In the Skin of a Jihadist

Author: Anna Erelle,Erin Potter

Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780062417077

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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The riveting personal story of a young French journalist who goes undercover and gets dangerously close to a key member of ISIS On Facebook, "Mélodie"—a twenty-year-old convert to Islam living with her mother and sister in Toulouse—meets Bilel, a French-born, high-ranking militant for the Islamic State in Syria. Within days, Bilel falls in love with Mélodie, and Skypes her repeatedly, urging her to come to Syria, marry him, and do jihad. But "Mélodie" is actually Anna Erelle, a Paris-based journalist investigating the recruitment channels of the Islamic State, whose digital propaganda constitutes one of its most formidable and frightening weapons, successfully mobilizing increasing numbers of young Europeans. In this mesmerizing true story, Erelle chronicles her intense monthlong relationship with Bilel—who turns out to be none other than the right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of ISIS. Impatient for Mélodie to join him, Bilel tells her that, according to an imam he has consulted, they are already all but married, and will be officially when she arrives in Syria. As she embarks on the final, most perilous stage of her investigation, Mélodie leaves for Amsterdam to begin her journey to the Middle East. But things go terribly wrong. A gripping and often harrowing inquiry into the factors that motivate young people to join extremist causes, In the Skin of a Jihadist is a page-turner that helps us better understand the appeal of extremism.

In the Skin of a Jihadist

Author: Anna Erelle

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008139582


Page: 240

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Twenty year-old Mélodie, a recent convert to Islam, meets the leader of an ISIS brigade on Facebook. In 48 hours he has 'fallen in love' with her, calls her every hour, urges her to marry him, join him in Syria in a life of paradise - and join his jihad. She discovers how ISIS entraps ordinary people, like teenage girls from Bethnal Green.

In the Skin of a Jihadist: Free Sampler: Inside Islamic State’s Recruitment Networks

Author: Anna Erelle

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0008154422

Category: Political Science

Page: 50

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FREE SAMPLER FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER When Anna Erelle, a young journalist, goes undercover online to discover how today’s most ruthless terrorists use social media to recruit disaffected young women like the girls from Bethnal Green, her investigation spins into a harrowing nightmare.

A Geography of Jihad

Author: Stephanie Zehnle

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110675366

Category: Religion

Page: 726

View: 7827

This book addresses the Jihad movement that created the largest African state of the 19th century: the Sokoto Caliphate, existing for 99 years from 1804 until its military defeat by European colonial troops in 1903. The author carves out the entanglements of jihadist ideology and warfare with geographical concepts at Africa’s periphery of the Islamic world: geographical knowledge about the boundary between the “Land of Islam” and the “Land of War”; the pre-colonial construction of “the Muslim” and “the unbeliever”; and the transfer of ideas between political elites and mobile actors (traders, pilgrims, slaves, soldiers), whose reports helped shape new definitions of the African frontier of Islam. Research for this book is based on the study of a very wide range of Arabic and West African (Hausa, Fulfulde) manuscripts. Their policies reveal the persistent reciprocity of jihadist warfare and territorial statehood, of Africa and the Middle East. Stephanie Zehnle is Assistant Professor (JProf) of Extra-European History at Kiel University (Christian-Albrechts-Universität). Her work on African and trans-continental history includes research on the history of Islam, human-animal relations, and comics in Africa.

Jihadi Thought and Ideology

Author: Rüdiger Lohlker,Tamara Abu-Hamdeh

Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH

ISBN: 3832537058

Category: Political Science

Page: 164

View: 7580

The study of Jihadi ideology is still in an early stage. The contributions of this volume contribute to this field: Ideologues of Jihad, Maoists turned Jihadists, a theory of framing of Jihadi ideas, the analysis of Jihadi masculinities and of Jihadi role models presented in obline videos will further our understanding of Jihadi ideas and ideologies by exploring underresearched aspects of Jihadi ideology and theology. Dschihadistische Ideologien sind noch nicht ausreichend untersucht. Die Beiträge in diesem Band tragen zu einem vertieften Verständnis bei. Mit dschihadistischen Ideologen, zu Dschihadisten gewordene Maoisten, einem theoretischen Ansatz zur Analyse dschihadistischen Denkens, eine Untersuchung dschihadistischer Männlichkeitsvorstellungen und dschihadistische role models in Onlinevideos ermöglichen Einblicke in sonst wenig bekannte Phänomene.

