Insufficient Direction (English Edition)

Author: Moyoco Anno

Publisher: Cork


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 178

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A natural match between the manga queen Moyoco Anno and the patron saint otaku, Hideaki Anno!When Moyoco Anno, the widely successful creator of women's manga, married Hideaki Anno, creator of Evangelion and a director known to be the very model of an otaku, she held one important doubt:"Am I really ready to be an otaku's wife?"Taking up that challenge, Moyoco Anno launched herself into the deepand beautiful world of married life.This comic essay, an account of the private lives of two of Japan'smost high-profile creators, is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettablyhilarious. This series has been published in Japan since 2002 which Japanese title name is "Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki"

Insufficient Direction

Author: Moyoco Anno

Publisher: Vertical Inc

ISBN: 1939130115

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 176

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Long before Hideaki Anno married Moyoco Anno, he was known as the creator of one of the most popular animated works of all time - Neon Genesis Evangelion. But little was known about the author's personal life. Along came comic artist Moyoco Anno...then came love, then came marriage and then came a comic about how they changed each other's lives. ...Hopefully for the better.

An Evidence Framework for Genetic Testing

Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Health Care Services,Board on the Health of Select Populations,Committee on the Evidence Base for Genetic Testing

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309453291

Category: Medical

Page: 148

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Advances in genetics and genomics are transforming medical practice, resulting in a dramatic growth of genetic testing in the health care system. The rapid development of new technologies, however, has also brought challenges, including the need for rigorous evaluation of the validity and utility of genetic tests, questions regarding the best ways to incorporate them into medical practice, and how to weigh their cost against potential short- and long-term benefits. As the availability of genetic tests increases so do concerns about the achievement of meaningful improvements in clinical outcomes, costs of testing, and the potential for accentuating medical care inequality. Given the rapid pace in the development of genetic tests and new testing technologies, An Evidence Framework for Genetic Testing seeks to advance the development of an adequate evidence base for genetic tests to improve patient care and treatment. Additionally, this report recommends a framework for decision-making regarding the use of genetic tests in clinical care.

Rogues' Gallery

Author: Gentry Thomason

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146282479X

Category: Poetry

Page: 181

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From age to age human nature and human reality are ever the same. We live in an imperfect world; we are flawed creatures. The glory of being alive in a beautiful world is compromised by the complexities of existence and the proclivities to which we are all vulnerable.Greek myths advise us of these truths; contemporary realities continually inform us of our checkered condition. Managing ones fortuity and personal growth is an endless challenge that demands eternal vigilance and a careful eye to ones desired prosperity. Living ones inner life in an extraverted world can make for tricky business. Life is a struggle; roadblocks and obstacles surround us. We are all in this together. We choose, individually, to make a heaven of this hell or a hell of this heaven. Along the way, we inevitably encounter and experience a baseline of human roguery that is our natural inheritance. All are born into original sin. Describing that condition and contemplating how to escape its circumstance is a preoccupation of Rogues Gallery. Recognizing such truths is a fi rst step on the road to recovery and to wholeness, wholesomeness, and balanced well-being.

Exchequer Reports

Author: Edwin Tyrrell Hurlstone

Publisher: N.A



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The Theory and Practice of Change Management

Author: John Hayes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350933376

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 488

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Technological advances, an increasingly globalized workforce and seismic global events mean that change is a constant feature of business life today. The consequences of not managing change effectively can be devastating for businesses. How can managers deal with change brought about by unpredictable events? How can they embrace change and communicate its benefits to stakeholders? How can organizations ensure the ongoing success of change? John Hayes's bestselling textbook equips you with the practical tools and academic knowledge to tackle these questions and many more. Offering unrivalled breadth, it will guide you clearly through all stages of the change process, from recognizing the need for change to ensuring its successful implementation. Its unique underpinning framework, based on a process model of change, will help you to view change as purposeful and ordered, rather than something chaotic and unmanageable. This sixth edition covers all of the key theories, tools and techniques of organizational change, and offers everything you need to know about organizational change today: - Brand new international case studies and examples allow you to understand change in context - Coverage of 'big-bang' disruptions, offers you a framework for dealing with unforeseen global events like pandemics, economic instability and climate change - Updated research reports show you the latest theory in the field - New learning objectives, reflective questions and experiential exercises help you to consolidate your learning and revise effectively - Increased coverage of SMEs, public sector and family businesses shows you change in diverse sectors

Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science

Author: Karen Kemp

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412913136

Category: Science

Page: 558

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The Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science covers the essence of this exciting, new, and expanding field in an easily understood but richly detailed style. In addition to contributions from some of the best recognized scholars in GIScience, this volume contains contributions from experts in GIS’ supporting disciplines who explore how their disciplinary perspectives are expanded within the context of GIScience—what changes when consideration of location is added, what complexities in analytical procedures are added when we consider objects in 2, 3 or even 4 dimensions, what can we gain by visualizing our analytical results on a map or 3D display?