The Enemies Within

Author: Trevor Loudon

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781490575179

Category: History

Page: 689

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“The Enemies Within” is designed to show American voters exactly how modern communism works and how it impacts on your life, every single day. Just how do the communists win big on things like Obamacare and immigration “reform,” which go completely against the wishes of the American people?Trevor Loudon's research has been cited by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, countless articles, blog posts and in books by well known authors Paul Kengor, Aaron Klein and Jerome Corsi. He has given countless radio interviews and addressed audiences in more than 30 states in his four tours of the United States.Trevor Loudon speaks on internal subversion, communism and socialism, national security, culture and constitutional conservatism.

Enemies Within

Author: Robert Alan Goldberg

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300132948

Category: History

Page: 368

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divdivThere is a hunger for conspiracy news in America. Hundreds of Internet websites, magazines, newsletters, even entire publishing houses, disseminate information on invisible enemies and their secret activities, subversions, and coverups. Those who suspect conspiracies behind events in the news—the crash of TWA Flight 800, the death of Marilyn Monroe—join generations of Americans, from the colonial period to the present day, who have entertained visions of vast plots. In this enthralling book Robert Goldberg focuses on five major conspiracy theories of the past half-century, examining how they became widely popular in the United States and why they have remained so. In the post–World War II decades conspiracy theories have become more numerous, more commonly believed, and more deeply embedded in our culture, Goldberg contends. He investigates conspiracy theories regarding the Roswell UFO incident, the Communist threat, the rise of the Antichrist, the assassination of President John Kennedy, and the Jewish plot against black America, in each case taking historical, social, and political environments into account. Conspiracy theories are not merely the products of a lunatic fringe, the author shows. Rather, paranoid rhetoric and thinking are disturbingly central in America today. With media validation and dissemination of conspiracy ideas, and federal government behavior that damages public confidence and faith, the ground is fertile for conspiracy thinking. /DIV/DIV

Enemies Within

Author: Franca Iacovetta,Roberto Perin,Angelo Principe

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802082350

Category: History

Page: 429

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Enemies Within is the first study of its kind to examine not only the formulation and uneven implementation of internment policy, but the social and gender history of internment. It brings together national and international perspectives.

Enemies Within

Author: Jacqueline Foertsch

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252026379

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 239

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She considers the "false binaries" (straight/gay, patriot/traitor, healthy/infected) that promise protection from an invasive threat and the utopian impulse to purge, homogenize, and relocate problematic individuals outside the city walls."--BOOK JACKET.

Enemies Within

Author: Matt Apuzzo,Adam Goldman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476727945

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

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Reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the nation's counterterrorism measures by tracing New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's antiterrorist plan for the city, and concludes that the nation has yet to develop effective strategies.

Enemies Within

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488096074

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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HOMEGROWN TERROR Six US Army Rangers pledge allegiance to an Islamic terror group and send their manifesto straight to Washington. Their deadly demand: broadcast the declaration on all official channels, or they’ll unleash a devastating attack. Caving to the traitors is not an option. With thousands of lives at risk, the White House enlists their best hope of neutralizing this threat: The Executioner. Mack Bolan wastes no time in tracking down the deserters. But something seems off about this case. It’s not uncommon for the occasional soldier to defect, but six? Before he can unravel the conspiracy, a string of deadly strikes on civilians has him racing along the Eastern seaboard, trying to head off the worst of the carnage. The Executioner will stop at nothing to blaze a fiery path to the truth…and retribution.

Enemies Within

Author: J. S. Chapman

Publisher: Weatherly Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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ENEMIES WITHIN is the third book of the action-packed political thriller series Intercept: A Jack Coyote Thriller. If you enjoy fast-paced novels filled with intrigue and action, you’ll want to continue reading the Intercept series, where every page is filled with suspense and anticipation. After making a run for it, Jack travels to a tropical island paradise. Paradise or not, he isn’t safe anywhere. But he has a score to settle and a mission to accomplish: to track down the black ops team who set him up. His quest has taken him to Grand Cayman, a haven for hot sun, sea breezes, and money laundering. He’s walking into a trap. He knows he’s walking into a trap. But he’s compelled to find the truth, expose the culprits, and clear his name. Once a highly paid hacker, Jack traded his talents for a boring civil service job inside a secret government agency. Everything changed when he intercepted a top-secret communiqué with far-reaching implications. A treacherous plot was afloat. A plot that could subjugate the masses. Jack is the man in the middle. A man standing between a vast political conspiracy and a rogue government agency doing its bidding. A man forced to look over his back. And a man with only one way out. To expose the masterminds. Thrown against cutthroat assassins and attractive but deadly women, Jack doesn’t stand a chance of making it out alive. The odds are stacked against him. He likes the odds. Jack is in for the fight of his life. And he’s in it alone. Vindication is out there somewhere, waiting for Jack Coyote, whose blood flows with the fighting spirit of his Apache ancestors.

