Author: Guy Donahaye,Eddie Stern

Publisher: North Point Press

ISBN: 1429980427

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 464

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AN UNPRECEDENTED PORTRAIT OF A GREAT YOGA TEACHER AND THE WAYS IN WHICH TEACHINGS AND TRADITIONS ARE PASSED ON It is a rare and remarkable soul who becomes legendary during the course of his life by virtue of great service to others. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois was such a soul, and through his teaching of yoga, he transformed the lives of countless people. The school in Mysore that he founded and ran for more than sixty years trained students who, through the knowledge they received and their devotion, have helped to spread the daily practice of traditional Ashtanga yoga to tens of thousands around the world. Guruji paints a unique portrait of a unique man, revealed through the accounts of his students. Among the thirty men and women interviewed here are Indian students from Jois's early teaching days; intrepid Americans and Europeans who traveled to Mysore to learn yoga in the 1970s; and important family members who studied as well as lived with Jois and continue to practice and teach abroad or run the Ashtanga Yoga Institute today. Many of the contributors (as well as the authors) are influential teachers who convey their experience of Jois every day to students in many different parts of the globe. Anyone interested in the living tradition of yoga will find Guruji richly rewarding.

Divine Connect

Author: Tina Sobti

Publisher: Tina Sobti


Category: Philosophy

Page: 26

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Form an unbreakable connect with this astounding being of divine light by reading the ‘Divine Connect’ and experience the most virtuous path of not only walking towards the wonderful source of divine light ‘GuruJi’ but also form a deep and loving connection with him in order to attain his blessings which can transform one’s life beautifully and fill it with an utmost splendour.

Guru Nanak and Sikh Guru

Author: M.D. Sharma

Publisher: Mahesh Dutt Sharma



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One can find a perfect combination of simplicity and spirituality in the personality of Guru Nanak Devji. He was a prophet as well as a universal chief, a devotee and a mentor, a poet and a lyricist, a singer and a composer, a wanderer and a native. It is truly said, ‘Nanak Shah Monk. Hindu’s Guru and Muslim’s sectarian leader. Around 550 years ago, on the holy land of India, an epoch-making, philosopher, revolutionary, socialist, religious, preacher of immortality and a visibility of ultimate spiritual light seen was born. This person was named as Nanak. The radiance of Allah and light of God in Nanak was recognized first by simplex daulta, Nanakji’s sister, and Nawab Rai Baular. When Pandit Hardyl saw Nanakji, at that very moment he commented that this boy was super-human from the light of God. Brother Guru Dasji also has said beautifully, “The birth of Sat Guru Nanak is like the end of sorrows in humanity. From childhood, Nanakji was a saint like nature. His mind was more on spirituality and the welfare of the society. For the welfare of the society, through his education, he had opposed the differences between Hindus and Muslims, and the false religious practices. He focused more on the sanctity of mind, simplicity, divinity, and behavior to be the only path for every human to reach God. He said, “Allah has said that all are God’s children, God has created all.” When Guru Nanakji met Siddhi, they asked him about his caste; on this, he replied, ‘Regard everyone to be of the same caste and creed, as no one is small or big, as taught by our holy books.’ Guru Nanakji had established simplicity and equality thinking amongst humans. His principle was to achieve control on the mind because the person who gets success in controlling his mind is the only one who can control the world. This success cannot be gained through weapons or bombs, rather, only through principles. After this win, it is a lifetime win. When was he questioned that under his eyes whether Hindu was bigger or Muslim? He gave a very beautiful and straight reply that, ‘Without good actions, both are useless. At the doors of God and Allah, that person is only accepted who is true by character, helpful, and follows his purpose of life. In the world, everyone bends down for selfishness, and not for others. He says very clearly that there is no sense in bending your head when your mind is not pure. He believes that just by showing off, you will not achieve anything because God is Supreme Being who can read everyone’s mind. Nanakji, in one of his teachings, has also warned us to be away from hypocrisy and falsehood because they are pervasive in humanity. He puts more emphasis on the word of God by following the directions of awaking individuals, rather than the minds of the frustrated peoples. In this E-Book, we are going to present about Nanakji’s birth, life, preaching, and messages to all.

