If I Can't Have You, No One Can

Author: Don Lasseter

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786037865

Category: True Crime

Page: 416

View: 561

Lady Killer Richard Namey, 26, drug abuser and woman-beater, had already threatened a previous girlfriend with a gun, but she'd gotten away. Sarah Rodriquez, 21, wasn't so lucky. On April 16, 2002, in Orange County, California, she and her true love, Matt Corbett, 20, were forced off the road by Namey, who shot them both at point-blank range with a .357. Sarah was killed. Corbett was paralyzed for life. Real Hero After a 42-mile chase, Namey was finally cornered in a drainage tunnel by a police dog. He pleaded manslaughter, claiming he'd really meant to kill himself in front of Sarah. No deal. The man he faced was not your average deputy district attorney: Dennis Conway had pulled himself out of a wayward life torn by seemingly insurmountable tragedy and into law school. He knew all about guys like Namey--and exactly where to find the holes in his story. The verdict: first-degree murder, life sentence. Score one for the good guys. Includes 16 pages of shocking photos.

Who Says Love Doesn't Bite?

Author: Morgan Key

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479705721

Category: Fiction

Page: 117

View: 2197

I was too busy thinking about the new guy. I didnt notice the fact that the door closest to me was open until I walked into it. Rubbing the red mark on my forehead I peered around the solid oak door. It was then that I noticed the person standing on the front porch. I went bright pink, realising that he had just seen me walk into a door. The new guy was standing on our front porch, his arms crossed at his chest, a faint smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Way to go Alina. Alina Dimir comes from a long line of Vampires. Her family moved from Romania ten years ago, and since then shes had to deal with her fifteen older and somewhat annoying siblings, not to mention all the rumours about her family that have been floating around school. Her everyday routine is broken by the arrival of the mysterious new guy at school, Lupul Daciana. Alina cant stop thinking about him or his blonde tipped, messy black hair, and, lets be honest, his lips. So when shes forbidden to befriend him, Alina is torn. Does she follow her Covens laws and stay away from him? Or does she let herself give into her emotions? Is it fate or just a coincidence that Lupul once lived in Romania too? Is it possible for Alina and Lupul to bypass her familys laws and have a future together, or is it doomed from the beginning?

The Devil's Pool and Other Stories

Author: George Sand

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 0791484777

Category: Fiction

Page: 204

View: 2787

A new translation of Sand's most popular novella, known for its brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, together with two of Sand's most admired short stories.

Deadly Minds

Author: Annay Dawson

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1257924443

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

View: 2454

There's a fine line between power and madness and Bobby Malone crossed that line long ago. He should never have escaped, never gotten out but never came sooner than anyone expected. Now all the experimental drugs and procedures have expanded Bobby's mind way past the mind reading stages making his sanity tenuous and his skills remarkable. Ward, his former partner and friend, must hunt him down again because only one mind reader can catch another. Facing the demons that ended Ward's career for a covert government department and exposing Jan a former agent and his wife, to the unholy experimentation that had nearly been his undoing the first time didn't thrill him, but he knew it had to be done. Underestimating Bobby's abilities, Ward ends up overpowered and imprisoned, condemned to relive his past. Unable to do anything but be an unwilling guinea pig Ward now watches as Bobby plans to capture and kill the only people that matter to him, turning his nightmares into a terrifying reality.

The Pack

Author: Nikki O'Neill

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595396003

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 218

View: 4782

Fifteen-year-old Erin Angelica Delessandri is a typical high school cheerleader except for one thing: in addition to the normal pressures of being a teenager, she is a child living in an alcoholic family. At home, she's the target of her father's alcoholic rage and is always on edge, never knowing when the yelling will start. Her father's harsh treatment also leads Erin to harbor the vague notion that she's "irresponsible" and "worthless". At school Erin gets caught up in the party scene with a crew called "The Pack". She becomes romantically involved with an older Pack member named Dwane. After Dwane is accused of a gang-related murder, Erin's brother Joey, who is also a member of The Pack, forbids Erin from seeing Dwane. But the evidence suggests that it's Joey, not Dwane, who pulled the trigger. While the drama unfolds at school, Erin's family disintegrates before her eyes. Her mom, upset at the prospect of a failed marriage, becomes depressed and withdrawn. And Erin's little sisters share a secret-a killer secret that must be exposed and dealt with before someone dies.

