Fresh Off the Boat

Author: Eddie Huang

Publisher: One World

ISBN: 067964489X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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NOW AN ORIGINAL SERIES ON ABC • “Just may be the best new comedy of [the year] . . . based on restaurateur Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name . . . [a] classic fresh-out-of-water comedy.”—People “Bawdy and frequently hilarious . . . a surprisingly sophisticated memoir about race and assimilation in America . . . as much James Baldwin and Jay-Z as Amy Tan . . . rowdy [and] vital . . . It’s a book about fitting in by not fitting in at all.”—Dwight Garner, The New York Times NATIONAL BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS Assimilating ain’t easy. Eddie Huang was raised by a wild family of FOB (“fresh off the boat”) immigrants—his father a cocksure restaurateur with a dark past back in Taiwan, his mother a fierce protector and constant threat. Young Eddie tried his hand at everything mainstream America threw his way, from white Jesus to macaroni and cheese, but finally found his home as leader of a rainbow coalition of lost boys up to no good: skate punks, dealers, hip-hop junkies, and sneaker freaks. This is the story of a Chinese-American kid in a could-be-anywhere cul-de-sac blazing his way through America’s deviant subcultures, trying to find himself, ten thousand miles from his legacy and anchored only by his conflicted love for his family and his passion for food. Funny, moving, and stylistically inventive, Fresh Off the Boat is more than a radical reimagining of the immigrant memoir—it’s the exhilarating story of every American outsider who finds his destiny in the margins. Praise for Fresh Off the Boat “Brash and funny . . . outrageous, courageous, moving, ironic and true.”—New York Times Book Review “Mercilessly funny and provocative, Fresh Off the Boat is also a serious piece of work. Eddie Huang is hunting nothing less than Big Game here. He does everything with style.”—Anthony Bourdain “Uproariously funny . . . emotionally honest.”—Chicago Tribune “Huang is a fearless raconteur. [His] writing is at once hilarious and provocative; his incisive wit pulls through like a perfect plate of dan dan noodles.”—Interview “Although writing a memoir is an audacious act for a thirty-year-old, it is not nearly as audacious as some of the things Huang did and survived even earlier. . . . Whatever he ends up doing, you can be sure it won’t look or sound like anything that’s come before. A single, kinetic passage from Fresh Off the Boat . . . is all you need to get that straight.”—Bookforum

Fresh Off the Boat

Author: Oscar Kightley,Simon Small

Publisher: N.A


Category: New Zealand

Page: 88

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Charles has just arrived from village Samoa - fresh off the boat in 1990s New Zealand. His traditional approach causes both humour and friction with the urbane cousins.

Asian American History Day by Day: A Reference Guide to Events

Author: Jonathan H. X. Lee

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 031339928X

Category: Social Science

Page: 463

View: 383

An accessible and ready reference for student research, this day-by-day guide highlights the importance of Asian Americans in U.S. history, highlighting the impact of specific individuals and this large ethnic group as a whole across time and documenting the evolution of policies, issues, and feelings concerning this particular American population. • Provides detailed information throughout history on the events, people, and places of Asian American history • Presents a unique calendar approach to recognizing the contributions of this significant ethnic demographic throughout U.S. history that demonstrates how all 365 days of the year can feature an achievement made by Asian Americans • Offers information on celebrities, inventors, events, and more that relate to Asian American life in the United States

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Author: Mark Totten

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 1459400399

Category: True Crime

Page: 295

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An expert takes us inside the dark world of gangs in Canada. Dr. Mark Totten has spent fifteen years learning all about these gangs and the young men and women who belong to them. He has interviewed over 500 gang members across the country, traced their lives from infancy to adulthood, and explored the roots of their involvement in crime and their reliance on violence. Nasty, Brutish and Short offers a groundbreaking picture of the reality of gangs in Canada. Much of what Dr. Totten has to say is at odds with popular ideas. His research leads him to believe that breaking through the circumstances that produce young criminals is far more difficult than most people think. For most individuals caught up in gang life, exiting that world is next to impossible -- in fact, the most common way out is an early death from violence or suicide. This book opens the door on a way of life unknown to most Canadians.

Race in American Television: Voices and Visions that Shaped a Nation [2 volumes]

Author: David J. Leonard,Stephanie Troutman Robbins

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440843066

Category: Social Science

Page: 805

View: 7413

This two-volume encyclopedia explores representations of people of color in American television. It includes overview essays on early, classic, and contemporary television and the challenges, developments, and participation of people of color on and behind the screen. Covering five decades, this encyclopedia highlights how race has shaped television and how television has shaped society. Offering critical analysis of moments and themes throughout television history, Race in American Television shines a spotlight on key artists of color, prominent shows, and the debates that have defined television since the Civil Rights Movement. This book also examines the ways in which television has been a site for both reproduction of stereotypes and resistance to them, providing a basis for discussion about American racial issues. This set provides a significant resource for students and fans of television alike, not only educating but also empowering readers with the necessary tools to consume and watch the small screen and explore its impact on the evolution of racial and ethnic stereotypes in U.S. culture and beyond. Understanding the history of American television contributes to deeper knowledge and potentially helps us to better apprehend the plethora of diverse shows and programs on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other platforms today. Offers accessible yet critical discussions of television culture Provides historic understanding of the contributions of significant artists of color to the history of American television Discusses a diversity of shows as well as debates and themes central to the history of American television

Where is Adaptation?

