Hooligan’s Alley

Author: Joanna Kelly

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462058248

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

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Fueled with in-depth research and personal recollections, Hooligan’s Alley presents a historic novel embracing generations of early European immigrants and their amazing struggles. In the style of a novel, author Joanna Kelly tells the true story of Wilhelmina Huebner Metting, an orphaned farm girl who uprooted her life in Germany to search for an aunt living far away in America. Her quest took her to New York’s infamous Hell’s Kitchen, an area of overcrowded slums, lumberyards, slaughterhouses, factories, and immigrants troubled by poverty and violence. There, seventeen-year-old Wilhelmina started a seamstress business and kept cows on a vacant city lot. Wilhelmina was, above all things, a passionate social reformer. She encountered American society first during the Civil War, a time of great social unrest. Her involvement with the Colored Orphan Asylum put her in the center of the New York City Draft Riots, the largest uprising in the history of the United States. Wilhelmina’s story inspired Kelly, who fleshed out the few hard facts she could find with a lovingly researched fictional visit to a long-lost time and place in America’s history. “Joanna Kelly...draws special strength from her Quaker faith as well as her insatiable thirst for history in writing her first novel, Hooligan’s Alley. She is a gifted writer who explores her love of music, wildflowers, and passion for family in weaving this remarkable series of adventures that will set your heart to racing, while stretching your own recollections and imagination. Hooligan’s Alley is a must-read for New Yorkers and history lovers, and everyone who cares about origins and family.” —E. Barrie Kavasch best-selling author of The Medicine Wheel Garden

The Hooligan's Return

Author: Norman Manea

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300206321

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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Romanian exile Norman Manea’s internationally acclaimed memoir/novel, now available to English-language readers At the center of The Hooligan’s Return is the author himself, always an outcast, on a bleak lifelong journey through Nazism and communism to exile in America. But while Norman Manea’s book is in many ways a memoir, it is also a deeply imaginative work, traversing time and place, life and literature, dream and reality, past and present. Autobiographical events merge with historic elements, always connecting the individual with the collective destiny. Manea speaks of the bloodiest time of the twentieth century and of the emergence afterward of a global, competitive, and sometimes cynical modern society. Both a harrowing memoir and an ambitious epic project, The Hooligan’s Return achieves a subtle internal harmony as anxiety evolves into a delicate irony and a burlesque fantasy. Beautifully written and brilliantly conceived, this is the work of a writer with an acute understanding of the vast human potential for both evil and kindness, obedience and integrity.

The Hooligan's Table

Author: David Martin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462073313

Category: Cooking

Page: 168

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After playing rugby, one of the most physically challenging games you can play, both sides shake hands and walk off the field togetherand then sit down to a pint and a meal. The Hooligans Table showcases the spirit of camaraderie for which rugby is known around the world and across the table. Author David Martin brings over thirty years of playing rugby and going to the pub after rugby games to the writing of this book. He has included recipes such as cheddar and stout soup, beer can chicken, the hangover cure sandwich, and cowboy cookiesall of which come from players, coaches, friends, and pubs where rugby is on the menu as well. In addition to providing the recipes for the definitive rugby meal, this collection also offers energetic stories of games and meals; it invites you to sit down with other rugby players at The Hooligans Table. In the spirit of rugby, everyones invited; discover some great ways to create your own hooligans table.

Football Hooligans in England

Author: Thomas Schachtebeck

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 364080886X


Page: 56

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2007 in the subject English - Miscellaneous, grade: 2,0, Free University of Berlin (Fachbereich Englisch), course: Verttiefungsmodul Culture - Gender - Media II, language: English, abstract: Contents 1Introduction 2Spotlight on Football Hooligans - A Theoretical Background 2.1Defining the Terms "Hooligan" and "Hooliganism" 2.2The History of Football Hooliganism in England 2.3The Subculture of Football Hooligans - Specific Characteristics, Attitudes and Behaviour Patterns 2.4A Typical Day of Football Hooligans 3The Representation of Masculinity in John King's The Football Factory 3.1The Meaning of Violence and Gang Fights 3.2The Importance of Male Bonding 3.3Male Sexuality and the Protagonist's Attitude towards Women 4Conclusion References [...] The reason why the phenomenon of hooliganism is so strongly linked to football is because this kind of sport is seen "as an appropriate venue for [...] aggressive rivalries, partly because of the working class roots and traditions of the game but also because of the culturally prescribed 'territorial' and masculine values which are intrinsic to it." (Sir Norman Chester Centre for Football Research 2001: 1) Thus, there is no doubt that typical attitudes and emotions representing "true masculinity" (Holt 1989: 8), such as the celebration of physical strength and the loyalty to 'mates' or to a specific territory, are traditional and popular features of football culture. [...] Since meanwhile, the male-dominated subculture of football hooligans has not only grown to a serious problem in England but also in many other countries around Europe, football-related antisocial behaviour has become a subject to much discussion about masculinity and subcultures in the fields of academics and the media over the past several years and decades. Consequently, my paper aims at presenting football hooliganism as a male subculture with its own values and rituals, which are clearly different fr

Happy Hooligan

Author: Frederick Burr Opper

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 110

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The Subsistence Hooligan Fishery of the Chilkat and Chilkoot Rivers

Author: Martha F. Betts

Publisher: N.A


Category: Alaska

Page: 69

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Report presenting the findings of an ethnographic study of the subsistence hooligan (Thaleichthys pacificus) fishery of the Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers in southeast Alaska. It was found that holligan fishery was conducted primarily by the Chilkat (Jilkáat) and Chilkoot (Lkoot) Tlingits of Klukwan and Haines.

O'Hooligan's Fine Forms

Author: Thomas Curran Ryan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 157

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Football Hooligans

Author: Gary Armstrong

Publisher: Berg Publishers

ISBN: 9781859739570

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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This book examines how groups of young male fans come to be defined and identified as football `hooligans and challenges the assumption that violence is wholly central to the match-day experience for these supporters. Rather, the creation of identity is at the root of hooliganism, with all the cultural values and rituals, codes of honour and shame, and communal patterns of behaviour and consumption that accompany it. The author locates hooliganism historically within the milieu of an industrial working class culture and examines ideas of performance and ritual encompassed in idealized masculinity. The book is based on a decades in-depth study of the `Blades, a group of football fans supporting Sheffield United, who are notorious for their hooliganism. It contributes to the debate on football hooliganism by challenging many traditionally-held notions of hooliganism and by providing the first anthropological study of football violence. The book also debunks the myth that violence between football fans is organized by `generals operating within hierarchically structured groups. Falsehoods such as this, it is argued, are advanced to augment the powers of the police and media in redefining and controlling particular groups of individuals whose behaviour does not fit easily within increasingly constrictive codes of social conduct. This book represents essential reading not only for undergraduates of social anthropology, sociology and criminology but also for the general reader with an interest in football culture.

Love in All Corners

Author: John Baldwin Buckstone

Publisher: N.A



Page: 11

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