Exactly Solvable Models of Strongly Correlated Electrons

Author: Vladimir E. Korepin,Fabian H. L. Essler

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789810215347

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 490

View: 6995

Systems of strongly correlated electrons are at the heart of recent developments in condensed matter theory. They have applications to phenomena like high-c superconductivity and the fractional quantum hall effect. Analytical solutions to such models, though mainly limited to one spatial dimension, provide a complete and unambiguous picture of the dynamics involved. This volume is devoted to such solutions obtained using the Bethe Ansatz, and concentrates on the most important of such models, the Hubbard model. The reprints are complemented by reviews at the start of each chapter and an extensive bibliography.

Quasi-Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics

Author: A.G Ushveridze

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351420321

Category: Science

Page: 480

View: 3714

Exactly solvable models, that is, models with explicitly and completely diagonalizable Hamiltonians are too few in number and insufficiently diverse to meet the requirements of modern quantum physics. Quasi-exactly solvable (QES) models (whose Hamiltonians admit an explicit diagonalization only for some limited segments of the spectrum) provide a practical way forward. Although QES models are a recent discovery, the results are already numerous. Collecting the results of QES models in a unified and accessible form, Quasi-Exactly Solvable Models in Quantum Mechanics provides an invaluable resource for physicists using quantum mechanics and applied mathematicians dealing with linear differential equations. By generalizing from one-dimensional QES models, the expert author constructs the general theory of QES problems in quantum mechanics. He describes the connections between QES models and completely integrable theories of magnetic chains, determines the spectra of QES Schrödinger equations using the Bethe-Iansatz solution of the Gaudin model, discusses hidden symmetry properties of QES Hamiltonians, and explains various Lie algebraic and analytic approaches to the problem of quasi-exact solubility in quantum mechanics. Because the applications of QES models are very wide, such as, for investigating non-perturbative phenomena or as a good approximation to exactly non-solvable problems, researchers in quantum mechanics-related fields cannot afford to be unaware of the possibilities of QES models.

Exactly 4Pm

Author: Louis Kiss

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468917552

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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The President with a wandering eye, and the First Lady who keeps him in line are kidnapped during the sheik's daughter's wedding on a private Caribbean Island. The President sneaks a text message to the NAVY that terrorists are going to blow up the Los Angeles Airport. Can the Navy SEALs and four bikini-clad snipers triumph over the terrorists, an unfriendly ally, and a fast approaching hurricane to save the President of the United States and save the Los Angeles Airport from being blown up? The adventurous, 46 years old, playboy President and the emancipated vixen, First Lady, attend the daughter's island wedding of powerful ally, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Al-Tigress. They and other foreign dignitaries are kidnapped by the ruthless Sheikh Komair. The President sneaks a text message to Rear Admiral Redwood that the Los Angeles airport will be blown up when his cell phone is confiscated and smashed. The rear admiral utilizes his staff, Navy SEALs, and four bikini-wearing female sharpshooting sailors – Nikka, Emily, Cheryl, and Yanina to conduct the unorthodox rescue on the island overrun by terrorist. Hurricane winds add to the drama of the rescue. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, terrorist dressed as taxi drivers lose communication with Sheikh Komair. They proceed as planned in an attempt to outwit the police and blow up the airport. In non-stop action, with unplanned obstacles, the President, First Lady, the dignitaries, and the Los Angeles Airport are saved.

My Thoughts Exactly

Author: Arthur G. Typermass

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462823351

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 7452

Why are parking lots the most dangerous places in America? What are the hardest packages to open? Do inanimate objects have a life? Can they talk to one another? What is the real purpose of those high walls along the interstate? These, and other daunting questions of our time will be answered definitively in this lively and witty collection of essays and stories. Along the way, we will travel alongside a band of latter-day civil disobedients as they strive for a strange justice, and empathize with a struggling artist as he seeks an unconventional pathway toward recognition. In another tale, a chance encounter on a snowy night in west Texas reveals what really went down the day the music died. The author also revisits simpler times, recalling a quiz show jackpot gone awry, a cherished world series played long ago, and the remembrance of cars past. More fanciful diversions include the writers presentation on his own Presidential campaign, a piece on why everyone is badly attired in a land of plenty, and the ongoing challenges everyman faces today in coping with advancing technology. A true Renaissance-Man writer, Typermass visits a wide array of subject matter in a book that captures one mans take on popular culture.

Exactly Where to Start

Author: Phil M. Jones

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119484669

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

View: 2438

Get out of your own way and bring your ideas to life! Exactly Where to Start is a playbook for everyone with a great idea, everyone with a goal in mind, and everyone with a specific destination but no journey. We’ve been told all our lives that “good things come to those who wait”—but that’s a myth. Good things come to those who do. Too often, we get stuck in the “getting ready” stage: research, analysis, brainstorming, and more research; we feel like we need to know everything there is to know about what we want to do before we ever take the first steps. Meanwhile, the people who actually go out and do the thing are taking risks, learning lessons, and making strides toward their goals every single day. Isn’t it time you joined them? This book coaches you through the journey with precise, actionable steps that help you take that all-important first leap and keep the momentum going. Discard the distractions, break through the overwhelm, and get going for real with this real-world blueprint for turning your vision into reality. Snap yourself out of “analysis paralysis” Stop thinking you need to know everything before you even begin Make those big decisions and focus in on your goals Chart your journey’s path, and get up and get started today Many of us have fallen into a trap: we no longer believe that “anything is possible”, yet we are surrounded by proof that everything is possible! But we are distracted, harried, overwhelmed, and maybe a little intimidated. Our dreams remain forever in limbo, and we may go to our graves before we venture beyond the “planning stage”. Don’t let that happen—don’t you deserve to realize your goals? Exactly Where to Start gives you the kick in the pants and the practical plan you need to stand up, step up, and make it happen.

Almost Exactly Like This

Author: Alison Brown

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 132698778X

Category: Poetry

Page: 34

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A collection of four poems which explore childhood memories and grown up anxieties. The collection begins with 'Hopefully' which takes a wry look at the way we treat each other and how difficult it is to see ourselves as others might. 'Identity Theft' takes a light hearted look at an identity issue many of us face at work. 'Two' explores the way children and adults relate to their pets and how our childhood memories stay with us into adulthood and help to shape the way we experience the world. 'Almost Everything' examines loss and grief.

D.O.A. - Not Exactly

Author: J. Madison Henard

Publisher: BookCountry

ISBN: 146300608X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 168

View: 7463

Meet Hayden Harrison as he is transformed from his Near Death Experience to the Angelic realm where he is assigned as a Shadow Manager providing oversight to the Guardian Angels of the unseen world. Journey through the different situations that Hayden and Lead Guardian Angel 72 find themselves associated with in the Angelic realm, which at times involves interaction with demons. Note how the Guardian Angels use Biblical references to provide insight and reasoning into their actions.

Exactly Solved Models

Author: Fa Yueh Wu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812813896

Category: Electronic books

Page: 660

View: 1714

This unique volume provides a comprehensive overview of exactly solved models in statistical mechanics by looking at the scientific achievements of F Y Wu in this and related fields, which span four decades of his career. The book is organized into topics ranging from lattice models in condensed matter physics to graph theory in mathematics, and includes the author's pioneering contributions. Through insightful commentaries, the author presents an overview of each of the topics and an insider's look at how crucial developments emerged. With the inclusion of important pedagogical review articles by the author, Exactly Solved Models is an indispensable learning tool for graduate students, and an essential reference and source book for researchers in physics and mathematics as well as historians of science.