I Lived to Tell It All

Author: George Jones,Tom Carter

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0804180865

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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Boozing. Womanizing. Brawling. Singing. For the last forty years George Jones has reigned as the country's king--the singer many have called the Frank Sinatra of country. And for most of that time, his career has been marked by hard-living, hard-loving, and hard luck. From his early east Texas recordings through his marriage with Tammy Wynette to his latest acclaim as a solid citizen and "high-tech red-neck," Americans have been fascinated with Jones, never even knowing whether he's going to show up for his next concert. Now, in I Lived To Tell It All, George Jones supplies a no-holds-barred account of his excesses and ecstasies. How alcohol ruled his life and performances. How violence marred many friendships and relationships. How money was something to be made but never held on to. And, finally, how the love of a good woman can ultimately change a man, redeem him, and save his life.

Lived to Tell It

Author: Hanna Lulgjuraj-Murray

Publisher: Inkwell Productions

ISBN: 0983324719

Category: True Crime

Page: 210

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Lived to Tell It by Hanna Lulgjuraj-Murray is a compelling and riveting true crime story about survival and cour¬age. Hanna was living a beautiful fulfilled life that suddenly turned to horror as her raging husband stood across from her and fired his gun. The bullet hit her on the chest, her legs weakened and fell. She was left for dead. By some miracle she survived to tell her story. Reading Lived to Tell It, one will gain cour¬age and the power to overcome similar situations and give hope to every woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Miss Murray states, “If I can get through all of those horrifying experiences and become stronger and wiser, so can you! Look deep into your soul and know that you have the strength within yourself to set yourself free".

Redneck Liberation

Author: David Fillingim

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780865548411

Category: Music

Page: 170

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In this unique book, David Fillingim explores country music as a mode of theological expression. Following the lead of James Cone's classic, "The Spirituals and the Blues, Fillingim looks to country music for themes of theological liberation by and for the redneck community. The introduction sets forth the book's methodology and relates it to recent scholarship on country music. Chapter 1 contrasts country music with Southern gospel music--the sacred music of the redneck community--as responses to the question of theodicy, which a number of thinkers recognize as the central question of marginalized groups. The next chapter "The Gospel according to Hank," outlines the career of Hank Williams and follows that trajectory through the work of other artists whose work illustrates how the tradition negotiates Hank's legacy. "The Apocalypse according to Garth" considers the seismic shifts occuring during country music's popularity boom in the 1980s. Another chapter is dedicated to the women of country music, whose honky-tonky feminism parallels and intertwines with mainstream country music, which was dominated by men for most of its history. Written to entertain as well as educate and advance, "Redneck Liberation will appeal to anyone who is interested in country music, Southern religion, American popular religiosity, or liberation theology.

Wrong's What I Do Best

Author: Barbara Ching

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195169425

Category: Music

Page: 186

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This is the first study of "hard" country music as well as the first comprehensive application of contemporary cultural theory to country music. Barbara Ching begins by defining the features that make certain country songs and artists "hard." She compares hard country music to "high" American culture, arguing that hard country deliberately focuses on its low position in the American cultural hierarchy, comically singing of failures to live up to American standards of affluence, while mainstream country music focuses on nostalgia, romance, and patriotism of regular folk. With chapters on Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., Merle Haggard, George Jones, David Allan Coe, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, and the Outlaw Movement, this book is written in a jargon-free, engaging style that will interest both academic as well as general readers.


Author: John Milward

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252052811

Category: Music

Page: 304

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A musical genre forever outside the lines With a claim on artists from Jimmie Rodgers to Jason Isbell, Americana can be hard to define, but you know it when you hear it. John Milward’s Americanaland is filled with the enduring performers and vivid stories that are at the heart of Americana. At base a hybrid of rock and country, Americana is also infused with folk, blues, R&B, bluegrass, and other types of roots music. Performers like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, and Gram Parsons used these ingredients to create influential music that took well-established genres down exciting new roads. The name Americana was coined in the 1990s to describe similarly inclined artists like Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, and Wilco. Today, Brandi Carlile and I’m With Her are among the musicians carrying the genre into the twenty-first century. Essential and engaging, Americanaland chronicles the evolution and resonance of this ever-changing amalgam of American music. Margie Greve’s hand-embroidered color portraits offer a portfolio of the pioneers and contemporary practitioners of Americana.

