Spotting Fakers, lies, and illusions using elementary theories about the mind

Author: Miklos Zoltan

Publisher: Clear Think Publishing

ISBN: 0991083520

Category: Self-Help

Page: 424

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Our minds are more accurate than we might think. False information is the weak spot of our marvelous minds. It does not matter how precise a computer is, if we feed it false information (wrong data) the result of its computation will be incorrect. Similarly false information is the cause of most (if not all) human error. In this age, we have access to endless uncensored and unverified data, which contains significant quantities of false information. Unlike computers, our minds are highly trained to detect and filter out most of the false information but occasionally we accept some as true. The problem with false information is that once we accept it as true, we will think with it as true. Since we accepted it, we tend not to look at it again. The good news is that it is simple to find and handle false information once we know how. Every accepted false information, false assumption, illusion, and lie we handle gets us a step closer to our true potential. Every one of these is a hidden splinter in our mind therefore handling them is very rewarding. When accepted, even the smallest amount of false information is enough to cause us a great deal of trouble. This simple but in-depth exploration reveals why we accept some of the false information and how to give our “lie detector” a permanent turbo boost. The journey starts with Fakers who use lies, illusions, and deceit to get ahead in life instead of an honest exchange. They earned the spotlight because they intentionally spread large amounts of false information. The theories presented reveal the root cause of their actions as well as how to spot and deal with them. The casual writing style and everyday examples ensure easy understanding of these seemingly involved subjects. Prior education in the related fields is not required. It’s no fun to be exploited or betrayed. Life is much more fun when we can avoid such potential trouble. In addition, the introduced theories, methods, and practices can assist in solving persistent problems related to study, business, science, and more. Learning new skills can be time consuming and challenging even without the presence of false information. The increased ability to spot the fake and the false can positively affect our progress in life.

The Nature Fakers

Author: Ralph H. Lutts

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813920818

Category: Nature

Page: 276

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Ultimately, as Ralph Lutts demonstrates in The Nature Fakers, the dialogue resulted in a new standard of accuracy for the responsible nature writer and reflected a new way of thinking about moral responsibilities to wildlife.

The Fakers

Author: Samuel G. Blythe

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 1434412539

Category: Fiction

Page: 394

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Author: Paul Maliszewski

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 245

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A cultural exploration of the practice of professional misrepresentation traces historical cases of swindling and satire through modern-world cons and Internet hoaxes, offering insight into why scam artists almost always find people to believe them and typically profit from their deceptive practices. 10,000 first printing.

The Fakers

Author: Samuel George Blythe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Washington (D.C.)

Page: 402

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Godmother Quotes of Haterology 101

Author: Heather Maria Ramirez

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 145674481X

Category: Fiction

Page: 226

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Heather Maria Ramirez is a hot selling author and she has created another masterpiece. Yes, she has done it again. This book was a true classic in the making. This book of insane truth was created for and dedicated to, the fly and the innocent peeps in the world that get hated on just like she does, and for no damn good reason at all. If you have had to deal with haters then you are going to love this hilarious book. Look inside her new book and find out why, she is the Goddess wanted in Hater County, and how she and her entourage of Inkloids caused hater tragedies and mayhem in the Hater Kingdoms, when they overturned the haters whack ass government! This book is for entertainment only and contains strong language and slang. Enjoy the uplifting poetry and stories like, The Jealousy Monster is Hungry, I Wrote Like an Egyptian, and I Am an Original Chick. Heather Maria Ramirez is without a doubt, the new queen of the writers' world. Enjoy reading the chapters by finding out how she autographed the haters' globe and tattooed their mentalities. This is an insane book of truth, so enjoy the hilarious chapters, and outrageous poetic terminology within these pages. Haters beware and read with caution, because this book may be hard on your digestive systems. This writer is already an international household name in the world of readers, so if you are a person that is unfamiliar with this artist, then now is your chance to know exactly who Heather Maria Ramirez is, and she is the Goddess of Poetic Terminology. She is a writer like no other. She is an original chica and she is denting the hearts of readers all over the world.

Preferring Justice

Author: Eric Cave

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000308006

Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

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This manuscript is about the sense of justice that limits what individuals can do in pursuit of their ends and opens them to exploitation. It shows how flawed agents choosing under partial information advance those of their ends having nothing to do with justice by maintaining such a disposition.