Author: Casie Hermansson,Janet Zepernick

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027263493

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 453

View: 2382

Where is Adaptation? Mapping cultures, texts, and contexts explores the vast terrain of contemporary adaptation studies and offers a wide variety of answers to the title question in 24 chapters by 29 international practitioners and scholars of adaptation, both eminent and emerging. From insightful self-analyses by practitioners (a novelist, a film director, a comics artist) to analyses of adaptations of place, culture, and identity, the authors brought together in this collection represent a broad cross-section of current work in adaptation studies. From the development of technologies impacting film festivals, to the symbiotic potential of interweaving disability and adaptation studies, censorship, exploring the “glocal,” and an examination of the Association for Adaptation Studies at its 10th anniversary, the original contributions in this volume aim to trace the leading edges of this evolving field.

Trends and Developments for the Future of Language Education in Higher Education

Author: Xiang, Catherine Hua

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1799872289

Category: Education

Page: 342

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Language education tends to require more face-to-face interaction and longer hours of both teaching and learning. The challenges of ensuring the future and development of the discipline, especially after a time of crisis, is equally unprecedented. A comprehensive overview of the global picture of best practices as well as research in recent times are needed in the field of language education, particularly in higher education settings. The changing nature of language education in terms of its policy, curriculum design, methodology, and innovation is an essential discussion to advance the field. It is critical to explore how a more collaborative, global, and interdisciplinary mindset, as well as technologically driven approaches have emerged through recent years and how it will continue to shape the future development in the field. Trends and Developments for the Future of Language Education in Higher Education captures the current trends and ongoing development within language education through a global picture of the best practices as well as the latest research on language education in higher education settings. The chapters cover changes in policy, curriculum design, methodology, and innovation in the modern language education landscape. While focusing on the current situation of language education and the changes that it has been undergoing, this book also provides information on future development and the overall outlook of language education. This book is ideal for teachers, instructional designers, curricula developers, inservice and preservice teachers, administrators, teacher educators, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for an overview of the current position of language education in higher education.

Race and Media

Author: Lori Kido Lopez

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479881376

Category: Social Science

Page: 326

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A foundational collection of essays that demonstrate how to study race and media From graphic footage of migrant children in cages to #BlackLivesMatter and #OscarsSoWhite, portrayals and discussions of race dominate the media landscape. Race and Media adopts a wide range of methods to make sense of specific occurrences, from the corporate portrayal of mixed-race identity by 23andMe to the cosmopolitan fetishization of Marie Kondo. As a whole, this collection demonstrates that all forms of media—from the sitcoms we stream to the Twitter feeds we follow—confirm racism and reinforce its ideological frameworks, while simultaneously giving space for new modes of resistance and understanding. In each chapter, a leading media scholar elucidates a set of foundational concepts in the study of race and media—such as the burden of representation, discourses of racialization, multiculturalism, hybridity, and the visuality of race. In doing so, they offer tools for media literacy that include rigorous analysis of texts, ideologies, institutions and structures, audiences and users, and technologies. The authors then apply these concepts to a wide range of media and the diverse communities that engage with them in order to uncover new theoretical frameworks and methodologies. From advertising and music to film festivals, video games, telenovelas, and social media, these essays engage and employ contemporary dialogues and struggles for social justice by racialized communities to push media forward. Contributors include: Mary Beltrán Meshell Sturgis Ralina L. Joseph Dolores Inés Casillas Jennifer Lynn Stoever Jason Kido Lopez Peter X Feng Jacqueline Land Mari Castañeda Jun Okada Amy Villarejo Aymar Jean Christian Sarah Florini Raven Maragh-Lloyd Sulafa Zidani Lia Wolock Meredith D. Clark Jillian M. Báez Miranda J. Brady Kishonna L. Gray Susan Noh

Indexing Authenticity

Author: Véronique Lacoste,Jakob Leimgruber,Thiemo Breyer

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110347016

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 376

View: 5754

The concept of authenticity has received some attention in recent academic discourse, yet it has often been left under-defined from a sociolinguistic perspective. This volume presents the contributions of a wide range of scholars who exchanged their views on the topic at a conference in Freiburg, Germany, in November 2011. The authors address three leading questions: What are the local meanings of authenticity embedded in large cultural and social structures? What is the meaning of linguistic authenticity in delocalised and/or deterritorialised settings? How is authenticity indexed in other contexts of language expression (e.g. in writing or in political discourse)? These questions are tackled by recognised experts in the fields of sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, and contact linguistics. While by no means exhaustive, the volume offers a large array of case studies that contribute significantly to our understanding of the meaning of authenticity in language production and perception.