The Alpha Of My Eye

Author: Blessilda Cheong

Publisher: PartridgeIndia

ISBN: 1482898535

Category: Fiction

Page: 313

View: 9116

Have you ever wished? That you had the last laugh? Because that was what Katherine Rose Claw wanted. She wanted the last laugh between her battles with fate, but the thing is. You do not win against fate, nobody does. Katherine Claw has been torn between love and fate, between two brothers, only because fate does not want to be crossed. But what happens when you choose love and not fate and ended up with fate having power over love as well, what happens when you are supposed to choose? Even when you do not want to? Katherine has everything, a first love, a destined mate and a charming warrior but only one heart to give. What would you have done? Who would you have chosen? If fate has not screwed you over, four times. It is all a matter of fight or fall.

A Lost Generation

Author: Ronald S. Zimney

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462071104

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 1687

Nearly fifty years old and widowed for the last ten, Lilly Larsen understands that Roger Hartec could be a heartbreaker. First, there's his age. Roger is more than ten years younger than she. And the rumor mill in Ashland Falls, Minnesota, says he might have a penchant for violence, which she witnesses him exercise. At the local museum, Roger, a Vietnam War veteran, throws a park bench through a plate-glass window that had been protecting a display of the American flag being desecrated. In spite of his violent action, Lilly finds herself attracted to this tall, strong man because of the tenderness he displays with the crying Cub Scout in her charge. With the help of two close friends, Lilly is determined to make a new life with this enigmatic and troubled veteran. Together Lilly and Roger embark on a journey of creating a diverse family of rejected individuals. Surmounting one obstacle after another, with the help of an ever-growing circle of friends, this loving couple has no idea of the far-reaching impact their union has made on their community. A story of confession and redemption, A Lost Generation showcases the struggle for survival of a Vietnam combat veteran as he reenters society.

Antiques To Die For

Author: P. L. Hartman

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1631350641

Category: Fiction

Page: 534

View: 4678

“Sixteen dealers, sixteen keys. What a nightmare!” exclaimed the detective. A body has been discovered in a blanket chest at Cider Run Antiques. Could there be a murderer among the dealers at the popular and picturesque shop? Marv, retired history professor and founding partner, doesn’t think so, even though these are people with strong passions about antiques – and occasionally each other. Things had gone so well the first two years, the historic 18th-century stone building a perfect backdrop to showcase antiques. Everyone was enthusiastic, antiques-savvy, and caught up in their new venture. The shop was a stunning success. Yet there must have been something beneath the surface of high-spirited banter and good times, something unseen that would culminate in tragedy. The dealers decide to hold a marathon talk session to help solve the murder, but will the answer destroy Cider Run? Antiques To Die For is both a mystery and a glimpse into the dynamics of a thriving antiques business. Set in the Appalachians of central Pennsylvania, the story combines history, antiques lore, lively shop interplay, and collectors’ obsessions to tell its tale.

Save Send Delete

Author: Danusha V. Goska

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1846949874

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 299

View: 8479

Save Send Delete is a debate about God between polar opposites: Mira, a poor, Catholic professor and Rand, an atheist author and celebrity. It’s based on a true story. Mira reveals gut-level emotions and her inner struggles to live fully and honestly – and to laugh – in the face of extraordinary ordeals. She shares experiences so profound, so holy, they force us to confront our beliefs in what is true and possible. Rand hears her; he understands her; he challenges her ideas; he makes her more of herself. The book is in essence a love story. What emerges from these eternal questions is not so much about God, but what faith means to us, and ultimately, what we mean to each other. The writing is exquisite. There are pages of this manuscript that I want to highlight and keep close to me on my nightstand. It is filled with wisdom from sources I don’t normally draw on: The wisdom of the Bible, the Talmud, the Vedas, Twelve Step programs, and mostly, the wisdom of Mira.

Cognitive Therapy for Challenging Problems

Author: Judith S. Beck

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1609189906

Category: Psychology

Page: 337

View: 8953

Following on the success of the bestselling Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond, this groundbreaking book from Judith S. Beck addresses what to do when a patient is not making progress in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Provided is practical, step-by-step guidance on conceptualizing and solving frequently encountered problems, whether in developing and maintaining the therapeutic alliance or in accomplishing specific therapeutic tasks. While the framework presented is applicable to a range of challenging clinical situations, particular attention is given to modifying the longstanding distorted beliefs and dysfunctional behavioral strategies of people with personality disorders. Helpful appendices include a reproducible assessment tool, and the Personality Belief Questionnaire.