The High Achiever's Guide

Author: Maki Moussavi

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1642500224

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

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Redefine Success from the Ground Up Readers of books such as You Are a Badass, Limitless, The Big Leap, Designing Your Life or Who Says You Can't? You Do will love The High Achiever’s Guide. Decide what success means for you: Are you trapped in a gilded cage of your own making? Conventionally successful, but not necessarily fulfilled? You’re making money, have a career and lifestyle that you thought you always wanted. But now you’re there and it’s not all you expected it to be. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. A dismal one out of three people report feeling happy with their lives, so what do you do about it? You Do You: Maki Moussavi knows firsthand how it feels to be stuck in the rut of conventional success. A former corporate career professional, Moussavi's early life was filled with messages of working hard, chasing the dream, getting degrees, and making money. After creating the “success” that she’d been taught to value, she found herself questioning how the hell she ended up feeling stuck, restless and unfulfilled. But through a journey of self-examination, she learned how to raise the bar of self-expectation and thrive. And now, The High Achiever’s Guide shares her best tools and processes to determine what fulfillment means to you, so you can thrive with empowered confidence. The High Achiever’s Guide pilots you through four major themes of personal development: • Clarifying your limiting beliefs and the outdated mindset that has been holding you back • Identifying the external or internal factors that drive you • Making space for the new, updated mindset that will take you to the next level • Showing you how to take inspired action and commit to the vision you have created for your life

The High Achiever's Guide to Happiness

Author: Vance Caesar,Carol Ann Caesar

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452206287

Category: Education

Page: 184

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Do you feel that happiness and fulfillment are still missing even after reaching the high goals you set for yourself? This inspirational resource is a must for leaders who want to connect personal values, vision, and satisfaction to life and work. In this simple, straightforward leadership coaching guide, the authors provide seven keys to gaining fulfillment in your life and work: This inspirational resource is a must for leaders who want to connect personal values, vision, and satisfaction to life and work. In this simple, straightforward leadership coaching guide, the authors provide seven keys to gaining fulfillment in your life and work: Discovering your Purpose Possessing Vision Finding Meaningful Work Energizing Relationships Creating Peace Reviewing, Renewing, and Recommitting Forming Discipline

12 Traits of the High Achiever

Author: Jeff Davidson

Publisher: Breathing Space Institute


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 15

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Learn different traits of over achievers that one can emulate

Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers

Author: John R. Noe

Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers

ISBN: 9780883910962

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 183

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So many Christians are going through life settling for mediocre, settling for second best and choosing the path of least resistance, but the author reminds them that the first mountain we need to conquer is that of ourselves and that God wants us to accomplish great things for His Glory. Reissue.

The International Journal of Indian Psychology, Volume 2, Issue 1, No. 1

Author: IJIP.In

Publisher: Lulu International Press & RED'SHINE Publication. Inc

ISBN: 1365016501

Category: Psychology

Page: 185

View: 9911

The International Journal of Indian Psychology (ISSN 2348-5396) is an academic journal that examines the intersection of psychology, home sciences, and education. IJIP is published quarterly and is available in electronic versions. Our expedited review process allows for a thorough analysis by expert peer-reviewers within a time line that is much more favorable than many other academic publications

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

Author: Mark P. Zanna

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0120152266

Category: Psychology

Page: 433

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This volume offers essays on advances in the field of experimental social psychology. Topics discussed include: attitudes to high achievers; tactical communication and social interaction; social comparisons, legitimacy appraisals and group memberships; and stereotypes.

The Self Improvement Book

Author: Can Akdeniz,Jonas Stark

Publisher: Best Business Books

ISBN: 1500162434

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Looking for the ultimate self-improvement guide so that you can take matters into your own hands and jump start or rejuvenate your career? Look no further than The Self-Improvement Book: A Guide Book for Success and Personal Development. The Self-Improvement Book is actually a set of four already popular books by renowned business and entrepreneurship authors Can Akdeniz and Jonas Stark. The set includes: The Nine Routines of Successful People: A Guidebook for Personal Change, Problem Solver: An Amazing Way to Deal with Problems and Personal Challenges, Surpass the Average: Learn the Seven Traits of High Achievers, and Productivity Masterclass: Learning to Work Smarter and Faster.

Applied Ethics

Author: Akhileshwar Prasad Dubey (ed)

Publisher: Northern Book Centre

ISBN: 9788172111526

Category: Applied ethics

Page: 196

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This book is a priceless formula To become an enduring winner and achieve success unlimited. You will be able to discover how to transform your limiting beliefs and take control of your life with the following powerful feelings: - Turn your fears and negative feelings into positive tools - Discover your strengths and skills - Aspire big and make things happen - Manage your emotions in right proportion - Do things innovatively - Set your vision and goals in a practical way - Do right things for right reasons - Cope with stress effectively and manage it properly