Facing the Other Way: The Story of 4AD

Author: Martin Aston

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007522010

Category: Music

Page: 650

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The first official account of the iconic record label.

The Spartan Way

Author: Nic Fields

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 1783830492

Category: History

Page: 208

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For a period of some 200 years, Sparta was acknowledged throughout the Greek world as the home of the finest soldiers. Xenophon called them 'the only true craftsmen in matters of war'. Nic Fields explains the reasons for this superiority, how their reputation for invincibility was earned (and deliberately manipulated) and how it was ultimately shattered. The Spartan Way examines how Spartan society, through its rigid laws and brutal educational system, was thoroughly militarized and devoted to producing warriors suited to the intense demands of hoplite warfare - professional killers inculcated with the values of unwavering obedience and a willingness to fight and die for their city. The role of Spartan women, as mothers and wives, in shaping the warrior ethic is considered, as are the role of uniform and rigorous training in enhancing the small-unit cohesion within the phalanx , and the psychological intimidation of the enemy. The final chapters chart the course of Sparta's successes through the period of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, through the Corinthian and Theban wars of the fourth century BC, which culminated with the shattering military defeats at Leuctra and 2nd Mantinea, and the years of her decline with the Spartans as a source of mercenaries for the wars of other states.

Magical Mathematics

Author: Persi Diaconis,Ron Graham

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691169772

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 264

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"Magical Mathematics reveals the secrets of amazing, fun-to-perform card tricks--and the profound mathematical ideas behind them--that will astound even the most accomplished magician. Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham provide easy, step-by-step instructions for each trick, explaining how to set up the effect and offering tips on what to say and do while performing it. Each card trick introduces a new mathematical idea, and varying the tricks in turn takes readers to the very threshold of today's mathematical knowledge. For example, the Gilbreath principle--a fantastic effect where the cards remain in control despite being shuffled--is found to share an intimate connection with the Mandelbrot set. Other card tricks link to the mathematical secrets of combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, topology, the Riemann hypothesis, and even Fermat's last theorem. Diaconis and Graham are mathematicians as well as skilled performers with decades of professional experience between them. In this book they share a wealth of conjuring lore, including some closely guarded secrets of legendary magicians. Magical Mathematics covers the mathematics of juggling and shows how the I Ching connects to the history of probability and magic tricks both old and new. It tells the stories--and reveals the best tricks--of the eccentric and brilliant inventors of mathematical magic. Magical Mathematics exposes old gambling secrets through the mathematics of shuffling cards, explains the classic street-gambling scam of three-card monte, traces the history of mathematical magic back to the thirteenth century and the oldest mathematical trick--and much more"-

Wheels, Life and Other Mathematical Amusements

Author: Martin Gardner

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 1470463628

Category: Mathematics

Page: 261

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Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games columns in Scientific American inspired and entertained several generations of mathematicians and scientists. Gardner in his crystal-clear prose illuminated corners of mathematics, especially recreational mathematics, that most people had no idea existed. His playful spirit and inquisitive nature invite the reader into an exploration of beautiful mathematical ideas along with him. These columns were both a revelation and a gift when he wrote them; no one--before Gardner--had written about mathematics like this. They continue to be a marvel. This is the original 1983 edition and contains columns published from 1970-1972. It includes three columns on the game of Life.

The Way Back

Author: Gavriel Savit

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241442524

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8888

A US National Book Award Finalist: the new fantasy novel from the author of the acclaimed crossover novel Anna and the Swallow Man. A story for fans of Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman and The Book Thief. 'As timeless as a fairy tale' - New York Times 'Steeped in the rich traditions of ghost stories and Jewish folklore, this remarkable feat of storytelling is sure to delight' - Kirkus Reviews For the Jews of Eastern Europe, demons are everywhere. Talk of them is endless. The fear they summon is real. Bluma and Yehuda Leib, two young people from the little shetl of Tupik, know mostly of demons through stories - these, and the occasional shiver down the back of their necks. Until one night when they unexpectedly encounter the Dark One - Death - an encounter which sends them spinning off on a journey in search of something they have both lost. Theirs is a journey that will change everyhting. It will take them through the cemetery of Tupik and into the Far Country, the demon land filled with the souls of the dead. It will see them make pacts with demons and declare war on Death itself. But can they possibly find their way back . . . ?

Personal Support Workers

Author: Marilyn McGreer,Pamela J. Carter

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1608311848

Category: Medical

Page: 404

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Description to come

Nursing Assistants

Author: Pamela J. Carter

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1605476366

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 6846

This comprehensive full-color student workbook contains worksheets for each chapter of Lippincott Textbook for Nursing Assistants, Third Edition. The worksheets are fully integrated with the text and offer exercises, questions, and learning activities for students.

Central Bank Of India PO Prelims Exam | IBPS CRP PO/MT XII | 1100+ Solved Questions (8 Mock Tests + 9 Sectional Tests)

Author: EduGorilla Prep Experts

Publisher: EduGorilla Community Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9355560737

Category: Education

Page: 349

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