Five Years, Four Fronts

Author: Georg Grossjohann

Publisher: Presidio Press

ISBN: 0345476107

Category: History

Page: 306

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After Hitler’s invasions of Poland and France came the Russian Front–and that’s when the real war started. An infantryman who rose from the enlisted ranks to regimental command in combat, Georg Grossjohann fought on four different fronts during World War II, but saw most of his fighting–from 1941 to 1944–against Russians in the Soviet Union and Romania. He provides shattering glimpses of the horror and chaos of the war, as well as profound insights into everyday life in the Wehrmacht. Five Years, Four Fronts chronicles the combat experiences of Grossjohann and his men as they triumphantly roll across Poland, France, and the sunny steppes of the Ukraine, only to ultimately sustain grinding defeats in the endless, freezing plains of the Soviet Union and the grim, dark Vosges Mountains of France. Grossjohann was a soldier’s soldier, respected by his men, undaunted by his superiors, and, as can be observed in this raw, brutally honest account, not afraid to call the shots as he saw them.

Operation Dragoon

Author: Robin Cross

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1643131028

Category: History

Page: 400

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Forgotten Victory is the story of “Operation Dragoon,” the Allied invasion of the South of France on August 15, 1944. It was, in effect, the second D-Day, launched two months after “Overlord,” the Allied invasion of Normandy. As such, it has often been overshadowed by its predecessor, but it significance cannot be underestimated. Forgotten Victory provides for the first time a complete overview of the liberation of the South of France—from strategic decisions made from the Allied and German high commands to the intelligence war waged by Allied code-breakers; from the German defeat of French resistance forces on the Vergers to the exploits of individual OSS agents on the ground as they strove to keep pace with a fast-moving battlefield. This is the story of the Allies inflicting on the Germany Army a Blitzkrieg-style defeat, expunging the lingering memories of the catastrophe of 1940.

The Riviera at War

Author: George G. Kundahl

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1786722003

Category: History

Page: 456

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During World War II three distinct forces opposed the Allies - Germany, Italy, and Japan. Few areas of the world experienced domination by more than a single one of these, but southeastern France – the region popularly known as the Riviera or Cote d'Azur - was one. Not only did inhabitants suffer through Italian Fascism and German Nazism but also under a third hardship at times even more oppressive - the rule of Vichy France. Following a nine-month prelude, the reality of World War II burst onto the Riviera in June 1940 when the region had to defend itself against the Italian army and ended in April 1945 with a battle against German and Italian forces in April 1945, a period longer than any other part of France. In this book, George G. Kundahl tells for the first time the full story of World War II on the French Riviera. Featuring previously unseen sources and photographs, this will be essential reading for anyone interested in wartime France.

First to the Rhine

Author: Mark Stout, Harry Yeide

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781616739652

Category: History

Page: 440

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This is the story of the Allied forces--the U.S. 6th Army Group and French 1st Army--that landed in southern France on August 15th, 1944. The book follows the action from the French beaches to the Vosges Mountains, where the first Allied penetration along the entire Western front reached the Rhine River. First to the Rhine covers the vicious fighting during the German Nordwind counteroffensive in January 1945 and the French-American offensive to clear the Colmar Pocket. It then pursues the forces of the Third Reich across the Rhine to their ultimate destruction. Unlike the forces landing in Normandy, these American divisions were hard-bitten veterans of the war in Italy, and, in the case of the 3d Infantry Division, North Africa. The French units included many veterans of the Italian campaign and comprised Frenchmen and Africans in almost equal numbers. As the campaign went on, the French ranks were swelled by tens of thousands of Free French Forces of the Interior, the famous maquis. The German forces arrayed against the Allies included the famed 11th Panzer Division, an Eastern front veteran known as the "Ghost Division," which would hit the Allied advance time and again only to slip away before it could be pinned and destroyed. This is the harrowing story First to the Rhine tells, from the strategic plane-down through the corps, division, and regimental levels to the personal experience of the men in combat, including the likes of Audie Murphy, Americas most decorated infantryman of the war. The book features little-known battles, including one at Montelimar, when an ad hoc American armored command and the 36th Infantry Division came within a hairs breadth and several days of hard fighting of cutting off the entire German 19th Army. This is the first popular work in English to explore the French role in the fighting and the relationship between the U.S. Army and the French forces fighting under American command.

