—the lifelong challenge of being a person of integrity.

Eating Smoke

Author: Chris Thrall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781782199908

Category: Drug addiction

Page: 386

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Chris Thrall left the Royal Marines to find his fortune in Hong Kong, but instead found himself homeless and addicted to crystal meth. Soon he began working for the 14K, Hong Kong's largest triad group, as a doorman in one of their night-clubs in the Wanchai red-light district.

Best Practices in Writing Instruction

Author: Steve Graham,Charles A. MacArthur,Jill Fitzgerald

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1462508715

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 340

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Highly practical and accessible, this indispensable book provides clear-cut strategies for improving K-12 writing instruction. The contributors are leading authorities who demonstrate proven ways to teach different aspects of writing, with chapters on planning, revision, sentence construction, handwriting, spelling, and motivation. The use of the Internet in instruction is addressed, and exemplary approaches to teaching English-language learners and students with special needs are discussed. The book also offers best-practice guidelines for designing an effective writing program. Focusing on everyday applications of current scientific research, the book features many illustrative case examples and vignettes.

Best Practices in Writing Instruction, Third Edition

Author: Steve Graham,Charles A. MacArthur,Michael Hebert

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462537979

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 5531

Well established as a definitive text--and now revised and updated with eight new chapters--this book translates cutting-edge research into effective guidelines for teaching writing in grades K–12. Illustrated with vivid classroom examples, the book identifies the components of a complete, high-quality writing program. Leading experts provide strategies for teaching narrative and argumentative writing; using digital tools; helping students improve specific skills, from handwriting and spelling to sentence construction; teaching evaluation and revision; connecting reading and writing instruction; teaching vulnerable populations; using assessment to inform instruction; and more. New to This Edition *Chapters on new topics: setting up the writing classroom and writing from informational source material. *New chapters on core topics: narrative writing, handwriting and spelling, planning, assessment, special-needs learners, and English learners. *Increased attention to reading–writing connections and using digital tools. *Incorporates the latest research and instructional procedures. See also Handbook of Writing Research, Second Edition, edited by Charles A. MacArthur, Steve Graham, and Jill Fitzgerald, which provides a comprehensive overview of writing research that informs good practice.

Be Careful What You Ask For!

Author: Ronald Malbrough

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468574892

Category: Fiction

Page: 358

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This is the story of Deasia Cooper, a young teenage girl who had to grow up way before her time. Deasia also serves as the Narrator of this Story. Our story takes place when Deasia continues to bother her parents, who were active members of the church and prominent members of society to go to a local school dance. When her parents deny her request, Deasia becomes rebellious and defiant, and wishes that something would happen to her parents because they were so strict on her, and would not let her come and go as she pleased. As this story progresses on, Deasia learns a powerful lesson at the end: Be Careful What You Ask For: because you just might get your wish!