Author: Lorae Parry

Publisher: Victoria University Press

ISBN: 0864737785

Category: Drama

Page: 88

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Set in 1916 and the present, EUGENIA tells the story of Eugenia Martelli, an Italian immigrant at the beginning of the century, who lives as a man and marries a woman without revealing her true gender. Eugenia is a charmer, a con artist, a womaniser and an outsider, who lives life on a dangerous edge. Eugenia is arrested - but is she a cold-blooded criminal or has she been put on trial as a gender offender?


Author: Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais,Talia Felix

Publisher: Talia Felix

ISBN: 146106192X


Page: 132

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In Eugenia, the title character is a Welsh girl of good birth who believes herself to be married to a wealthy young Earl. In fact, the Earl has deliberately misled her and knowingly had arranged a fraudulent wedding ceremony; their union is invalid, but Eugenia is already pregnant, and the Earl is only days away from a legitimate marriage to another woman. Even Eugenia does not know his secret, but with his new wedding fast approaching, he cannot keep his shameful behavior hidden much longer. Will he give in to his true love for Eugenia and save her from a life of indignity, or will he follow the wishes of others and marry according to his own family's demands? Duels, disownments and near-death experiences abound in this famous play of the 18th century.The play Eugénie (as it's called in French) premiered in Paris in 1767 and had "acquired acclaim for itself before it had even graced the stage." It was the first feature play of author Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, who already was well known for his literary accomplishments; he'd gotten his start arguing his rights to a patent through publicly published letters, and had made a splash internationally with his account of his adventures in Spain while he was attempting to force an unfaithful lover of his sister's to do right by her; this story was adapted into a play in his own lifetime, by none other than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Beaumarchais had written some theater as well, but prior to Eugénie all of his scripts had either been rejected by the theaters, or else were simple one-act comedies (parades) intended for performance at private functions. Eugénie was his first serious play, but it was a success. The genre is known now as drame bourgeois, and was seen at the time as a halfway point between comedy and tragedy. William Howarth, in this book Beaumarchais and the Theater, indicates that the playwright had originally set his story in Brittany, and developed the English setting at a later point for uncertain reasons - perhaps to play off the mood of fashionable sentimental English stories such as those by Samuel Richardson, which were extremely popular at the time. The new setting did, however, create some problems: as Englishwoman Elizabeth Griffiths wrote in the introduction to her contemporary adaptation The School for Rakes, she found Beaumarchais had "unluckily adopted Spanish manners" for his English characters and did not demonstrate a familiarity with local laws and customs, and in her case she realized the troubles caused by the cultural mismatch to be so numerous that she had to resort to merely adapting the play rather than translating. To my knowledge, this book which you hold in your hands is the first ever direct English translation of Eugénie to have seen print. After the initial premier, Eugénie was extremely well-received, and even moreso after Beaumarchais made some cuts to the play's copious running time (which changes were reflected in the printed editions.) It found itself being one of the first plays known to be performed in New Orleans in the French colony of Louisiana, and early printings of The Barber of Seville were always certain to announce on the title page that the play was "from the author of Eugénie."


Author: Valdeir D. Del Cont

Publisher: Clube de Autores (managed)

ISBN: 655392001X


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Author: Mark Tedeschi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1922052329

Category: True Crime

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This is the true crime account of Eugenia Falleni, a woman who in 1920 was charged with the murder of her wife. Eugenia had lived in Australia for twenty-two years as a man and during that time officially married twice. She lived a full married life with her first wife, Annie, for four years before Annie realised that her husband was a woman. Even after Annie knew, they lived together for eight months before they went on a bush picnic, when Annie mysteriously died. Her body was not identified for almost three years, and during this time Eugenia married again, this time to Lizzie. When Eugenia was finally arrested and charged with Annie's murder, the police attempted to tell Lizzie that her husband was a woman. She laughed at them - she was so convinced that her husband was a man that she thought she was pregnant to him. This is the story of one of the most extraordinary criminal trials in legal history anywhere in the world. The book traces Eugenia's history: from her early years in an Italian immigrant family in New Zealand, to her brutal treatment when she first tried living as a man. The story then follows the twenty-two years that she lived in Sydney as Harry Crawford - exploring how Harry managed to convince two wives that he was a man. The trial of Eugenia Falleni for Annie's murder is extensively analysed in a clear and easily understood way by the author, Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC, one of Australia's foremost criminal law barristers.


