How to Starve Cancer

Author: Jane McLelland

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ISBN: 9780951951736

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"Jane McLelland was only 30 when she was diagnosed with cancer. A few years later it was stage 4 (or terminal) and had spred to her lungs. Expected to live 12 weeks, she refused to believe there weren't any effective drugs or therapies. Her scientific training meant she was able to examine and digest hundreds of research papers she found in libraries, journals and online - and the conclusion she reached astonished her ... This is the story of how she took on her illness, changed her diet, educated herself, persuaded her oncologist and other doctors to prescribe her an unusual cocktail of commonly used drugs - some of which are already in many people's medicine cabinets - these made the difference between life and death ..."--Publisher description.

Summary of Jane Mclelland's How to Starve Cancer ...without starving yourself

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The field of oncology emerged in the 1950s with the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to target the cell’s gene and the cell cycle. What was not recognized was the altered metabolism, which was found to be common to all cancers. #2 The somatic theory is that the cancer is in the body’s cells, and that treating the cancer metabolism will reach the stem cell and offer the chance for a cure. But these treatments are much slower, taking many months. #3 The war between the two camps, alternative and conventional, has escalated over the years, and it is confusing and frightening for patients. What they want is to get better, but they are being over-treated and poisoned with too much chemotherapy. #4 You should find a nutritionist experienced with intermittent fasting, ketogenic, low glycaemic, macrobiotic or reduced-protein diets. They should tailor your nutrient intake to your personal requirements, and make sure that the diet is neither unnecessarily complex or extreme.

How to Starve Cancer: Without Starving Yourself Second Edition

Author: Jane McLelland

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780951951743

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After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, Jane dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jane's approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protocol, achieving remarkable successes. This book is a game-changing new dawn in the treatment of cancer. An international publishing sensation. This page-turning inspirational read is updated with a new 'Metro Map', Jane's unique and revolutionary route map to starving cancer. A glossary and index will also be included. Written in two sections, in Part 1 Jane intertwines her remarkable life story of 'terminal cancer' to full recovery, describing how she discovered a unique cocktail of off label drugs (drugs usually prescribed for other conditions) and supplements that effectively starve the cancer stem cell, the cell left behind by conventional treatment. Treatment for the stem cell is hailed as the Holy Grail, so this book plugs the missing piece into why we do not have a cure for cancer. Lead cancer researchers at top oncology centers are now using this book as a guide and Jane has a huge following of tens of thousands on Facebook. Testimonials abound from happy and delighted recovered patients and from oncologists who use her methods. National press, TV and radio have already covered Jane's ground-breaking research. Much more is in the pipeline with two documentaries and a possible movie in the future. Jane won the 'Amazing Women Global' Lifetime Achievement 2019 and the New York Big Book Award 2019

How to starve cancer

Author: Kelly Leary

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You Are About To Learn The Ins And Outs Of Cancer, Including How To Starve Cancer Cells Naturally Using Different Techniques To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Therapy! Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, accounting for about 10 million deaths, yet, according to the World Health Organization, many of these deaths can be avoided. If you've been affected directly or indirectly by this condition, having enough of the right information can save your life and that of anyone close to you, who might or might not have been diagnosed with it yet. But I imagine this is not the first place you've come looking for answers, in which case, you must have been wondering: What is the true nature of cancer? How does cancer grow? Is there a way to defeat the condition naturally? Can I survive and go back to normal if I am diagnosed with cancer? If I am right, then you're at the right place, which I'm proud to say will be the last place you'll ever visit to get answers. This book is here to give you a clear insight into one of the most frustrating conditions on the planet. It goes into the details of the nature of cancer, how cancer grows and how scientists starve the cancer cells to stop their proliferation and harm in the human body, as well as what you need to do to improve your body's fighting ability and reduce the risk of these harmful cells and so many other details that you need to know to understand this condition inside out. More precisely, the book will teach you: The basics of cancer, including what it really is, how it develops, the different types of cancer and more What cancer cells need to grow and how to use your understanding of the nature of cancer cells to starve them The risks that come with cancer How to eat to defeat cancer today and everyday How the immune system works How cancer starvation therapy works The VDAs-based cancer starvation therapy How to use glutamine to starve cancer cells …And so much more! So if you've been on a search for a comprehensive, insightful and detailed beginners' guide to cancer, which is not only simple but interesting and motivating to read, then herein lies what you've been looking for. In a minute, you'll be armed with all the information you require to confidently know what is being done about cancer in the hidden cancer research and treatment facilities, and the part you have to play to handle and prevent it to save your life, or that of someone close to you. You don't have to waste another second, Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

