I'm Very into You

Author: Kathy Acker,McKenzie Wark

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 1584351640

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 152

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The tempestuous email correspondence between Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark, shimmering with insight, gossip, sex, and cultural commentary. “Why am I telling you all this? Partly 'cause the whole queerness/identity thing for me stretches through everything, absolutely everything. Slipping between straight/gay is child's play compared to slipping between writer/teacher/influence-peddler whatever. I forget who I am. You reminded me of who I prefer to be.” [M.W.] “It's two in the morning... I know what you mean about slipping roles: I love it, going high low, power helpless even captive, male female, all over the place, space totally together and brain-sharp, if it wasn't for play I'd be bored stiff and I think boredom is the emotion I find most unbearable... ” [KA] —from I'm Very into You After Kathy Acker met McKenzie Wark on a trip to Australia in 1995, they had a brief fling and immediately began a heated two-week email correspondence. Their emails shimmer with insight, gossip, sex, and cultural commentary. They write in a frenzy, several times a day; their emails cross somewhere over the International Date Line, and themselves become a site of analysis. What results is an index of how two brilliant and idiosyncratic writers might go about a courtship across 7,500 miles of airspace—by pulling in Alfred Hitchcock, stuffed animals, Georges Bataille, Elvis Presley, phenomenology, Marxism, The X-files, psychoanalysis, and the I Ching. Their corresepondence is a Plato's Symposium for the twenty-first century, but written for queers, transsexuals, nerds, and book geeks. I'm Very Into You is a text of incipience, a text of beginnings, and a set of notes on the short, shared passage of two iconic individuals of our time.

NIV, Discover God's Heart Devotional Bible

Author: Walk Thru the Bible,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310406137

Category: Bibles

Page: 1586

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Experience a more intimate walk with God As you journey through this Bible from cover to cover, the NIV Discover God’s Heart Devotional Bible will help you through tough spots such as Numbers and Leviticus while giving you deeper understanding of the Scriptures and connecting you with the heart of its Author. You'll experience rich insights into the original contexts of Scripture, and God's heart will be unveiled in new ways. This Bible includes 312 engaging devotions to serve as your tour guide, walking you through Genesis to Revelation in manageable portions. Each devotion includes a summary section of the Scripture passage, an application section that reveals God's good heart, and an insight section that ties each passage into the rest of God's great story. As you experience God's Word through this NIV devotional Bible, you'll see his divine fingerprints from beginning to end, even in the most unexpected places - and you'll encounter a deeper, fuller picture of the Jesus you thought you knew. Whether you are starting out on your first steps or a seasoned traveler, let the NIV Discover God's Heart Devotional Bible open your eyes to God's good heart. Features: Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) 312 engaging devotions

Caught Up

Author: Irene

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1449099831

Category: Fiction

Page: 237

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Caught Up is a Hot and Steamy romance, with a little mystery. There are three main characters. Sherri, Lisa, and Sharmaine. All three women have unique personalities. They struggle, live, love and learn. In the process of growing they get caught up in lies and betrayal that changes the courses of their lives. "Sherri, likes to explore sexually. She seems timid but she spice things up when she need to. "Lisa, is strong, she think first then reacts. You have to be real smart to get over on her. "Sharmaine, doesn't think at all, she only think of herself. What about her children? This Romance story is one to keep youre mind intrigued and youre emotions out of control, enjoy the ride.