Fieldnotes on a Study of Young People’s Perceptions of Crime and Justice

Author: Avi Brisman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351374168

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

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This book is an ethnographic examination of the young people who serve voluntarily as judges, advocates and other court personnel at the Red Hook Youth Court (RHYC) in Brooklyn, New York—a juvenile diversion program designed to prevent the formal processing of juvenile offenders—usually first-time offenders—for low-level offenses (such as fare evasion, truancy, vandalism) within the juvenile justice system. Focusing on the nine-to-ten-week long unpaid training program that the young people undergo prior to becoming RHYC members, this book offers a detailed description of young people’s experiences learning about crime, delinquency, justice, and law. Combining moments of self-reflection and autobiographical elements into largely "uncooked" fieldnotes, the book seeks to demonstrate the hegemonic operations of a court (the Red Hook Community Justice Center (RHCJC)—a multi-jurisdictional problem-solving court and community center where the RHYC is housed), the processes in which it secures belief in formal justice and the rule of law, ensures consent to be governed, and reproduces existing social structures. An accessible and compelling read, this book will appeal to students and scholars of criminology, law, sociology, and youth justice, as well as to those undertaking ethnographic research on young people, crime and justice.

Fieldnotes on a Study of Young People's Perceptions of Crime and Justice


Publisher: Routledge Studies in Crime and Society

ISBN: 9781138552517


Page: 216

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This book offers an ethnographic examination of the young people who serve voluntarily at a juvenile diversion program and adds thick description of young people's experiences learning about crime, delinquency, justice, and law.

Idea and Methods of Legal Research

Author: P. Ishwara Bhat

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199098301

Category: Law

Page: 692

View: 5553

Legal research examines subject matter enshrouded in social circumstances in order to conceptualize theories and prepare a future course of action. This dynamic, inter-disciplinary, and labyrinthine character of legal research requires researchers to be fluid, eclectic, and analytical in their approach. Idea and Methods of Legal Research unearths how the thinking process is to be streamlined in research, how a theme is built on the basis of comprehensive and intensive study, and the paths through which notions of objectivity, feminism, ethics, and purposive character of knowledge are to be understood. The book first explains the meaning, evolution, and scope of legal research, and discusses objectivity and ethics in legal research. It engages with the requirements, advantages, and limits of various doctrinal and non-doctrinal methods and tools, and the points to be considered in selecting a suitable method or combination of methods. It highlights analytical, historical, philosophical, comparative, qualitative, and quantitative methods of legal research. The book then goes on to discuss the use of multi-method legal research, policy research, action research, and feminist legal research and finally, reflects on research-based critical legal writing, as opposed to client-related legal writing. This book, thus, is a comprehensive answer to key questions one faces in legal research.

Muslims and Crime

Author: Muzammil Quraishi

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754642336

Category: Social Science

Page: 149

View: 7741

In the aftermath of 9/11 a critical analysis of offending and victimisation by Asian Muslims is desperately required. Muslims and Crime addresses this need by means of a comparative criminological evaluation of British and Pakistani South Asian Muslims. In addition to providing a succinct review of contemporary studies in the field, Muzammil Quraishi evaluates issues of offending and victimization amongst South Asian Muslims; develops an understanding of Islamic criminal law and its influence on crime and social control by means of a comparative evaluation between Britain and Pakistan; explores the nature of Islamophobia and its impact on South Asian Muslims in Britain and Pakistan; explores the American 'Critical Race Theory' perspective within British and Pakistani contexts; and examines the construction of racial stereotypes during colonial encounters and how far these may be traced into the post-colonial social terrain.

Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology

Author: Lee Ellis,Richard D. Hartley,Anthony Walsh

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742564411

Category: Social Science

Page: 497

View: 9939

Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology is a core text for criminology and criminal justice research methods courses. It strives to offer a general foundation of knowledge that transcends particular topics or subject areas, allowing students to apply research methods and concepts to a multitude of scenarios. Even though the textbook has been written primarily for criminal justice and criminology majors, there is an underlying recognition that research methods and findings are common among all of the social sciences. This text has been designed to be user-friendly, even when dealing with some fairly complex statistical and theoretical concepts. The most critical points are clearly stated and illustrated with examples chosen to be interesting in their own right.