Summary of Jane McLelland's How to Starve Cancer

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Buy now to get the main key ideas from Jane McLelland's How to Starve Cancer In How to Starve Cancer (2018), Jane McLelland guides readers through her challenging experience with cancer and how she found alternative treatments far less harmful than conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. By chronicling her personal battle, she aims to assure cancer patients that they can take control of their destiny by following a cancer-suppressing approach that includes starving the disease, weakening its cells, adopting a strict diet, adding available and affordable supplements, and exercising. Jane is now considered a medical exception who has defeated advanced cancer not once, but three times.

The Complete Guide to Starve Cancer & Intermittent Fasting

Author: Dr Patrick Jeff

Publisher: N.A



Page: 88

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After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, JEFF threw himself into research. Already medically knowledgeable as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Jeff dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jeff approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protaocol, achieving remarkable successes. This book is a game-changing new dawn in the treatment of cancer.


Author: Emy Skye

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781801910521


Page: 160

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55% OFF FOR BOOKSTORES! NOW AT $ 24,95 INSTEAD OF 35,95! Do you know there are several ways to starv, without starving yourself? Although we have all heard the term "cancer" in many sources, the exact facts and details of the disease are not well known. Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and can be completely cured if it is discovered at an early age. It is therefore a must to be aware of this, and this book is a summary of the facts and details related to this disease.' This is a very depressing reality and a terrible situation that a large number of cancer patients have to come to terms with. All this pain and suffering and still not cancer-free. That is the reason why Emy Skye has decided to write on " EAT TO BEAT DISEASE." Remember that " health is wealth". The content of this book talks more about how to prevent diseases.

How to Starve Cancer

Author: Brian Dale, MD

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Cаnсеr іѕ аn аbnоrmаl grоwth of cells. Cаnсеr сеllѕ rаріdlу rерrоduсе despite rеѕtrісtіоn of space, nutrіеntѕ ѕhаrеd by оthеr cells, оr ѕіgnаlѕ ѕеnt frоm the bоdу tо ѕtор rерrоduсtіоn. Cancer сеllѕ are often ѕhареd dіffеrеntlу frоm hеаlthу сеllѕ, they dо nоt funсtіоn properly, аnd thеу can ѕрrеаd to mаnу аrеаѕ оf thе body. Tumors, abnormal grоwth оf tissue, аrе clusters оf сеllѕ thаt аrе сараblе of grоwіng аnd dіvіdіng uncontrollably; thеіr growth is not regulated. But аt that tіmе the lіnk tо оbеѕіtу and саnсеr was nоt аѕ wеll established аѕ іt іѕ now. No оnе talked about insulin receptors on саnсеr сеllѕ, аnd wеіght lоѕѕ іn a cancer patient was fеаrеd аnd nоt рrоmоtеd. In fасt, gaining аn "еxtrа 10 lbs" іn case уоu lost wеіght durіng trеаtmеnt was seen аѕ a gооd preemptive strategy. But, tіmеѕ hаvе сhаngеd, rеѕеаrсh hаѕ continued and now there are ѕоmе іndісаtіоnѕ thаt you саn ѕtаrvе саnсеr.