Enemies Within

Author: María Sierra

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443886351

Category: History

Page: 235

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Can citizenship rights be denied to significant groups in a society that regards itself as civilized and self-governing? Is it possible to exclude such people in the name of freedom and reason? Is it plausible to explain classifications that differentiate between first- and second-class citizens as “natural”? This is the paradox inherent in modern politics, born of the revolutions that ended the Ancien Régime in the western world. Throughout the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth, liberalism inspired a representative form of government that appealed to citizenship, yet marginalized many social groups, including natives, women, immigrants, workers, slaves and nomads. In the Hispanic dimension of the Atlantic world that this book deals with, modern politics was based on exclusions explained as natural and necessary. In both Europe and America, a distinction was made between the responsible citizen and those “others” in society, potential “enemies within”, who had to be controlled and supervised. This book explains the success of this political operation by analysing the historical construction of figures of alterity that were fundamental to the definition of national civic identities. Its basic premise is that imaginaries that were constructed in the nineteenth century can be found even today in western political conceptions. The cultural complexity of enduring political images is revealed by exploring the inner workings of virtuous figures in relation to their opposites: readers will find the mosaic of representations of civic alterity both recognisable and surprising. The contributors to this volume provide historical perspectives on the debate on political legitimacy in open societies. Reinventing democracies involves understanding the historicity of inherited formulae of governance and considering them, therefore, as amenable to improvement. The readiness to do this is not a threat to democracy but, rather, a commitment to looking for it.

Confronting the Enemies Within

Author: Billy Graham

Publisher: HarperChristian Resources

ISBN: 1418584592

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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There was once a time when the world was perfect. Then sin happened in Paradise, and life has never been the same. We all are affected by sin. Because of sin, we are our own worst enemies. Confronting the Enemies Within teaches us to trust God in everything. If we cultivate God's character in our lives, we can develop a strong relationship with Him that gives us the power to wage war against sin and temptation. The Journey Study Series is based on Billy Graham's best-selling book The Journey, the culmination of a lifetime of spiritual insight and ministry experience. Each chapter explores the joys, triumphs, and conflicts we all encounter on our journey through life. Use for self-study or shared experiences in small groups six weeks of lessons sidebars offer a scriptural journey through God's word Questions for starting group discussions Insight-filled Scripture passages to study Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions, commentary, Scriptures, and insights to help you on life's journey. Each lesson teaches the secret of walking with God on life's path. Understanding God's truths will make life's journey easier and let Him fulfill His promise to lead you home.

Enemies Within the Gates?

Author: William J. Chase

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300133196

Category: Political Science

Page: 514

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This compelling work of documentary history tells a story of idealism betrayed, a story of how the Comintern (Communist International), an organization established by Lenin in 1919 to direct and assist revolutionary movements throughout the world, participated in, and was ultimately destroyed, by the Stalinist repression in the late 1930s. Presenting and drawing on recently declassified archival documents, William J. Chase analyses the Comintern's roles as agent, instrument, and victim of terror. In both principle and practice, the Comintern was an international organization, with a staff that consisted primarily of Communist emigres who had fled dictatorial regimes in Europe and Asia. It was, however, headquartered in Moscow and controlled by Soviet leaders. This book examines the rise of suspicions and xenophobia among Soviet and Comintern leaders and cadres for whom many foreigners were no longer the heroes of the class struggle but rather possible enemy agents. Some Comintern members internalised and acted on Stalin's theories about the infiltration of foreign spies into Soviet society, supplying the Soviet police with information that led to the exile or execution of emigres. Thousands of other emigres also became victims of the purges. Together the text and documents of this book convey graphically the essential roles played by the Comintern, providing a unique perspective on the era of Stalinist repression and terror.