Heaven is Real, But So is Hell

Author: Vassula Ryden

Publisher: Alexian Limited

ISBN: 9780983009306

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 7557

Describes the author's encounters with God and Jesus and the messages they revealed to her about humanity, providing answers to questions about the existence of heaven and hell and whether there will be divine justice.

Hell is for Real

Author: Gary Frazier

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 161458432X

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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According to the results of recent surveys, Americans overwhelmingly believe that HEAVEN exists, though a much smaller number believe that HELLexists, with only one-tenth of one percent believing they will go there when they die. Gary Frazier helps readers: Discern what beliefs are based on fact or fiction Discover the truth in the midst of so much deception Understand the depth of Scripture that speaks of HELL more than HEAVEN. Hell is for Real is a clear search for truth, and truth matters for the simple reason that we all have a divine appointment with death. What if those who do not believe in HELL die one day and find they made a tragic and eternal mistake? Where do we turn for real answers? Should we look to movies, television, and stories of personal experiences, psychics, or religion? Cemeteries and mausoleums dot the landscape of America as evidence and reminders of the sad reality of death. The good news is there is a source of hope that provides answers for each and every one who cares to seek the truth. Join the search and choose wisely because, eternity is too long to be wrong and Hell is for Real.

True Life in God

Author: Vassula Ryden

Publisher: Alexian

ISBN: 9780983009313

Category: Religion

Page: 1200

View: 4244

Is there life after death? Are we living in the last days? Is there a heaven and hell? Does everything happen for a reason? If God is good, why does he allow suffering? Following a profound spiritual experience in 1985 Vassula Ryden commenced a dialogue with God that continues to this day. All of these conversations have been recorded in hand written journals which are now reproduced as a single printed volume. The message that Vassula brings is that God is calling all of humanity to turn our hearts back to Him before a time of justice comes upon us and the world undergoes trials and purifications. Jesus is returning, but it may not be the way we think.

Posting from Proverbs

Author: Nick Harris

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1664220321

Category: Religion

Page: 398

View: 2379

The book of Proverbs has been a source of wisdom and guidance for individuals, families and churches for centuries. After retiring, the author started a daily devotional and posted it on social media. This book is the fruit of those labors. Each verse is pondered thoughtfully and is followed by a brief prayer.

Heaven or Hell

Author: Geraldine M. Cool

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490732845

Category: Self-Help

Page: 168

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This book is about the vast differences between heaven and hell. It tells of Geraldine's experiences after a suicide attempt and what happens to her on her journey through heaven and hell. This book tells of the horrors she went through while in hell and the wonders she beheld while in heaven. She prays the horrors she went through that no one else will have to endure. This book tells how people can become children of God and be assured a place in heaven.

The Day I Died

Author: Freddy Vest

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1621365441

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 226

View: 8651

A rodeo performer describes his near-death experience and how he glimpsed the majesty of heaven after suffering a heart attack.

Visits to Heaven and Back: Are They Real?

Author: Mark Hitchcock

Publisher: NavPress

ISBN: 149640484X

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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What will heaven really be like? Today’s bestseller lists are filled with stories of those who have claimed to experienced heaven firsthand. Curiosity about what will happen after we die is as strong as ever in the twenty-first century. Yet, each book contains a different story about what we will experience in heaven. What are we to believe? What is true? In Visits to Heaven and Back: Are They Real? Mark Hitchcock, a respected Bible teacher, sorts out the facts. He chronicles the recent phenomenon of “heaven” books, comparing and contrasting the ideas presented in these books and revealing the discrepancies and contradictions. Then, Mark turns to the Bible, laying out clearly the teachings about heaven and experiences in this life of another world. The Bible does reveal that there is a world beyond this one, but it also contains clear warnings and amazing promises. Discover today God’s clear and certain promises concerning heaven.

Walking by Faith

Author: Angus Buchan

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 0857216600

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 1991

A volume of daily readings from this remarkable evangelist and speaker, who speaks to gatherings of tens of thousands all over the world. For each day there is a Bible reading, meditation and prayer. This is full of distilled wisdom generated from the long hours that Angus spends in solitude, reflection and prayer: in his study, or walking the acres of his beloved farm in South Africa.

Hell is Real So is Heaven

Author: D.J. Morris

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1098065883

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 78

View: 8324

My "how to escape going to Hell" and "how to be assured of going to heaven when you die" has been well documented with Bible verses based in the King James Version. Also presented was the coming again of Jesus Christ to meet the born-again in the clouds in the rapture, and the tribulation coming to those who are not born-again and go into the tribulation but even in those seven perilous times many will come to accept Christ as savior and meet in heaven. I am looking forward to seeing many of my family and friends again in "glory," which is another word for heaven. The choice is up to you!

Marian Apparitions in Ireland

Author: Brian Nugent

Publisher: Brian Nugent

ISBN: 1326139924

Category: Religion

Page: 507

View: 8332

This book seeks to describe and map the numerous Marian apparition sites around Ireland from the late 19th to the end of the 20th century. Beginning with an introduction on modern private revelation, by Peter Bannister, it includes chapters on Louise Lateau, Knock, Mount Melleray Grotto, Ballinspittle, Inchigeelagh, Denis O'Leary, Padraig Caughey and much more.