Author: Virginia Scarpelos

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434988295

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 136

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This story can be read by all ages ⿿ from 13 to 113. It is a small example of Christian traditions with which readers will identify. This life is a big wonder, and to a believer, everything comes easier in our day-to-day lives. This story in this book will make it clear how someone can find inside happiness, even in the smallest situations in life, and be ready for everything or anything this life to dishes out. Anyone can walk tall with the Christian faith. It is a must to a believer to be a church-goer, but it is not what we do just on Sundays but what we do on Mondays and so on.



Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491740191

Category: Fiction

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Eugenia Corais—known as Jenny—is a brilliant intellectual who aspires to transform her Columbia University activism into a media crusade. After she crosses paths with Dietrich Neuendorf, a charismatic, unyielding German human rights attorney haunted by his secret family past, they quickly fall in love. Meanwhile, eight thousand miles away, in Southern Africa, Rhodesian white settlers break away from the British Commonwealth and are surrounded by hostile Africans demanding immediate independence. The UN imposes an embargo on the former colony, while the hardline Rhodesian regime declares a state of emergency. As violence in the country intensifies, Dietrich is offered a job there to investigate civil rights violations, and a few weeks later, Jenny flies to Africa to join him. Together, they begin a dangerous journey in a tumultuous country on the brink of war. When Jenny meets an armaments contractor, an unscrupulous man of immense power and oppressive colonial military background, she will encounter a shadow government operating behind the mainstream political smokescreen. She will also discover a dark side she never knew existed – her own. Jenny’s personal saga unfolds on a historical canvas that spans from cabaret Berlin and wartime Europe to the American Civil Rights era, the anti-Vietnam War protests, and the explosive final days of colonial Africa. EUGENIA: Destiny and Choice charts a quest for human awareness and social conscience in a political dystopia. The epic narrative follows three compelling characters tested by love and promiscuity, moral conflicts and momentous circumstances.

Eugenia and Adelaide, A Novel

Author: Anna M Fitzer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429620217

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 124

View: 1938

Frances Sheridan’s Eugenia and Adelaide is an astonishing first novel of parental tyranny, infidelity, kidnap, blackmail, and violence played out over two volumes against the backdrop of continental Europe. The friendship of Eugenia and Adelaide endures in spite of their separation at the beginning of the novel and remains central to a complex yet coherently drawn web of intriguing tales situated in palatial apartments and remote moss-covered castles. Drawing upon the tragic and comic possibilities of disguise familiar to her from Shakespearean and Restoration drama, and influenced by the romantic entanglements of early prose fiction, Sheridan adopts a sometimes satirical approach to extraordinary events at the same time that she demonstrates a sincere and convincing commitment to the ingenious art of storytelling. Sheridan completed the novel in 1739 when she was just fifteen-years old and Eugenia and Adelaide would prove instrumental to the establishing of Sheridan’s literary reputation as one of the most successful novelists and dramatists of the mid-eighteenth century. This is the first modern edition of Eugenia and Adelaide to be published since the original posthumous publication of 1791 and presents a unique opportunity to explore Sheridan’s contribution to our current understandings of the history of women’s writing, and of reading tastes and practices in the long eighteenth century.

Eugenia, science genius

Author: Karla Barboza

Publisher: Mi Club de Cuentos


Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? Eugenia does! She dreams about being a scientist when she grows up and revolutionizes the world with her inventions. Of course, she knows to achieve this requires a lot of effort and practice, and that’s why she spends her evenings in her secret lab working on new inventions and projects. She always has an attentive audience, three dolls that are her best friends and that sometimes are her guinea pigs for the multiple experiments she does. And when school opens up registration for the science fair, Eugenia can’t wait to participate in it and create and invention that will marvel everyone. Will she be able to achieve this? Read Eugenia, science genius and find out!

Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Publisher: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 0763697060

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

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What will it take for a cynical older sister to realize she’s a born accordion player — with music in her heart? Eugenia Lincoln is a practical person with no time for gee-gaws, whoop-de-whoops, or frivolity. When an unexpected package containing an accordion arrives at her house, she is determined to have nothing to do with it. But her plans to sell the accordion, destroy the accordion, or give the accordion away all end in frustration. How can Eugenia stop being tormented by this troublesome package — and could she discover that a bit of unforeseen frivolity might actually be surprisingly . . . joyous?