Heart Full of Lies

Author: Ann Rule

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743410137

Category: True Crime

Page: 447

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Discusses the investigation and trial of Liysa Northon, who was convicted for killing her husband in 2000 after setting up a crime scene made to look like she herself escaped, a case that eventually linked her to a series of violent crimes against a series of men. Reprint.

A Nation in Crisis

Author: Ray C. Stedman

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

ISBN: 1627077812

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Remember. Realize. Return. Beware. These four words summarize God's message through His prophet, Jeremiah, who tried to once again point Judah to the right path. The nation was slowly falling apart, losing its strength and forsaking God, as the people elevated themselves. It was a time very similar to our own. Ray Stedman takes you step-by-step through key passages in the book of Jeremiah, showing how the prophet faithfully followed God and called the people to repentance. For us today, Jeremiah stands as an example—that having faith in the living God can set us free in the midst of a decaying society.

The Heart of God

Author: Jung Ae Lee

Publisher: e퍼플


Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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I have forgotten myself for many days while I was hearing the words of God, writing them, and editing them in the touch of the Holy Spirit since the day I began to experience the presence of God. When I was touched by the Holy Spirit, my body and mind were not mine, but these became instruments of God. I was I, but I was not I; I was I, but I could not move as I wish. Sometimes the quick voice of God came down and I wrote it. Sometimes the voice turned into sentences so that I was amazed to see them come into my mind and I wrote them down. These articles were not written one by one. When the Lord gave dozens of titles at a time, He also gave articles according to them. So I wrote down them. Sometimes I wrote articles without titles, and after writing He gave the titles. When I continue to write randomly, the former and the latter are often matched. Whatever message I received and wrote, I did not do anything for it. I wrote them only as an instrument of the Lord. And sometimes I entered into the hearts of the people the Holy Spirit has opened and I heard and wrote what their inner voices. There are also some articles that are based on what I heard from the conversations of others. In the mysterious and incredible world of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, I fell down before Him for twenty-six months in order to write these articles. The number of titles I received from Him was over one thousand and two hundred, and the number of articles I received was over nine hundred. When I received my first article, I prayed and God forcefully gave it to me. However, at this time I just pray in front of the keyboard in order to receive messages. I hope these messages from the Lord will reveal the greatness of the Lord and thereby I and all people glorify the Lord. I hope that the leaders and people who have broken God’s heart will turn to the right attitude because of these messages of the Lord, and those who have made the Lord’s heart sad will be the ones who please Him. Finally, at the end of each message of the Lord is provided the date or year of writing.

The Dark Order of the Elite

Author: Dylan S. Mellor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149906182X


Page: 832

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In the Name of Love

Author: Ann Rule

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 067179356X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 432

View: 4338

A collection of true crime cases includes the case of Jerry Harris, a self-made millionaire whose disappearance prompted his wife's eight-year search for answers

714 Lyrics Book I

Author: One Girl Inc

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462082933

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 656

View: 9239

LYRICS FOR ALL TIMES. TIME REVEALS / TIME HEALS Being is best felt in a song.

The End Of The Dream The Golden Boy Who Never Grew Up

Author: Ann Rule

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671793578

Category: Crime

Page: 523

View: 5283

They were best friends, four talented and charismatic young men who lived charmed lives among the evergreens of Washington state: Kevin, the artist; Steve, the sculptor; Scott, the nature lover and unabashed ladies' man; and Mark, the musician and poet. With their stunning good looks, whip-sharp minds, athletic bodies - and no lack of women who adored them - none of them seemed slated for disaster.

Living in the Light (eBook)

Author: Retah McPherson

Publisher: Christian Art Publishers

ISBN: 1432109057

Category: Religion

Page: 340

View: 7440

We try our best to be the person others expect us to be, but we often lose track of ourselves in the process. In her book LIVING IN THE LIGHT Retah McPherson reminds us that only God knows who we really are. Through 101 devotions she highlights that we first need to connect with God in spirit and in truth before we can truly know ourselves. The devotions are divided into 10 thematic sections. Some of these themes include: - Knowing God’s Heart - Taking Up Your Position - Breaking the Shackles - Prayer Changes Things LIVING IN THE LIGHT also allows readers to write down a personal prayer at the end of each chapter about their daily journey in God’s light.