The Man Who Carried Cash

Author: Julie Chadwick

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459737253

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 392

View: 7701

The unlikely, rocky relationship between an American country superstar and his straightlaced Canadian manager. Before there was Johnny and June, there was Johnny and Saul. The Man Who Carried Cash chronicles a relationship that was both volatile and affectionate between Johnny Cash and his manager, Saul Holiff. From roadside taverns to the roaring crowds at Madison Square Garden, from wrecked cars and jail cells all the way to the White House, the story of Johnny and Saul is a portrait of two men from different worlds who were more alike than either cared to admit. Saul handled the bookings and the no-shows, the divorce and the record deals, drugs, overdoses, and arrests. He was there for the absolute worst of times, but also for the best: Carnegie Hall, Folsom Prison, “A Boy Named Sue,” and Cash’s hit television series. But in 1973, at the zenith of Cash’s career, Saul quit. Until now, no one knew why.

Live Fast, Love Hard

Author: Diane Diekman

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252032489

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

View: 6755

An intimate biography of honky-tonk great Faron Young

Philosophy Americana

Author: Douglas R. Anderson

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 0823283054

Category: Philosophy

Page: 308

View: 5953

In this engaging book, Douglas Anderson begins with the assumption that philosophy—the Greek love of wisdom—is alive and well in American culture. At the same time, professional philosophy remains relatively invisible. Anderson traverses American life to find places in the wider culture where professional philosophy in the distinctively American tradition can strike up a conversation. How might American philosophers talk to us about our religious experience, or political engagement, or literature—or even, popular music? Anderson’s second aim is to find places where philosophy happens in nonprofessional guises—cultural places such as country music, rock’n roll, and Beat literature. He not only enlarges the tradition of American philosophers such as John Dewey and William James by examining lesser-known figures such as Henry Bugbee and Thomas Davidson, but finds the theme and ideas of American philosophy in some unexpected places, such as the music of Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, and Bruce Springsteen, and the writings of Jack Kerouac. The idea of “philosophy Americana” trades on the emergent genre of “music Americana,” rooted in traditional themes and styles yet engaging our present experiences. The music is “popular” but not thoroughly driven by economic considerations, and Anderson seeks out an analogous role for philosophical practice, where philosophy and popular culture are co-adventurers in the life of ideas. Philosophy Americana takes seriously Emerson’s quest for the extraordinary in the ordinary and James’s belief that popular philosophy can still be philosophy.

Depression Before Tea

Author: Tierra D. Graves

Publisher: Christian Living Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1562295195

Category: Poetry

Page: N.A

View: 5620

This is testimonial poetry at its best. The author tells the story of her mental health struggles, cries for help, and transition from depression to destiny. She reveals her battle with stigma, social discrimination, and relationship issues due to her condition. Yet, it is not her story alone but ours as well. Each utterance of every poem is a deep cry of a mother, father, sister, brother, child, friend—you. This poetic brew is therapeutic and educational. While revealing the bitter truth, the author uses her personal experiences and education to give hope, insight, and inspiration. Capably using language and imagery, she expresses the raw emotions and heart cries of the sufferer—saying what is often left unsaid and bringing awareness to the unenlightened. Get a copy of this book of poems and join the mental health conversation that deserves your participation. Draw strength, courage, and wisdom from the author’s 10-year journey with depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses. Despondency, silent suffering, loneliness, and shame must not be your destiny. Survival is possible! You can move from haunted to healed.