Extreme Prejudice

Author: James A. Ellison

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 1479612774

Category: Fiction

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Returning home to bury his murdered mom and dad, Chad Johnson gets caught up in the effort to learn who could want to kill his loving, Christian parents. What is the significance of the brochure advertising a prophecy seminar found in his dead father's hand? Why had his parents left the church of his childhood for a strange, new congregation? Was it a cult? Or an honest, Bible-believing denomination? With so many questions to answer, Chad needs a friend to lean on, and Diana Cross is more than happy to fill that role. Gradually, after being pulled in two directions by his childhood church on one side, and the Holy Spirit through the pastor and people from his folks' new church on the other, Chad comes to understand new Bible truths. He learns about the Sabbath, the state of the dead, and the momentous LAST BATTLE on earth's horizon that ends in the very soon coming of Jesus. Mr. Ellison weaves an intriguing, compelling story of end times through the lives of a rich cast of characters who must study the Bible and use their faith to navigate their way through the LAST DAYS of the world as we know it. The only thing that keeps them going is knowing what waits for them on the other side of the apocalypse.

Extreme Prejudice

Author: Gordon Bickerstaff

Publisher: Gordon Bickerstaff


Category: Fiction

Page: 417

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A foreign embassy official warns the UK government of a bomb attack on London. Zoe Tampsin’s Lambeth Group team is launched into a race against time to find the terrorists. As Zoe unpicks the details, she suspects the informant didn’t tell her the whole story. With time running out, her team chase a promising lead only to have it wrenched from their grasp. Either the bombers were incredibly lucky, or they received a tip-off. One of her team infiltrates the bombers. She discovers the attack has started, and her colleague Gavin Shawlens is missing, presumed killed by the terrorists. While searching for Gavin, a massive disaster unfolds. Can Zoe stop colossal loss of life in a small community and prevent the collapse of a key pillar of society?

Extreme Prejudice

Author: Dharma Kelleher

Publisher: Dark Pariah Press

ISBN: 0979173043

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Enjoy this gritty action crime thriller series from groundbreaking queer author Dharma Kelleher. To stop a terrorist plot, she must track down the FBI’s Most Wanted. Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hot on the heels of a fugitive murderer involved with a militant organization stoking the fires of prejudice and violence in Phoenix, Arizona. While zeroing in on her target, she comes face-to-face with her darkest memory—the man who tried to kill her at her high school graduation and who is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Jinx and her team utilize all of their resources to bring both men into custody. As the city erupts in bigotry and bloodshed, Jinx discovers she must choose between seeking justice and saving lives. Will her decision cost her the one thing she holds most dear? Extreme Prejudice is the second thriller in the Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter crime fiction series, although all books in the Jinx Ballou world can be read as standalones. This white-knuckle roller coaster ride will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours. Curl up with your copy of Extreme Prejudice today and join Jinx as she and her team track down the FBI’s Most Wanted in hopes of foiling a terrorist plot. Enjoy! “Dharma Kelleher has created one of the most unique characters in crime fiction. Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is a creation of contrasting parts. She’s tough but compassionate, profane but sensitive, butch but feminine–and there’s no dark alley she won’t walk down.”—Renee James, author of the Bobbi Logan mystery series “Jinx Ballou is the best thing to happen to crime fiction since V. I. Warshawski.”—Greg Barth, author of the Selena thriller series “Kelleher’s intriguing character Jinx Ballou, a bounty hunter who operates in the gritty world of the criminals she hunts, is tough, yet vulnerable.”—Catherine Maiorisi, The Chiara Corelli Mystery Series

Extreme Prejudice

Author: Patrick Hale

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365516571

Category: Fiction

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Someone unknown to Jake and Morgan targeted them for death. They use every bit of knowledge and expertise they have in order to stay alive long enough to learn who is trying to killing him. They do whatever they need to in order to stay out of harm’s way. More and more information is carefully gathered, assembled, and analyzed. The person or persons behind the latest attempts on their lives emerge from the shadows. The results are startling and prove just how much the nation needs to do if it is to survive and flourish once again. The outcome of their fight for survival is beyond their control. International events sweep them along as they work desperately to bring to justice those responsible for the latest attempts on their lives.

Extreme Prejudice

Author: Stellen Qxz

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1387214098


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Extreme Prejudice

Author: L. A. Graf

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780671795702

Category: Fiction

Page: 279

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On a business trip to Pittsburgh, detective Matthew Sikes and his Newcomer partner, George Francisco, stumble on what appears to be an unusual homicide. It isn't long before the case leads them to a frightening world of abuse and violence that set in motion the series of horrifying murders born of an unremiting hate-- murders that target only the innocent. With bodies piling up and time running out, Sikes and Francisco must race against the clock to stop the killing-- and face a terrifying monster from beyond the stars!

