George Lucas

Author: George Lucas

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A director, producer, and writer, George Lucas is the power behind "The Force." The son of a conservative small-town businessman, he grew up to become arguably the most identifiable and popular filmmaker in the history of the medium. Yet unlike his more publicly engaged contemporaries, Lucas rarely grants reporters an audience. This first book of Lucas's interviews affords fans and students of film and science fiction a rare opportunity. Editor Sally Kline collects conversations from the reticent director spanning Lucas's entire career, from the making of his first film, 1971's "THX-1138," through "American Graffiti," the triumph of the "Star Wars" trilogy, and even a 1999 interview given while awaiting the release of "Star Wars: Episode One--The Phantom Menace." In interviews from venues such as "Rolling Stone," "Playboy," and "American Film," Lucas reveals his distrust of the Hollywood establishment, his love for making movies, and his unambiguous values and how those values translate into the epic clash between good and evil created when he explores characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Lucas revolutionized the movie industry and created the most successful film series of all time. Along with films of his close friend Steven Spielberg, Lucas's releases invented the notion of blockbuster movies. Before the end of the millennium, he could count the loyal fans of the Star Wars trilogy in the millions. Sally Kline is film critic for "The Journal" newspapers. She has worked as a film commentator on a number of Washington, D.C. radio stations and as a guest lecturer at George Washington University. A freelance writer and researcher, she has contributed to two books, including a biography of Robert F. Kennedy.

George Lucas

Author: Dana White

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Traces the life of the man who became well-known for his Star Wars movies, from his childhood in California to his career in films.

George Lucas

Author: Brian Jay Jones

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George Lucas by Brian Jay Jones is the first comprehensive telling of the story of the iconic filmmaker and the building of his film empire, as well as of his enormous impact on cinema. At once a biography, a business manual, and a film history, George Lucas will, for the first time explore the life and work of a fiercely independent writer/director/producer who became one of the most influential filmmakers and cultural icons - a true game changer. On May 25, 1977, a problem-plagued, budget-straining, independent science fiction film opened in a mere thirty-two American movie theatres. Its distributor - 20th Century Fox - were baffled by the film. The film's production had been a disaster from nearly day one, hampered by bad weather, malfunctioning props and ill-fitting costumes. But its release on a quiet Wednesday in May of 1977, changed cinema forever. The film was Star Wars. The fiercely independent thirty-three year-old George Lucas was just getting going. Determined to control every element of the film-making process he had founded Lucasfilm ltd., in 1971. Among his hits, Lucas gave us six Star Wars films and four featuring the globetrotting archaeologist Indiana Jones. Together these ten films have earned more than $6 billion worldwide and won some of the largest and most devoted fan bases ever seen. In 2013 he sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.05 billion. Along the way the man who invented the Blockbuster also gave us computer generated imagery (CGI), created a small animation company called Pixar and reinvented the way movies were made, marketed and merchandised.

George Lucas

Author: James Clarke

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Whether it’s a bright yellow Deuce Coupe rocketing through small-town America or a bright yellow rocket ship blasting through a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas’ stories have been singular and consistent in the elemental power of their themes and emotions. Yet, since the beginnings of his success much of his storytelling skill has been eclipsed by the popcorn popularity of his work and the advances in visual effects that have characterised so many of his films. Lucas is unique amongst his contemporaries: he has written the screenplay for every film he has directed and every film he has made, has been designed for the screen. As such there is an aesthetic purity to his work. The Pocket Essentials: George Lucas explores how the films he has directed operate and how they connect together. Whether it is the comedy of American Graffiti, the machinations of The Phantom Menace or the oppression of THX 1138, Lucas films celebrate the power of the maverick sensibility. It is a sensibility for which Lucas has become a pop culture icon not just in the kinds of stories he tells but also in his approach to the medium of moviemaking. This Pocket Essentials guide covers the landmark movies – from student movies to Indiana Jones and the latest Star Wars episode Attack of the Clones – and also looks at Lucas achievements beyond his work as a director with his creation of Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Ranch and other media ventures, particularly his development and advocacy of digital cinema.

