The Sisterhood of the Enchanted Forest

Author: Naomi Moriyama,William Doyle

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 164313647X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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What would happen if you built one of the world’s most advanced societies inside a forest—and strove to make made women full partners in power? After living for twenty-five years in New York, Naomi Moriyama moved with her husband and co-author William Doyle and their seven-year-old child to the vast forest of Finland's Karelia, a mysterious region on the Russian border that helped inspire J.R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth fantasies. She entered a life-altering zone of tranquility, peace, and beauty, the spiritual heart of the nation ranked as the happiest nation on Earth, with among the world's most empowered women. Finland is also the country with cleanest air and water and the best schools, a country where motherhood and fatherhood are championed by law, childhood is revered, schoolchildren are required to play outdoors multiple times a day, and trains contain mini-libraries and mini-playgrounds for children to enjoy. It was here in the Karelian forest that Naomi found a culinary symphony of succulent wild edibles, herbs, berries, mushrooms and fish, all freshly plucked from the moss-carpeted forest and sparkling clear streams. She also found something that changed her life—a tribe of invincible women who became her soul-sisters. As an idyllic summer and fall gave way to a sub-Arctic winter of mind-bending darkness and cold, Naomi faced her fears and her future. Over the course of six unforgettable months with her family and her new “sisters”, she found her life transformed, and discovered the power that lay within her all along. Then she tried to leave. But she kept coming back. Come, take a journey deep into Europe's most distant, magical wilderness, and join the sisterhood of the enchanted forest.

The Secret of the Enchanted Forest

Author: Bob Shumaker

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468514292

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Bob Shumaker was raised in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and now lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina with his wife, Sharon and their daughter, Katy. He retired early from his sales and marketing company to focus on one of his lifelong passions: writing. He began writing at age nine, inventing short stories and plays for his family and friends, and has never lost his love of storytelling. The Secret of the Enchanted Forest is book one of The Schmooney Trilogies, a series of fantasy adventure novels for children. This is his first published novel. Watch the website for news about his next books and other creative ventures. Have you ever had that feeling? A feeling that something is about to happen, but you dont know what? Austin Cook has that feeling. But what he is about to experience is beyond anything he would have imagined. As far back as Austin can remember he and his family have visited his uncle in Mountview, a small North Carolina town. For nature-loving Austin, its his favorite place on earth. Uncle Steve always has wild, adventurous stories to tell. He is the ideal guide for a boy who wants to go exploring in the woods and Mountview is the perfect place for Austin to learn about the wildlife that fascinates him. He loves all kinds of animals, and they have always been drawn to him. For Austin, visits to Mountview are all about hiking in the mountains, learning about nature, playing with Uncle Steves pets, listening to wonderful stories, eating on the deck with his parents and his eight-year-old sister, Katie, and drinking Vernors Ginger Ale. Then, during one seemingly ordinary trip, something extraordinary happens. It starts with some special friendships and some unusual discoveries in the woods. Then Austin begins to hear strange things, things he just cant explain. Piece by piece, he puts together a mystery. And suddenly this typical twelve-year-old boy discovers that he has an incredible gift. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime in this first book of The Schmooney Trilogies. A special boy discovers his unique gift... and it opens the way to an unknown universe.

Bruma and the Enchanted Forest

Author: Martin Barajas

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452094724

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

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The day was cold. Although the sun was out, dark clouds appeared in the distance over the San Gabriel Valley. A soft wind blew. Rain was expected later in the day. All put together, it was a beautiful day. But in the city of South El Monte, there was a group of friends that were turning this beautiful day into a living nightmare in their lives, a nightmare from which they would not awake. Having just robbed the city bank on the east side of town, Rebecca and her four buddies, Steve, Ricardo, Mark and Mike, fled scared for the mountains. The youngest of the five, Mike, had been wounded in the robbery. Police sirens sounded all around. In a desperate measure to hide away from the law, they ascended the mountains and drove off the main road, into the wild forest. There, they would come to a valley hidden deep in the mountains, a valley hidden to the world, where some of their most horrific nightmares were about to come true. What happens in this place will blow their minds away, literately. This was a place where their darkest side would manifest in them, and their true friendship would be put to the test. This was a place where they would be given the chance to turn around and make things right in their lives. However, not even the monsters and demons in this forest would deter them from their dark purpose. They were willing to lose it all, even their lives, for the love of money. This was a place of magic and wonder, a place of horrors and witches. This was the place where they would meet Bruma. This was the enchanted forest.

Princess Minna: The Enchanted Forest

Author: Kirsty Applebaum

Publisher: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 1788009541

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 8050

Princess Minna loves to sort out mix-ups and mishaps in the kingdom! In this full-colour, illustrated chapter book, join her on a funny, exciting adventure to wake a sleeping prince and much more - all in time for tea. Princess Minna lives in Castle Tall-Towers with the King and Queen, Raymond the Wizard and her best dragon friend, Lorenzo. There are often mix-ups and mishaps in the kingdom and Princess Minna loves to sort them out! She can tame unicorns, kiss frogs and fight dragons (apart from Lorenzo) and she is very good at fixing things before it's time for bed. In The Enchanted Forest, Princess Minna has to wake a sleeping prince before nightfall. But along the way, she finds a swan, an old lady and a very fluffy sheep - all of them in a fix! Can she help them and still reach the prince before sundown? Full of colourful illustrations, these short, funny stories are perfect for readers just moving on from picture books and visual readers.

