The Jewish Derrida

Author: Gideon Ofrat

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815606840

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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A fresh look at the influential French philosopher Jacques Derrida...

My Road of Life

Author: Sabir Rustamkhanli

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481791826

Category: Fiction

Page: 412

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"My Road of Life" is his last work written during the Soviet rule. This book treasures love; love of everyone, love to motherland, history, culture. The book speaks out for the whole Azerbaijani people expressing its benevolent nature and good will. The 90s of the last century marked Azerbaijan's history with independence from the Soviet regime and greatly contributed to introduce "My Road of Life" as one of the cult books of those times, spreading thoughts and spirit of liberty, independence, nation's self-governance. Fighters for independence used to came to The Liberty Square in Baku with this book in their hands to demand the end of the authoritarian Soviet dominance. The book encouraged the young generation of those times to rise and wage the just struggle for future and signaled the complete destruction of the humiliating Soviet dictatorship. Today "My Road of Life" is a versed relic echoing the ardent freedom-loving spirit of the Azerbaijani people on their long way to hard-fought victory.

A Beginner's Guide to the Steinsaltz Talmud

Author: Judith Z. Abrams

Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated

ISBN: 146173410X

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 3683

In A Beginner's Guide to The Steinsaltz Talmud, Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams selects a fascinating and provocative section from the Talmud and helps students to reap the vast rewards that can be achieved when one encounters Rabbi Steinsaltz's historic, ground-breaking work. With the publication of The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, it is now possible for the modern reader to study Judaism's great compendium of Jewish law and legend for the first time. The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition is more than just a translation. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz becomes our personal instructor, guiding us through the intricate paths of talmudic logic and thought.

The Navajo Hunter Tradition

Author: Karl W. Luckert

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816538972

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 9509

A new approach to the study of myths relating to the origin of the Navajos. Based on extensive fieldwork and research, including Navajo hunter informants and unpublished manuscripts of Father Berard Haile. Part 1: The Navajo Tradition, Perspectives and History Part II: Navajo Hunter Mythology A Collection of Texts Part III: The Navajo Hunter Tradition: An Interpretation

Iphigenias at Aulis

Author: Sean Alexander Gurd

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801443299

Category: Drama

Page: 188

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How should a literary scholar approach a text characterized not by stability but by variation and flux? This book offers a radical new perspective on the limits--and the accomplishments--of the modern traditions of textual criticism in classics.Sean Alexander Gurd takes as his starting point the case of a single Greek tragedy by Euripides, one of his last. According to ancient accounts, the Iphigenia at Aulis was produced at the city Dionysia, the great festival of Athenian tragedy, sometime after Euripides died (between 407 and 405 BCE). Whether the text performed then was entirely the work of Euripides, and whether the version that appears in the manuscripts reflects either that performance or its defunct author's design, are unknown. But since the mid-eighteenth-century the mysteries and conflicting evidence concerning Iphigenia at Aulis have given rise to an array of different attempts to reconstruct the original, and every generation has seen a version of the play that is radically different from those that came before. Gurd pioneers a literary philology comfortable with this textual multiplicity, capable of reading Iphigenias at Aulis in the plural.Regarding the dossier of successive editions of Iphigenia at Aulis as a symbol for the condition of modern textual reason, Gurd shows lovers of classical literature exactly how contingent the texts they read really are.

A Friend Among the Senecas

Author: David Swatzler,Henry Simmons

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811706711

Category: History

Page: 319

View: 2918

This account of a 1799 Quaker mission to a Seneca village is based on the journal of Henry Simmons and offers a captivating look at the lifestyles of both groups and their interactions.