Police in Schools

Author: Linda Duxbury,Craig Bennell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429534132

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

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This co-authored book critically reviews existing literature on school resource officer (SRO) programs and presents a thorough evaluation of an SRO program offered by Peel Regional Police in Ontario, Canada. The implementation of a SRO program is a controversial response to school violence and safety issues. While some call for an increased use of police in schools, others are pushing to remove police from schools, or at least to end their involvement in routine discipline. Though many SRO programs exist around the world, little systematic research has been conducted on the topic. The study reported in this book represents the largest and most comprehensive assessment of such programs to date. The research by Duxbury and Bennell indicates that SRO programs can provide real value for students, school staff, policing organizations, and society, but benefits rely on having programs that are well-designed, that the right officers are selected for SRO roles, and that the initiative has support from major stakeholders. Given the current conversations regarding the costs and benefits of having police officers in schools, there is a clear need to determine the value that investment in these types of proactive policing programs creates. The book provides researchers, SROs, police agencies, school boards, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students with information about: the activities that SROs are involved in, how SROs can collaborate with schools to create safe learning environments, and whether (and how) such programs benefit the police, schools, students, and society. Easy-to-digest charts facilitate understanding, and anonymized reflections from SROs, school staff, and students are presented throughout the book to provide context.

The Handbook of Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice

Author: Ramiro Martinez, Jr.,Meghan E. Hollis,Jacob I. Stowell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119113695

Category: Social Science

Page: 584

View: 1087

This Handbook presents current and future studies on the changing dynamics of the role of immigrants and the impact of immigration, across the United States and industrialized and developing nations. It covers the changing dynamics of race, ethnicity, and immigration, and discusses how it all contributes to variations in crime, policing, and the overall justice system. Through acknowledging that some groups, especially people of color, are disproportionately influenced more than others in the case of criminal justice reactions, the “War on Drugs”, and hate crimes; this Handbook introduces the importance of studying race and crime so as to better understand it. It does so by recommending that researchers concentrate on ethnic diversity in a national and international context in order to broaden their demographic and expand their understanding of how to attain global change. Featuring contributions from top experts in the field, The Handbook of Race and Crime is presented in five sections—An Overview of Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice; Theoretical Perspectives on Race and Crime; Race, Gender, and the Justice System; Gender and Crime; and Race, Gender and Comparative Criminology. Each section of the book addresses a key area of research, summarizes findings or shortcomings whenever possible, and provides new results relevant to race/crime and justice. Every contribution is written by a top expert in the field and based on the latest research. With a sharp focus on contemporary race, ethnicity, crime, and justice studies, The Handbook of Race and Crime is the ideal reference for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars interested in the disciplines such as Criminology, Race and Ethnicity, Race and the Justice System, and the Sociology of Race.

Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology

Author: Michael G. Maxfield,Earl R. Babbie

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337517119

Category: Education

Page: 496

View: 9994

Featuring real-world examples throughout and comprehensive coverage of quantitative and qualitative methods, the market-leading RESEARCH METHODS FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND CRIMINOLOGY combines the scholarship, accuracy, and conversational tone of Earl Babbie's best-selling THE PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH with Mike Maxfield's expertise in criminology and criminal justice. Providing the most comprehensive, authoritative introduction to criminal justice research available today -- and enhanced by new examples, research, applications, and built-in study tools -- the eighth edition continues its focus on getting students to DO research. Updates include the latest techniques and technologies for sampling and surveys as well as current methods in content analysis and secondary data analysis. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Women Policing across the Globe

Author: Cara Rabe-Hemp,Venessa Garcia

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1538116138

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 2434

Women Policing across the Globe provides a cross-cultural comparison of the integration of women in policing across the globe, paying special attention to the unique contributions that women make to the field, along with the shared challenges and resistance they face. Individual chapters within the book provide students with a snapshot of the status of women in modern police agencies in the countries of the United States, Kuwait, China, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan. However, shared issues and successes of women police in many more countries worldwide are discussed throughout the entire book. This book allows students to explore the different origins of entry, specialized roles, their experiences of resistance, and effects of historical events that have shaped the experiences of modern women police from across the world. The authors discuss the new gains women are making, despite the obstacles they face, and ways they are transforming how policing is done every day. And, finally, this book closes with collective issues and successes faced by women police worldwide.