World War II in Literature for Youth

Author: Patricia Hachten Wee,Robert James Wee

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810853010

Category: Education

Page: 412

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This comprehensive volume provides a wealth of information with annotated listings of more than 3,500 titles—a broad sampling of books on the war years 1939-1945. Includes both fiction and nonfiction works about all aspects of the war. Professional resources for educators aligned to the educational standards for social studies; technical references; periodicals and electronic resources; a directory of WWII museums, memorials, and other institutions; and topics for exploration complement this excellent library and classroom resource.

Snow & Steel

Author: Peter Caddick-Adams

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199335141

Category: History

Page: 929

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Provides an in-depth history of the Battle of the Bulge, arguing that the German offensive was set to fail from its launch and precipitated Germany's defeat.

We Were There

Author: Robert Fox

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847651895

Category: History

Page: 391

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What was it like to be there at the very moment when great events took place; when great figures strode onto the world stage; when the wonderful, the terrible, the diverting and the just plain curious happened? In this acclaimed collection of eyewitness reportage, Robert Fox brings together accounts from soldiers, journalists, poets, scientists, adventurers, chance bystanders and many more to create a vivid, compelling history of the twentieth century as it happened. Covering two world wars, revolutions, discoveries and the rise and fall of empires across the globe, We Were There reports on the defining moments of the last hundred or so years, from the turn of the last century through the Wall Street Crash and D-Day, to the Vietnam War, Tiananmen Square and 9/11. These evocative reports from around the world - by figures ranging from Vera Brittain to Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks to the Baghdad blogger - show that the very best eyewitness reporting is as gripping as it is invaluable.

Five Years, Four Fronts

Author: Georg Grossjohann

Publisher: Aberjona Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 232

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A WWII German memoir of major importance, recalling the wartime career of a professional soldier and Knight's Cross winner. Significance. This book gives it to the reader 'with the bark on', is utterly devoid of self-serving, selective amnesia or embellishments, and conveys a sense of eminent humanity. Far from being consistently perfect examples of military efficiency or martial valour, the characters in this book cover the spectrum from coward and incompetent dolt, to eccentric, to near-saint and lionhearted warrior. Similarly, the quality of planning, support, and decision-making the author observed spans the range from imbecilic to uninspired to brilliant. Grossjohann never imagined his story would be published, but rather, strove to leave his honest account behind for his progeny. Thanks to the efforts of his widow, Edeltraud Grossjohann, and Ulrich Abele, the work's gifted translator, this story is now available to English-speaking students of WWII. Most importantly, this book covers several of the 'sideshow' battles and campaigns of WWII in Europe, and exposes the reader to a German Army that many readers will be surprised to find existed. The late Georg Grossjohann (1911-19

Sand and Steel

Author: Peter Caddick-Adams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473555116

Category: History

Page: 1072

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The most comprehensive and authoritative history of D-Day ever published ‘Extraordinary’ Andrew Roberts ‘Fascinating’ Daily Mail ‘Magisterial’ James Holland ________________ 6 June 1944, 4 a.m. Hundreds of boats assemble off the coast of France. By nightfall, thousands of the men they carry will be dead. This was D-Day, the most important day of the twentieth century. In Sand and Steel, one of Britain’s leading military historians offers a panoramic new account of the Allied invasion of France. Drawing on a decade of new research, Peter Caddick-Adams masterfully recreates what it was like to wade out onto the carnage of Omaha Beach, or parachute behind enemy lines in Normandy. He explores the year-long preparations that went into the invasion, overturning decades-old assumptions about Allied strategy. And he pays tribute to the remarkable individuals who made D-Day possible – not just soldiers on the beaches, but also paratroopers, sailors, aircrews, and women on the Home Front. The result is a compulsively readable account of the greatest battle of the Second World War. It will be the definitive work on D-Day for years to come. ________________ ‘A hugely impressive book which makes full use of a lifetime of learning and experience.’ Herald ‘Peter Caddick-Adams’ D-Day must surely go down as the definitive narrative of that pivotal moment in the history of the war.’ James Holland ‘This is a warts-and-all forensic examination of the Allied invasion, offering stacks of insight based on a decade of research.’ Soldier

New Images of Nazi Germany

Author: N.A

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078649090X

Category: History

Page: 496

View: 6155

With its battlefields paved over and its bunkers crumbled, the Third Reich of Nazi Germany nevertheless lives on in countless photographs that record an era of extraordinary brutality. This collection of more than 500 photographs taken by amateurs and professional propagandists provides a panoramic overview of Nazi Germany, offering intimate glimpses into living rooms and killing grounds, kitchens and concentration camps, movie theaters and battle fronts. The explanatory text explores the context of the images. Together, these photographs, most never before seen, create a time capsule, capturing the faces of Hitler’s soldier’s as well as those who suffered under the Nazi onslaught on humanity.