Lucian Freud

Author: Lucian Freud,Jean-Christophe Ammann,Craig Hartley,Museum für Moderne Kunst (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

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Category: Body, Human

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From Freud's Consulting Room

Author: Judith M. Hughes,Professor Judith M Hughes

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674324527

Category: Psychology

Page: 235

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The science of mind has been plagued by intractable philosophical puzzles, chief among them the distortions of memory and the relation between mind and body. Sigmund Freud's clinical practice forced him to grapple with these problems, and out of that struggle psychoanalysis emerged. From Freud's Consulting Room charts the development of his ideas through his clinical work, the successes and failures of his most dramatic and significant case histories, and the creation of a discipline recognizably distinct from its neighbors. In Freud's encounters with hysterical patients, the mind-body problem could not be set aside. Through the cases of Anna O., Emmy von N., Elisabeth von R., Dora, and Little Hans, he rethought that problem, as Hughes demonstrates, in terms of psychosexuality. When he tried to sort out the value of memories, with Dora and Little Hans as well as with the Rat Man and the Wolf Man, Freud reintroduced psychosexuality and elaborated the Oedipus complex. Hughes also traces the evolution of Freud's conception of the analytic situation and of the centrality of transference, again through the clinical material, including the case of Freud himself, who at one point figured as his own "chief patient". Moving from case to case, Hughes has coaxed them into telling a coherent story. Her book has the texture of intellectual history and the compelling quality of a fascinating tale. It leads us to see the origins and development of psychoanalysis in a new way.

Freud's Requiem

Author: Matthew von Unwerth

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441120270

Category: Psychology

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Matthew von Unwerth explores Sigmund Freud's provocative ideas on the connections between creativity and mortality in this elegant literary musing. Taking as his starting point the essay On Transience, Von Unwerth, examines the origins of human creativity from a psychoanalytic standpoint, tracing the arc of Freud's beliefs on the subject from his passionately curious teenage years to his death after a long struggle with cancer in 1939. Drawing on a variety of literary and historical sources - from the Odyssey to Goethe to Freud's earliest letters - Freud's Requiem is both an intimate personal drama and an absorbing intellectual debate.

Freud's Technique Papers

Author: Steven J. Ellman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429914083

Category: Psychology

Page: 400

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This landmark book is a brilliant commentary on Freud's psychoanalytic technique and how it is incorporated in contemporary clinical practice. Freud's basic technique papers are included, so that the reader has Freud's own words to compare with the views introduced.

Freud's Mistress

Author: Karen Mack,Jennifer Kaufman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101608234

Category: Fiction

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“A thrilling story of seduction, betrayal, and loss, Freud’s Mistress will titillate fans of Memoirs of a Geisha and The Other Boleyn Girl.”—Booklist In fin-de-siècle Vienna, it was not easy for a woman to find fulfillment both intellectually and sexually. But many believe that Minna Bernays was able to find both with one man—her brother-in-law, Sigmund Freud. At once a portrait of two sisters—the rebellious, independent Minna and her inhibited sister, Martha—and of the compelling and controversial doctor who would be revered as one of the twentieth century’s greatest thinkers, Freud’s Mistress is a novel rich with passion and historical detail and “a portrait of forbidden desire [with] a thought-provoking central question: How far are you willing to go to be happy?”* *Publishers Weekly

Freud's World

Author: Luis A. Cordón

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313339058

Category: Psychology

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Comprising well-known and obscure information, this compendium provides a historical context to the facts of Sigmund Freud's life, theories, and influence on society. * Hundreds of entries on the life and work of Sigmund Freud spanning over five decades * Photographic portraits of various key figures * A bibliography of sources for further reading on specific topics of interest

In Freud's Shadow

Author: Paul E. Stepansky

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113582696X

Category: Psychology

Page: 325

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In its detailed, interpretive reconsideration of Adler's involvement with Freud and psychoanalysis, In Freud's Shadow constitutes a seminal contribution to our historical understanding of the early psychoanalytic movement. Making extensive use of the Minutes of the Vienna Psycho-Analytic Society, Freud's correspondence, and the diaries of Lou Andreas-Salome, Stepansky reconstructs the ambience and reanalyzes the substance of the ongoing debates about Adler's work within the psychoanalytic discussion group. One valuable by-product of his undertaking, then, is a compelling portrait of the early Vienna Psycho-Analytic Society from the standpoint of the sociology of small groups and, more especially, of Freud's status as the "group leader" of the Society. Thoroughly researched, meticulously documented, and brilliantly written, In Freud's Shadow: Adler in Context represents a watershed in the literature on Adler, Frued, and the history of psychoanalysis. It will be of major interest not only to psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and psychologists, but to social scientists, historians, and lay readers interested in the politics of scientific controversy, the sociology of small groups, and the relationship of psychology to contemporary systems of belief.

Freud's Couch, Scott's Buttocks, Brontë's Grave

Author: Simon Goldhill

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226301729

Category: Travel

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The Victorian era was the high point of literary tourism. Writers such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Sir Walter Scott became celebrities, and readers trekked far and wide for a glimpse of the places where their heroes wrote and thought, walked and talked. Even Shakespeare was roped in, as Victorian entrepreneurs transformed quiet Stratford-upon-Avon into a combination shrine and tourist trap. Stratford continues to lure the tourists today, as do many other sites of literary pilgrimage throughout Britain. And our modern age could have no better guide to such places than Simon Goldhill. In Freud's Couch, Scott’s Buttocks, Brontë's Grave, Goldhill makes a pilgrimage to Sir Walter Scott's baronial mansion, Wordsworth's cottage in the Lake District, the Bront ë parsonage, Shakespeare's birthplace, and Freud's office in Hampstead. Traveling, as much as possible, by methods available to Victorians—and gamely negotiating distractions ranging from broken bicycles to a flock of giggling Japanese schoolgirls—he tries to discern what our forebears were looking for at these sites, as well as what they have to say to the modern mind. What does it matter that Emily Brontë’s hidden passions burned in this specific room? What does it mean, especially now that his fame has faded, that Scott self-consciously built an extravagant castle suitable for Ivanhoe—and star-struck tourists visited it while he was still living there? Or that Freud's meticulous recreation of his Vienna office is now a meticulously preserved museum of itself? Or that Shakespeare’s birthplace features student actors declaiming snippets of his plays . . . in the garden of a house where he almost certainly never wrote a single line? Goldhill brings to these inquiries his trademark wry humor and a lifetime's engagement with literature. The result is a travel book like no other, a reminder that even today, the writing life still has the power to inspire.

Freud's Theory for Beginners: About Dreams, Psychosexual Stages, Id, Ego and Superego

Author: Joy Renkins

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0244347964

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Sigmund Freud Popularized the Concept of Psycho Analysis. If you want to learn about his ideas, this book explains it all in simple language: • What is Freudian psychoanalysis? • Freud 5 psychosexual stages • The Id, The Ego And The Superego • What Christians Can Learn From Freud • Freud and Jung • What does Freud say about dreams? • The Top 5 Women's Dreams Analyzed • What Freud Got Right: Oedipus Complex • Freudian Slip • Psychodynamics • CBT and the Zeitgeist And much more. Enjoy!