Irish Superstitions

Author: Dáithí Ó hÓgáin

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717157695

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 126

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Dáithí Ó hÓgáin, one of Ireland’s leading folklorists, gives a lively and informative account of the widespread folk beliefs of Ireland in Irish Superstitions, this popular guide to Irish superstitions, old wives’ tales and other spooky stuff from the Irish countryside. Irish Superstitions includes a list of good-luck charms, spells, soothsayings and other irrational but charming and creative folk beliefs. There are stories of leprechauns and sprites, ghosts, the evil eye and wise women’s curses. There are also charms and spells to make crops grow, to keep cattle healthy, to ensure safe childbirth, and to fulfil many other longed-for desires. Most of the superstitions are of pagan origin; many were overlaid with popular Christian belief. Irish Superstitions: Table of Contents Foreword — The Mind Engaged Man the Summation of All Things The World Around Us Ourselves and the Others Rules and Practices of Life

Irish Superstitions

Author: Padraic O'Farrell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781781176931

Category: Superstition

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Do you know why it is considered unlucky to meet a barefooted man? Start a journey on the tenth of November? Get married on a Saturday? Irish country people believed that fairies were always present among them and that around the next corner or in the very next clump of thistles there might well be somebody lurking who would lead them to the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. Fairies were good to mortals who observed the superstitions, e.g. those which called for leaving them food, not throwing out water without first shouting a warning on them, and so on. Irish Superstitions is a quirky reflection of the Irish customs. Going to work, to sea, to weddings, wakes - at all of these there are fascinating customs to be observed.

The History of the Irish Famine

Author: Christine Kinealy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131551379X

Category: History

Page: 498

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The Great Irish Famine remains one of the most lethal famines in modern world history and a watershed moment in the development of modern Ireland – socially, politically, demographically and culturally. In the space of only four years, Ireland lost twenty-five per cent of its population as a consequence of starvation, disease and large-scale emigration. Certain aspects of the Famine remain contested and controversial, for example the issue of the British government’s culpability, proselytism, and the reception of emigrants. However, recent historiographical focus on this famine has overshadowed the impact of other periods of subsistence crisis, both before 1845 and after 1852. This first volume addresses the questions: when did the famine begin and end; to what extent is the British government after 1846 culpable for the suffering and mortality; how important was philanthropy in alleviating the distress; what was the role and responsibility of Irish elites; is the word famine appropriate given that Ireland continued to export large amounts of food.

Irish druidism

Author: James Bonwick

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3748101791

Category: Religion

Page: 385

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Who were the Druids? This question has agitated the minds of the learned for a long period; and various, as well as contradictory, have been the replies. Tradition preserves their memory as of a pious and superior race, prominently associated with the British Isles and France, and, in a lesser degree, with Belgium, Holland, Germany, and the lands of Scandinavia. Much romance has been long attached to them. We hear their chants in the Stone Circles. We listen to the heaven-inspired utterances of the Archdruid, as be stands on the capstone of a cromlech, in the eye of the sun, surrounded by the white-robed throng, with the bowed worshippers afar. We see the golden sickle reverently cutting off the sacred mistletoe. We follow, in imagination, the solemn procession, headed by the cross-bearer. We look under the old oak at the aged Druid, instructing disciples in mystic lore, in verses never to be committed to writing. We gaze upon the assembly of kings and chieftains, before whom the wise men debate upon some points of legislation. Then, again, we recognize the priests as patriots, resisting the invaders of their homes, and loudly chanting the Battle Hymn. We are at the convocation of Brehons, in their deliberations on law, and, awestruck, wait upon the observers of sun and stars, or of the signs of the times in the investigation of terrestrial phenomena. We go with them to the judgment upon offenders of an unwritten code, and witness the dread ordeal, or the fiery human sacrifice. But our inquiry is, What has Irish tradition or literature to say to these interesting details concerning Druids?

The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book

Author: Amy Hackney Blackwell,Ryan Hackney

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1605505102

Category: History

Page: 320

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There's more to being Irish than kissing a Blarney Stone! Few places on earth match Ireland's romantic attraction and historical legacy. Every year, millions of visitors flock to the ancient sites and burgeoning cities of this enchanted island to immerse themselves in its rich literary, musical, and political heritage. The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book introduces readers to the people, places, and events that have shaped the past and given rise to the unique culture of the Irish people. From the Iron Age to the economic renaissance, this comprehensive account familiarizes readers with Ireland's history and acquaints them with the climate, food, language, and sports that make it truly unique. Features exhaustive coverage of: Celtic mythology and ancient folklore The Irish literary tradition--from The Book of Kells to Ulysses The potato famine and the Great Hunger The Irish in America and the immigration experience The Troubles and the road to peace Religion and family life Packed with historical information and cultural insights, The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book is a must-read for anyone interested in the magic and mystery of the Emerald Isle.

Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Author: Edwin Radford,Mona A. Radford

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 150405508X

Category: Social Science

Page: 1248

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This classic and thoroughly delightful reference explores the origins of superstitions. You’ll discover the origins behind charms, spells, fairy lore and legend, folk remedies and customs of birth, marriage, and death. This collection will be a staple in your library for years and generations to come.