Jihadi John

Author: Robert Verkaik

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1780749449

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 2010

It was a defining moment, the first time ‘Jihadi John’ appeared. Suddenly Islamic State had a face and the whole world knew the extent of their savagery. Weeks later, when his identity was revealed, Robert Verkaik was shocked to realise that this was a man he’d interviewed years earlier. Back in 2010, Mohammed Emwazi was a twenty-one-year-old IT graduate who claimed the security services were ruining his life. They had repeatedly approached him, his family and his fiancée. Had they been tracking an already dangerous extremist or did they push him over the edge? In the aftermath of the US air strike that killed Emwazi in November 2015, Verkaik’s investigation leads him to deeply troubling questions. What led Emwazi to come to him for help in the first place? And why do hundreds of Britons want to join Islamic State? In an investigation both frightening and urgent, Verkaik goes beyond the making of one terrorist to examine the radicalisation of our youth and to ask what we can do to stop it happening in future.

Watching Murder

Author: Simon Cottee

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1000603792

Category: Political Science

Page: 156

View: 6489

Watching Murder shines a light onto the dark world of jihadi murder videos and the people who watch and share them on the internet. Images and videos of murder, torture and other cruelties are everywhere on the internet. Why do some people seek out and watch this material, how are they affected by it and do they have a right to watch any of it in the first place? In this ground-breaking book, terrorism scholar Simon Cottee visits the murky fringes of the internet in search of answers. Focusing on ISIS, he shows how the group transformed the urban myth of the snuff movie into a grim reality watched by tens of thousands of people across the globe. On shock-sites, he finds a contingent of ISIS fans who, while hating the group, love to watch its most monstrous depredations in high definition. He interviews his fellow extremism researchers and asks them about all the dark things they have seen online and how this has affected their mental health. He speaks with the "cleaners" whose job is to report and remove violent jihadi propaganda from the internet. And he surveys thousands of young adults to find out what they think of ISIS and its notorious beheading videos. Cottee exposes the hysteria around online radicalization, and shows how our engagement with violent online spectacles is much more complex and multifaceted than many would have us believe. Watching Murder will appeal to anyone with an interest in violence, media, terrorism and ISIS. It will be of particular interest to students and scholars of terrorism studies, political science, culture and communication.

Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge in Europe

Author: R. Coolsaet

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754672173

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 8328

Focusing on the situation of jihadi terrorism and radicalization in Europe, this volume looks at the growing tendency of self-radicalization and self-recruitment of individuals. It provides both a precise state of the threat as well as a thorough analysis of the radicalization process.

Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge

Author: Rik Coolsaet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317110919

Category: Political Science

Page: 353

View: 6114

Osama bin Laden's demise in May 2011 marked only the symbolic end of an era. By the time of his killing, he no longer represented the Robin Hood icon that once stirred global fascination. Ten years after the 11 September 2001 attacks, jihadi terrorism has largely lost its juggernaut luster. It now mostly resembles a patchwork of self-radicalising local groups with international contacts but without any central organisational design - akin to the radical left terrorism of the 1970s and the anarchist fin-de-siècle terrorism. This volume addresses two issues that remain largely unexplored in contemporary terrorism studies. It rehabilitates the historical and comparative analysis as a way to grasp the essence of terrorism, including its jihadi strand. Crucial similarities with earlier forms of radicalisation and terrorism abound and differences appear generally not fundamental. Likewise, the very concept of radicalisation is seldom questioned anymore. Nevertheless it often lacks conceptual clarity and empirical validation. Once considered a quintessential European phenomenon, the United States too experiences how some of its own citizens radicalise into terrorist violence. This collective work compares radicalisation in both continents and the strategies aimed at de-radicalisation. But it also assesses if the concept merits its reputation as the holy grail of terrorism studies. The volume is aimed at an audience of decision makers, law enforcement officials, academia and think tanks, by its combination of novel thinking, practical experience and a theoretical approach.

Islamic Extremism

Author: Monte Palmer,Princess Palmer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1461638119

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 6397

This accessible and deeply informed book examines the threat that Islamic extremists pose to America and provides a balanced discussion of the link between Iraq and the war on terror. Explaining the basics of Islam and guiding the reader through the intricacies of each significant fundamentalist group, the Palmers answer key questions: Who are the Muslim extremists and how do they fit within the broader context of the Islamic religion? What is their war plan and how do they operate? Who are their allies and what are their weaknesses? What is the experience of Israel, the Islamic world, and the United States in fighting extremists? How can they be defeated? Now in a thoroughly revised and updated edition, the book includes new chapters on Hamas, the Iraqi clones of Hizbullah—including Sadr—and the Islamic government in Turkey.