Starving Cancer Cells: Evidence-Based Strategies to Slow Cancer Progression

Author: Robert Fried,Richard M. Carlton,Dennis A. Fried

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128241349

Category: Science

Page: 246

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Starving Cancer Cells: Evidence-Based Strategies to Slow Cancer Progression — A Selection of Readings for Health Services Providers presents an edited and annotated collection of recent medical journal publications and abstracts illustrating new approaches to treatment derived from the metabolic theory of cancer. It intends to shed an early light on a relatively new approach to our understanding of the cancer cell idiosyncratic metabolic dysfunction, and on evidence-based new treatment strategies derived from that understanding. The book discusses topics such as tumor starvation by L-arginine deprivation; L-canavanine depriving tumors of L-arginine in pancreatic, multiple myeloma and breast cancer; glucose deprivation and intermittent fasting; glutamine uptake in cancer; the relation of oxygen-starved cancer cells with aspartate; and reducing tolerance of tumor cells to nutrition starvation. The content is presented in a contextualized and practical way in order to facilitate the transition from bench to bedside. This is a valuable resource for practitioners, oncologists and other members of healthcare chain who are interested in learning more about the most recent tumor cell starvation strategies and how they can improve overall treatment outcome. Provides extensive comments on scientific publications detailing recent findings about tumor cell auxotrophy applied to tumor cell starvation strategies Helps the reader to find relevant and practical information on cancer cell starvation, otherwise spread through niched specialized journals, in one single place Comments on the recent findings putting them in context of clinical practice in order to provide the reader with means of translating high level research to the clinics

How to Starve Cancer

Author: Emma Josh

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781077459359


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If you want to fight cancer, what should you eat? Do you believe that prevention is better than cure? Also do you fear that your lifestyle isn't healthy and may lead to serious illness? Or do you want to understand The Diet's Relationship with Cancer? The alkaline diet is the ultimate cancer-fighting diet due to its ability to provide all necessary nutrients that the body lacks to kick in its natural defenses. You see, a healthy body already has an internal mechanism that fights diseases and infections, including cancer. However, with our diet, we have weakened our system so that when some cancer cells come to be, for one reason or the other, our bodies are not well equipped to handle the challenge. It is also true that with the current diet, we have created quite a toxic environment so that our cells are surrounded by a toxic acidic environment that incites mutation. When a normal cells begins to go through the mutation process, it begins to subdivide and multiply at an incredibly rapid speed, so that tumors begin to develop. With time, a benign tumor can turn malignant, and the individual receives the earth-shattering diagnosis. With the alkaline diet, a positive cancer diagnosis should not scare you because with the diet, you will pack your body with the proper cancer-fighting nutrients and antioxidants, so that you remain healthy, and strong throughout your fight. You will be happy to know that there are some target foods you can take to intensify the fight for whichever cancer type you are battling. To that end, this book brings together the most accurate information in regards to cancer, the alkaline diet, the interaction between the two, information about diet pH and other critical details you ought to know as you dive into this pool of health. You will have a guide on the foods you can eat so that you do not keep guessing what you can and cannot eat. You will also be happy to know that this diet is not as restrictive as others, so you will not feel like you are missing out on anything. In this book you will learn: The most comprehensive and explicitly written details of the alkaline diet The most accurate information on cancer including what it is, how it comes about and different types of cancers The most plausible explanation for why cancer largely depends on the environment, both the natural and the man-made The clearest explanation of the relationship between cancer and the alkaline diet The most exhaustive list of alkaline foods that you should take up, along with their PRAL values and a list of the benefits they bring to your body A list of the cancers each food protects your from or helps you fight An explicit discussion of other diseases and conditions that the alkaline diet will help you fight Numerous credible testimonials of the benefits of the alkaline diet in regards to fighting cancer and other chronic conditions Pros and Cons of the Alkaline Diet Would You Like To Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and Buy now!