The Genius Of George Lucas: His Life, Accomplishments And Keys To Success

Author: The Sapiens Network

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THE GENIUS OF GEORGE LUCAS: HIS LIFE, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND KEYS TO SUCCESS UNRAVEL THE MAN WHO REVOLUTIONIZED CINEMA, SCIENCE FICTION AND CREATIVITY ABOUT THIS BOOK George Lucas is a genius because of his ability to create and shape successful franchises. George Lucas founded Lucasfilm Ltd., which has been responsible for creating several hit movies, including the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. He also helped to shape the filmmaking industry with his contributions as an inventor and entrepreneur. Lucas created "special-effects" software that changed how filmmakers tell stories on film. He invented new ways of making movies more realistic by using computer graphics technology in conjunction with traditional filmmaking methods (such as using puppets or animatronics). CONTENT Introduction: Why Is George Lucas A Genius? Who Is George Lucas? How Was George Lucas' Childhood? How Did George Lucas’ Parents Influence His Life Philosophy? How Was Geroge Lucas Almost Killed In Car Racing? How Did George Lucas Benefit From His Friendship With Francis Ford Coppola? Why Is George Lucas A Great Filmmaker? Why Is George Lucas A Great Producer? How Was George Lucas Inspired By Classic European Films? How Has George Lucas Always Followed His Passions? How Did George Lucas Found Lucasfilm, Ltd.? How Did George Lucas Help Shape The Filmmaking Industry? How Did George Lucas Influence Science Fiction Movies Today? How Did George Lucas Come Up With The Idea For Star Wars? Why Did Star Wars Become Such A Successful Franchise? How Did George Lucas Come Up With The Idea For Indiana Jones? Why Did Indiana Jones Become Such A Successful Franchise? Why Does George Lucas Have So Many Cult Followers? How Many Awards And Achievements Does George Lucas Have? George Lucas Pledged To Give Half Of His Wealth To Charitable Organizations? George Lucas Thinks Everybody Has Talent? How Has George Lucas Stayed True To Himself? Why Does George Lucas Think It’s Important To Get Feedback? Why Does Geroge Lucas Think That You Should Also Listen To Yourself? ABOUT THE SAPIENS NETWORK The content in this guide is based on extensive official research and comes from a variety of sources, mostly from books published by experts who have mastered each of the topics presented here and who are backed by internationally recognized careers. Therefore, the reader will be able to acquire a large amount of knowledge from more than one reliable and specialized source. This happens because we rely only on official and endorsed media. In addition, we also collect information from different web pages, courses, biographies, and interviews, so we give the reader a broad overview of their topics of interest. We have not only checked that the sources of knowledge are relevant, but we have also made a very careful selection of the final information that makes up this guide. With great practicality, we have compiled the most useful concepts and put them in a way that are easiest for the reader to learn. Our ultimate goal is to simplify all the ideas that they are fully understandable and so that the reader can enjoy a pleasant, practical, and simple reading. This is why we strive to provide only the key information from each expert. In this guide, the reader will not find redundancies or unnecessary or irrelevant content. Each chapter covers the essential and leaves out everything that could be deemed as extra or that does not add anything new to the selected concepts. Thus, the reader will be able to enjoy a text where they will easily find specialized information that comes exclusively from experts and that has been selected with the greatest effectiveness.

Who Is George Lucas?

Author: Pam Pollack,Meg Belviso,Who HQ

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As a child his passions were comics and cars, but George Lucas grew up to be one of the most successful filmmakers of all time. He is a producer, screenwriter, director and entrepreneur whose company Lucasfilms pioneered the movie effects that changed the world of animation. He founded Industrial Light and Magic, which transformed special sound and visual effects throughout the Hollywood film industry. He is best known, of course, as the creator of the Star Wars movie, television, gaming, toy and merchandise empire, as well as the archeologist-adventure series Indiana Jones. Discover the man behind the magic in Who Is George Lucas?

The Lucas Effect: George Lucas and the New Hollywood

Author: Patti J. McCarthy

Publisher: Teneo Press


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A filmmaker, visionary, and entrepreneur, George Lucas has not only changed the way we experience film and filmmaking, but also revolutionized film industry practices and standards. George Lucas, on an economic, aesthetic, and cultural level, has contributed more than any other individual to the shaping of the New Hollywood and is one of the most important figures in film history. His contribution to the film industry and our culture can be defined as the "Lucas Effect." Until now Lucas' work has been studied categorically. That is, popular books have been written that focus specifically on his life, his marketing skills, his films, his fans, or his various business accomplishments and practices. This is the first book to weave these threads together into a cohesive, rigorous study that illustrates the far reaching impact and importance of his creative genius. This book is important not only for film academics, students of film criticism and theory, popular culture scholars, and film devotees, but also for industry power brokers, Lucas fans and anyone who is interested in the work, life, and legacy of one of film's most important visionaries, George Lucas.

Identity Politics in George LucasÕ Star Wars

Author: John C. McDowel

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 147666286X

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George Lucas spoke about the didactic role of cinema and about his own work being presented through the "moral megaphone" of the film industry. A considerable body of scholarship on the six-part Star Wars series argues (unconvincingly) that the franchise promoted neo-conservatism in American culture from the late 1970s onward. But there is much in Lucas' grand space opera to suggest something more ideologically complex is going on. This book challenges the view of the saga as an unambiguously violent text exemplifying reactionary politics, and discusses the films' identity politics with regard to race and gender.

George Lucas

Author: Jim Smith

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited


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The step-by-step companion to the work of George Lucas. George Lucas has directed only five full-length pictures in thirty years, and yet he is one of the most influential of all contemporary filmmakers: not simply a director, he's also a writer, a producer and an unparalleled technical pioneer, responsible for advances in digital projection, CGI and quality cinema sound. Yet he remains defiantly outside the Hollywood system, financing his - and other people's - pictures out of his own funds, creatively answerable to no one but himself.Starting with his time as a film student, this is a critical journey through the films Lucas has directed and actively produced. It encompasses his abstract early works such as Look at Life and 6.18.67, the mainstream successes of American Graffiti, Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the record selling Star Wars prequel trilogy. There is also an extensive section detailing other projects in which he has had a hand, such as Paul Schraeder's Mishima, Haskell Wexler's controversial Latino and Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Thsi is an indispensable reference to the work of George Lucas- the mogul, the mythmaker, the one man brand and the most successful independent filmmaker who has ever lived.