Girl Alone

Author: Anne Austin

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Fiction

Page: 255

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The long, bare room had never been graced by a picture or a curtain. Its only furniture was twenty narrow iron cots. Four girls were scrubbing the warped, wide-planked floor, three of them pitifully young for the hard work, the baby of them being only six, the oldest nine. The fourth, who directed their labors, rising from her knees sometimes to help one of her small crew, was just turned sixteen, but she looked in her short, skimpy dress of faded blue and white checked gingham, not more than twelve or thirteen. "Sal-lee," the six-year-old called out in a coaxing whine, as she sloshed a dirty rag up and down in a pail of soapy water, "play-act for us, won't you, Sal-lee? 'Tend like you're a queen and I'm your little girl. I'd be a princess, wouldn't I, Sal-lee?" The child sat back on her thin little haunches, one small hand plucking at the skimpy skirt of her own faded blue and white gingham, an exact replica, except for size, of the frocks worn by the three other scrubbers. "I'll 'tend like I've got on a white satin dress, Sal-lee-" Sally Ford lifted a strand of fine black hair that had escaped from the tight, thick braid that hung down her narrow back, tucked it behind a well-shaped ear, and smiled fondly upon the tiny pleader. It was a miracle-working smile. Before the miracle, that small, pale face had looked like that of a serious little old woman, the brows knotted, the mouth tight in a frown of concentration. But when she smiled she became a pretty girl. Her blue eyes, that had looked almost as faded as her dress, darkened and gleamed like a pair of perfectly matched sapphires. Delicate, wing-like eyebrows, even blacker than her hair, lost their sullenness, assumed a lovely, provocative arch. Her white cheeks gleamed. Her little pale mouth, unpuckered of its frown, bloomed suddenly, like a tea rose opening. Even, pointed, narrow teeth, to fit the narrowness of her delicate, childish jaw, flashed into that smile, completely destroying the picture of a rather sad little old woman which she might have posed for before.

Deconstructing Ergativity

Author: Maria Polinsky

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190256583

Category: Generative grammar

Page: 416

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Nominative-accusative and ergative are two common alignment types found across languages. In the former type, the subject of an intransitive verb and the subject of a transitive verb are expressed the same way, and differently from the object of a transitive. In ergative languages, the subject of an intransitive and the object of a transitive appear in the same form, the absolutive, and the transitive subject has a special, ergative, form. Ergative languages often follow very different patterns, thus evading a uniform description and analysis. A simple explanation for that has to do with the idea that ergative languages, much as their nominative-accusative counterparts, do not form a uniform class. In this book, Maria Polinsky argues that ergative languages instantiate two main types, the one where the ergative subject is a prepositional phrase (PP-ergatives) and the one with a noun-phrase ergative. Each type is internally consistent and is characterized by a set of well-defined properties. The book begins with an analysis of syntactic ergativity, which as Polinsky argues, is a manifestation of the PP-ergative type. Polinsky discusses diagnostic properties that define PPs in general and then goes to show that a subset of ergative expressions fit the profile of PPs. Several alternative analyses have been proposed to account for syntactic ergativity; the book presents and outlines these analyses and offers further considerations in support of the PP-ergativity approach. The book then discusses the second type, DP-ergative languages, and traces the diachronic connection between the two types. The book includes two chapters illustrating paradigm PP-ergative and DP-ergative languages: Tongan and Tsez. The data used in these descriptions come from Polinsky's original fieldwork hence presenting new empirical facts from both languages.

Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller

Author: Marshall Chapman


ISBN: 0984809007

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 278

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Legendary country and rock singer/songwriter Chapman has seen many of her more than 250 songs ("Betty's Bein' Bad," "The Perfect Partner") made famous by other artists like Jimmy Buffett, while her own recording career never went beyond cult status. This wild and woolly memoir deserves to gain her a much wider audience than just her loyal fans. Structured as a series of essays about 12 of her songs "that have the best stories around them," this is a hilarious and entertaining look at life by a fascinating 40-something artist who is not afraid to admit that she wrote one of her favorite songs ("Rode Hard and Put Up Wet") after waking up "around noon facedown in my front yard-which was a vegetable garden-wearing nothing but my underpants." The rebellious child of an upper-middle-class family in South Carolina, Chapman moves from college life at Vanderbilt to Nashville in the early 1970s, "about when the ' 60s hit the South," just in time to be a part of the "outlaw" country music era along with Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson ("hell, back then, Willie didn't even bathe on a regular basis"), and she gives excellent insight into the rowdy ways of that much storied era. She also uses the creation of other songs to discuss everything from her "career of dating criminals" to her current sobriety with her true love, a man who wouldn't be fazed if Chapman chopped wood "with nothing on but a pair of men's boxer shorts."