Balagokulam Guide

Author: Yoginder Gupta


ISBN: 1105434346


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The Boy From Allahabad

Author: Ruchir Verma

Publisher: novum pro Verlag

ISBN: 3990642170

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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... Blinded by ambition, he only slipped deeper until it was too late. And then, Allahabad came to rescue once again... Allahabad, the holy Hindu city situated at the confluence of three rivers - sacred Ganga, mighty Yamuna and invisible Saraswati, hosts the largest gathering of humans ever - the 'Kumbh Mela'. It has a sizable Muslim population (Allahabad - place of God) and is known for producing disproportionate number of prominent politicians. Born and abandoned helpless during Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, Balu found himself through Gods, religions and ambition, and went on to lead a high life of crime and politics. Defining himself as both Hindu and Muslim, he ruled Allahabad through drugs, love and acumen. Efforts to quit the life of crime took him to Asia, Europe and USA but to no salvation...

Engaged Buddhism in the West

Author: Christopher S. Queen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861718410

Category: Philosophy

Page: 560

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Engaged Buddhism is founded on the belief that genuine spiritual practice requires an active involvement in society. Engaged Buddhism in the West illuminates the evolution of this new chapter in the Buddhist tradition - including its history, leadership, and teachings - and addresses issues such as violence and peace, race and gender, homelessness, prisons, and the environment. Eighteen new studies explore the activism of renowned leaders and organizations, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Bernard Glassman, Joanna Macy, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, and the Free Tibet Movement, and the emergence of a new Buddhism in North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

Post Googlism and Other Short Stories

Author: R C Natarajan

Publisher: Manipal Universal Press

ISBN: 938833700X

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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This collection of short stories is for the fast-paced millennials, whom the author calls “The Post Googlist Generation” who want everything hastily, at their fingertips and on the go. The language has also shrunk in size to allow the pace. The world-view of this generation is that what cannot be done through an app cannot and should not be done. Their expectations of a story are a striking start, a quickly built middle and an interesting end. Stories in the collection seek to meet these expectations of this generation talking to them in their own language. They also echo the changing lives and changing aspirations of the time.

The Saffron Surge Untold Story of RSS Leadership

Author: Arun Anand

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

ISBN: 9353222656

Category: Political Science

Page: 230

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Right since its inception, there has been a tradition in the RSS of not highlighting the work of an individual, so the lives and work done by the Sarsanghchalaks have not been discussed publicly much. The general perception is that the RSS chief (Sarsanghchalak) is one of the most powerful persons in the country as he holds swayÊover millions of swayamsevaks (volunteers) Êand Êdozens Êof organisations Êrun Êby Êthese swayamsevaks Êincluding Êthe Bharatiya ÊJanata Party which rules at the Centre as well as in several states. But what is the truth? What role Sarsanghchalaks have played in shaping the RSS? This well researched book takes one through the lives of the five Sarsanghchalaks Êwho had steered RSS since its inception through one of its most tumultuous years. It tells a hitherto untold story about not only the lives of the Sarsanghchalaks but also the journey of the RSS itself.

Bff Vs Bae

Author: Janmejay Singh

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1543707807

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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In the modern world of complicated love relationships, life turns around for a young, meek, shy Jatt boy residing in the Jatt village of south Delhi when he accidentally meets a posh, sophisticated south Delhi girl in a bizarre accident and how love strikes... But there is one hell of an obstacle that this Jatt boy has to endure... and the obstacle is no one else but the girl’s BFF, who is a sensible, smart, sleek, south Delhi guy and he would leave no stone unturned just to check if the Jatt boy is eligible for his BFF. Here the battle lines are etched as the Jatt boy has to prove his worth not only to the girl he is madly in love with, but also to the girl’s guy BFF. A fun whacky drama ensures between BFF and BAE. Who will the girl choose?? Will it be her BFF or will it be her BAE?

Baba Amte

Author: Hans Staffner

Publisher: Popular Prakashan

ISBN: 9788171546749

Category: Humanists

Page: 109

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