The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

Author: William Safire

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416587403

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

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For the past twenty-five years Americans have relied on Pulitzer Prize-winning wordsmith William Safire for their weekly dose of linguistic illumination in The New York Times Magazine's column "On Language" -- one of the most popular features of the magazine and a Sunday-morning staple for innumerable fans. He is the most widely read writer on the English language today. Safire is the guru of contemporary vocabulary, speech, language, usage and writing. Dedicated and disputatious readers itch to pick up each column and respond to the week's linguistic wisdom with a gotcha letter to the Times. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time marks the publication of Safire's sixteenth book on language. This collection is a classic to be read, re-read, enjoyed and fought over. Fans, critics and fellow linguists wait with bated (from the French abattre "to beat down") breath for each new anthology -- and, like its predecessors, this one is bound to satisfy and delight. Safire finds fodder for his columns in politics and current events, as well as in science, technology, entertainment and daily life. The self-proclaimed card-carrying language maven and pop grammarian is not above tackling his own linguistic blunders as he detects language trends and tracks words, phrases and clichés to their source. Scholarly, entertaining and thoughtful, Safire's critical observations about language and slanguage are at once provocative and enlightening. Safire is America's go-to guy when it comes to language, and he has included sharp and passionately opinionated letters from readers across the English-speaking world who have been unable to resist picking up a pen to put the maven himself in his place or to offer alternate interpretations, additional examples, amusing anecdotes or just props. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time is a fascinating, learned and piquant look at the oddities and foibles that find their way into the English language. Exposing linguistic hooey and rigamarole and filled with Safire's trademark wisdom, this book has a place on the desk or bedside table of all who share his profound love of the English language -- as well as his penchant for asking "What does that mean?" Or, "Wassat?" This new collection is sure to delight readers, writers and word lovers everywhere and spark the interest of anyone who has ever wondered, "Where did the phrase 'brazen hussy' come from?"

T&T Clark Social Identity Commentary on the New Testament

Author: J. Brian Tucker,Aaron Kuecker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0567667855

Category: Religion

Page: 640

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The T & T Clark Social Identity Commentary on the New Testament is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive Bible resource that highlights the way the NT seeks to form the social identity of the members of the earliest Christ-movement. By drawing on the interpretive resources of social-scientific theories-especially those related to the formation of identity-interpreters generate new questions that open fruitful identity-related avenues into the text. It provides helpful introductions to each NT book that focus on various social dimensions of the text as well as a commentary structure that illuminates the text as a work of social influence. The commentary offers methodologically informed discussions of difficult and disputed passages and highlights cultural contexts in theoretically informed ways-drawing on resources from social anthropology, historical sociology, or social identity theory. The innovative but careful scholarship of these writers, most of whom have published monographs on some aspect of social identity within the New Testament, brings to the fore often overlooked social and communal aspects inherent in the NT discourse. The net result is a more concrete articulation of some of the every-day lived experiences of members of the Christ-movement within the Roman Empire, while also offering further insight into the relationship between existing and new identities that produced diverse expressions of the Christ-movement during the first century. The SICNT shows that identity-formation is at the heart of the NT and it offers insights for leaders of faith communities addressing these issues in contemporary contexts.

President Nixon

Author: Richard Reeves

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743227190

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 704

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PRESIDENT NIXON shows a man alone in a White House ruled by secrets and lies, trying to impose old values at home and new balances of power everywhere in the world. Reeves proves that the Watergate scandal was no abberation in an administration foreshadowed by a series of successful uses of 'national security' to cover coups, burglaries, lies, the abandonment of America's allies - and even murder. Reeves portrays a man of vision and iron will who created, used and was used by a small cast of hard, ambitious men who formed a poisonous circle around their insecure leader. Alone, Nixon challenged and changed the world's political and military balance while also plotting to destroy both the Democratic and Republican parties in an attempt to create secretly a new party of the centre. This account of Nixon's stewardship will stand as the balanced, authoratative portrait of an astonishng president and his ruined presidency.

Peer Prejudice and Discrimination

Author: Harold D. Fishbein

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135651086

Category: Psychology

Page: 352

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This award-winning book provides an analysis of the genetic/evolutionary, cultural/historical, and developmental aspects of prejudice and discrimination. It emphasizes how certain genetic/evolutionary mechanisms are utilized to both produce and prevent prejudice and discrimination from occurring or to modify these behaviors once established. The goals of the book are to help us understand the limitations of interventions and increase tolerance and acceptance of outsiders. Peer Prejudice and Discrimination, Second Edition is ideal for advanced-level courses on prejudice and/or discrimination taught in departments of psychology, education, and sociology, as well as a valuable addition to any serious scholars personal library.