Girls in Power

Author: Laura Fingerson

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791480976

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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A consideration of menstruation in the lives of teenage girls—and in the lives of teenage boys.

Immediate Fiction

Author: Jerry Cleaver

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429954000

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

View: 9659

Covering the entire process from story building to manuscript preparation and marketing, Jerry Cleaver shows the novice and experienced writer how to start writing and how to get immediate results. Readers will find everything they need to know about managing time, finding an idea, getting the first word down on the page, staying unblocked, shaping ideas into compelling stories, and submitting their work to agents and publishers. Immediate Fiction goes beyond the old "Write what you know" to "Write what you can imagine." Filled with insightful tips on how to manage doubts, fears, blocks, and panic, Immediate Fiction will help writers develop their skills in as little minutes a day, if necessary. Believing that all writing is rewriting, Cleaver says, "You can't control what you put on the page. You can only control what you leave on the page." With this book Cleaver shows how to get that control and produce results.

Espacio de la Luz

Author: Nela Río,Elizabeth Gamble Miller

Publisher: Broken Jaw Press

ISBN: 9781553910206

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 160

View: 7408

La obra poética y en prosa de Nela Río abarca los más disímiles temas. En sus trabajos esta escritora viaja de lo social a lo más íntimo, sin hacer exclusiones. Pareciera ser que todos los temas de la vida la inspiran. Por eso nos encontramos de su firma vivencias sobre sexualidad y amor, enfermedad y envejecimiento, mitos y realidades, represión política y social. La mujer, eso sí, se ubica siempre en el centro de su atención artística. Pese a la violencia de contenido que casi siempre ocupa en su lenguaje, las creaciones de esta mujer aparecen siempre cargadas de ternura, amor y solidaridad. Sus poemas, en particular, son un canto a la vida en tono de celebración definitivamente. Esta selección de trabajos suyos reafirma la tesis. En toda ella se ocupan metáforas para cantarle a la vida.

Odd Girl Out

Author: Rachel Simmons

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 054735102X

Category: Psychology

Page: 434

View: 8434

REVISED AND UPDATEDWITH NEW MATERIAL ON CYBERBULLYING ANDHELPING GIRLS HANDLE THE DANGERS OF LIFE ONLINEWhen Odd Girl Out was first published, it became an instant bestseller and ignited a long-overdue conversation about the hidden culture of female bullying. Today the dirty looks, taunting notes, and social exclusion that plague girls’ friendships have gained new momentum in cyberspace.In this updated edition, educator and bullying expert Rachel Simmons gives girls, parents, and educators proven and innovative strategies for navigating social dynamics in person and online, as well as brand new classroom initiatives and step-by-step parental suggestions for dealing with conventional bullying. With up-to-the-minute research and real-life stories, Odd Girl Out continues to be the definitive resource on the most pressing social issues facing girls today.READING GROUP GUIDE AND TEACHER’S GUIDE available at

The Girl of O. K. Valley

Author: Robert Watson

Publisher: Good Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 156

View: 3591

"The Girl of O. K. Valley" by Robert Watson. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Our Stories, Our Voices

Author: Amy Reed,Julie Murphy,Sandhya Menon,Ellen Hopkins,Amber Smith,Nina LaCour,Stephanie Kuehnert,Sona Charaipotra,Anna-Marie McLemore,Brandy Colbert,Martha Brockenbrough,Jaye Robin Brown,Maurene Goo,Aisha Saeed,Jenny Torres Sanchez,Hannah Moskowitz,Ilene (I.W.) Gregorio,Tracy Deonn,Somaiya Daud,Christine Day,Alexandra Duncan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1534409017

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 320

View: 1862

“Truthful and empowering.” —Booklist From Amy Reed, Ellen Hopkins, Amber Smith, Nina LaCour, Sandhya Menon, and more of your favorite YA authors comes an “outstanding anthology” (School Library Connection) of essays that explore the diverse experiences of injustice, empowerment, and growing up female in America. This collection of twenty-one essays from major YA authors—including award-winning and bestselling writers—touches on a powerful range of topics related to growing up female in today’s America, and the intersection with race, religion, and ethnicity. Sure to inspire hope and solidarity to anyone who reads it, Our Stories, Our Voices belongs on every young woman’s shelf. This anthology features essays from Martha Brockenbrough, Jaye Robin Brown, Sona Charaipotra, Brandy Colbert, Somaiya Daud, Christine Day, Alexandra Duncan, Ilene Wong (I.W.) Gregorio, Maurene Goo. Ellen Hopkins, Stephanie Kuehnert, Nina LaCour, Anna-Marie LcLemore, Sandhya Menon, Hannah Moskowitz, Julie Murphy, Aisha Saeed, Jenny Torres Sanchez, Amber Smith, and Tracy Walker.