The Enchanted Forest of Hope

Author: Isabelle Clark

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438977816

Category: Fiction

Page: 44

View: 507

The Enchanted Forest of Hope is about Skye and Reid a brother and sister who go to Ireland to visit their grandparents. Once they get there a wonderful adventure takes place. A magical kingdom is at their hands, with all kinds of magical creatures. There is a wicked witch who is trying to get to the magical waterfall and get the baby unicorn to help her become beautiful again. With the help of the magical creatures they will all work together to save "The Enchanted Forest of Hope."

Mr Fluff and his magical adventures in the enchanted forest.

Author: Veronica Kelly

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496983386

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 180

View: 2312

This book is about a tiny caterpillar of the sycamore moth family who was granted a unusual request. He always wanted to become a butterfly. So the more he ate of the sycamore leaves he thought that he would turn into what he wanted. He was being watched by the faires in the trees and they could see him and one fairy put a spell on him to turn him into a fairy! His face turned to being dainty and the magic had begun. He glowed like glow warm and went to wriggle up a oak tree to change and undergo some magic. The oak tree told him to go in the cottages old garden. He nibbles at the petals of a rainbow rose that is growing in the cottage garden. He feels sleepy and goes crawling up the old oak tree to go to sleep. He undergoes metamorphosis and the magic of both the fairies and the rose transforms into a fairy through the winter time.The forest is under deadly thousand year bad spell. That two witches come to live in the enchanted cottage in the forest. Mr Fluff undergoes a magical transformation and goes on his adventures. He does not how know how long the forest will last. One of the witches finds out about certain spells and has to figure out a way of saving the forest.

House of Faith or Enchanted Forest?

Author: Charles W. Hedrick

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1606080067

Category: Religion

Page: 116

View: 6096

Since The Renaissance of the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries, and particularly since the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, the ancient creeds of faith have been under serious fire, and the struggle has not gone well for popular religion in America. The rapid advances made by the physical sciences in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the corresponding reliance on scientific accomplishments in American life have been matched by the growing influence of reason in the way Americans think about religion. Except for pockets of resistance, these developments have negatively influenced the practical role of traditional religion in American life. These essaysùpublished over a twenty-year period as newspaper editorials addressed to the general publicùconfront popular beliefs and morals with the challenge of human reason. At issue in this meeting of faith and reason is nothing less than the nature of religion in the twenty-first century. Will faith embrace reason to create a House where both dwell in harmony or will faith ignore the claims of reason and continue to live in an Enchanted Forest? Each essay, written in the practical language of the streets, attempts to dialogue with the general reader and gently provoke critical thinking on sensitive issues of belief. "Charles Hedrick is a scholar who has come clean. From the 'buckle on the Bible Belt' comes this honest, intelligent, and creative reflection on the struggle between reason (and/or science) and personal faith. Charlie's reminder to take our personal absolute truths (house of faith) a little less seriously and enjoy the diversity of thought and experience (enchanted forest) is practical, powerful, and incredibly timely."-Glenna S. Jackson, Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy at Otterbein College "House of Faith or Enchanted Forest? is a personal and lively journey along the path of faith and doubt. Charles Hedrick poses deep questions that for centuries have haunted philosophers, historians, and theologians alike. This book awakens and celebrates critical thinking yet remains warmly accessible and resolutely honest. Anyone who wishes to re-think life's great questions in light of the changing face of Christianity will find joy in reading this book. Here is an excellent resource for discussion groups, book clubs, and inquiring individuals."-David Galston, Director of the Eternal Spring learning Centre, Hamilton, Ontario "Charlie Hedrick asks a lot of questions in this provocative collection of short essays. One specific question that, perhaps, sums up the others, 'Can a critical thinker also be a person of traditional religious faith?' Spanning a wide range of topics, Hedrick offers readers challenging questions to ponder, rather than easy answers to swallow. Yet, by pondering such questions, careful readers will find themselves closer to honest answers than they were before they read this helpful book."-J. Bradley Chance, Professor and Chair, Department of Religion, William Jewell College

Stories and Legends of the Four Kingdoms: The Enchanted Forest

Author: Amanecer González Cantero

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 1667429140

Category: Fiction

Page: 213

View: 5893

Amira finds herself forced to go on a dangerous journey across three allied kingdoms to save her father and her fiancé, Ansol, as they battle in the Western Kingdom. The girl will try to unmask Magnus, the tyrannical ruler of the Northern Kingdom, whose plans go further than anyone could have guessed. On the way she meets Erac, a mysterious young man who offers to accompany her on her journey. As Amira undertakes a long and dangerous journey through the allied kingdoms, Ansol tries to push back the Northern Kingdom's advance. But nothing is as it seems.

Magic Flutes and Enchanted Forests

Author: David J. Buch

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226078116

Category: Music

Page: 480

View: 2680

Drawing on hundreds of operas, singspiels, ballets, and plays with supernatural themes, Magic Flutes and Enchanted Forests argues that the tension between fantasy and Enlightenment-era rationality shaped some of the most important works of eighteenth-century musical theater and profoundly influenced how audiences and critics responded to them. David J. Buch reveals that despite—and perhaps even because of—their fundamental irrationality, fantastic and exotic themes acquired extraordinary force and popularity during the period, pervading theatrical works with music in the French, German, and Italian mainstream. Considering prominent compositions by Gluck, Rameau, and Haydn, as well as many seminal contributions by lesser-known artists, Buch locates the origins of these magical elements in such historical sources as ancient mythology, European fairy tales, the Arabian Nights, and the occult. He concludes with a brilliant excavation of the supernatural roots of Mozart’s The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni, building a new foundation for our understanding of the magical themes that proliferated in Mozart’s wake.