From Crisis to Peace

Author: Supreme Master Ching Hai

Publisher: The Supreme Master Ching Hai Publishing Co Ltd.

ISBN: 9868625262

Category: Science

Page: 194

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At conferences, in interviews with journalists and at gatherings with disciples in recent years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken with increasing urgency about Earth’s current climate crisis. As she states, “Our planet is a house that is burning. If we don’t work together with a united spirit to put out the fire, we will not have a home anymore”. But she also offers humankind an uplifting solution, one that every individual can easily achieve: “Be veg to save the planet.”

Kosovo: From Crisis to Crisis

Author: Dick Leurdijk,Dick Zandee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351791575

Category: Political Science

Page: 230

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This title was first published in 2001. Kosovo: From Crisis to Crisis deals with the main features of the most recent crisis, leading up to operation Allied Force. It provides an excellent analysis of all major aspects of NATO’s intervention and it discusses the current problems with the implementation of the settlement. Until recently, Kosovo was a rather unknown territory in a far-away corner of Europe. The Serbian-Albanian armed conflict, NATO's intervention and the following struggle by the international community to rebuild this area has turned Kosovo into terra cognita for diplomats, politicians, the military, aid workers and the public. Essential reading for political scientists with special interest in ethnic and conflict studies.

Caribbean Integration from Crisis to Transformation and Repositioning

Author: Kenneth Hall,Myrtle Chuck-A-Sang

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 146694403X

Category: Political Science

Page: 585

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This collection entitled Caribbean Integration: From Crisis to Transformation and Repositioning , captures the thinking of and prescriptions offered by some of the best minds of the Caribbean and further afield at a Conference held at The University of the West Indies in 2011 under the theme The Caribbean and the Commonwealth: Collective Responsibility for the 21st Century. In examining the challenges faced by the Region in moving the Integration process forward, a number of papers boldly assess what needs to be done to avert the crisis which threatened the Caribbean as they advocate for a rethinking of the strategies currently employed by the Caribbean Community. This book is highly recommended to senior policy makers, serious academicians and a public deeply interested in the challenges and triumphs of the Caribbean peoples.

Italy from Crisis to Crisis

Author: Matthew Evangelista

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351586920

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Italy from Crisis to Crisis seeks to understand Italy’s approach to crises by studying the country in regional, international, and comparative context. Without assuming that the country is abnormal or unusually crisis-prone, the authors treat Italy as an example from which other countries might learn. The book integrates the analysis of domestic politics and foreign policy, including Italy’s approach to military interventions, energy security, economic relations with the European Union (EU), and to the NATO alliance, and covers a number of issues that normally receive little attention in studies of "high politics," such as information policy, national identity, immigration, youth unemployment, and family relations. Finally, it puts Italy in a comparative perspective – with other European states, naturally – but also with Latin America, and even the United States, all countries that have experienced similar crises to Italy’s and similar – often populist – responses. This text will be of key interest to scholars and students of, and courses on, Italian politics and history, European politics and, more broadly, comparative politics and democracy.

From Crisis to Growth in Africa

Author: Mats Lundahl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134524137

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 301

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This book is concerned with the problem of achieving sustained economic growth in thirteen African countries. These are divided into three groups: the war stricken economics (Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia and Eritrea), the reform strugglers (Kenya, Cape Verde, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe) and the growth seekers (Uganda, South Africa and Lesotho). Virtually all of these countries have gone through a structural adjustment program designed to remove imperfections that make it difficult for the market system to work in an optimal fashion. This title reviews these experiences.

NGOs and Post-conflict Recovery

Author: Helen Hakena,Peter Ninnes,Bert A. Jenkins

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 0731537459

Category: Political Science

Page: 191

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The book will make a unique contribution to understanding the role of NGOs in promoting peace, gender and development in the South West Pacific by recording the story of the Leitana Nehan Women's Development Agency. Australian authors.

Torn between Two Worlds

Author: Anthony Martin

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1644929236

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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There are many Christians who are feeling the anguish of being torn between two worlds. They have love for God in their hearts and a desire to live out their faith; however, they find themselves yielding to carnal pleasures. Every day they war in the trenches and hurt behind the scenes. This is a real challenge within the church, and many are at a crossroad in their spiritual walk. They are asking themselves, "Do I continue with the masquerade of church as usual, or do I take a hard look at my compromises?" The objective of Torn between Two Worlds is to help hurting Christians move toward a committed, liberated, and dedicated relationship with God. However, this can only be accomplished if there is a willingness to courageously face their compromises. Every Christian has their share of battles with the flesh, and for those who have been restored, they know firsthand the agony that comes behind negotiating their faith. Therefore, we need Christians who are willing to be open and transparent, in hopes of reaching out to those who are trapped by the serpent's devices. The book engages, encourages, and exhorts its readers to consider the vast difference between the kingdom of God and the carnal world. It stresses the importance of a devotional life with God in order to combat self-centered desires.

Israel: From war to peace?

Author: Efraim Karsh

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780714649627

Category: History

Page: 300

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The end of the British mandate in Palestine heralded the birth of the new state of Israel. It also marked the end of one of the most tumultuous and momentous chapters in Israeli history. But the new state, born into a hostile environment and struggling with the manifold demands of sovereignty, would have to face many post-Independence challenges to its existence, not least in the form of armed conflict and confrontation with its Arab neighbours. This volume examines the conflicts that from the 1948 until the 1967 Six Day War came to define the Israeli struggle for existence.