Flusen | Fluffs

Author: Michael Holst

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 375194592X

Category: Art

Page: 152

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Sie sind klein, oft fast nicht sichtbar, die Objekte, die Michael Holst in den Mittelunkt seiner Installation "Flusen" gestellt hat. Ein neuronales Netzwerk steuert die hochkomplexe Lichtinstallation. Ein interaktiver Audio-Guide führt durch die Ausstellung. Doch die Räume, durch die der zunehmend irritierte Besucher geht, sind leer. Zumindest denkt der Besucher das. Was er sieht kann er nur schwer einordnen. Doch alles ist so arrangiert, dass ganz außergewöhnliche Erfahrungen entstehen. Faszinierend. Und erst zu Hause merkt der Besucher, dass er einen Teil der Installation mitgenommen hat. Das Buch erzählt die Geschichte dieses beeindruckenden Projektes. Der Band enthält 58 ausgewählte vollfarbige Reproduktionen der 142.129 original Photographien, mit denen der Künstler die Installation dokumentiert hat. Im Textteil des Buches findet sich ein Essay von Hans Peter Markstein, eine Rezension von Yoko Kawakami und das vollständige Interview, das Helga T. Green im April 2020 anlässlich der Installation mit dem Künstler in Boston geführt hat. Zweisprachige Ausgabe: Texte in Deutsch und in Englisch. They are small, often almost invisible, the objects that are placed in the focal point of Michael Holst's installation "Fluffs". A neural network controls the highly complex light installation. An interactive audio guide leads you through the exhibition. But the rooms the increasingly irritated visitor walks through are empty. At least that's what the visitor thinks. What he sees is difficult to classify. But everything is arranged in a way that it creates extraordinary experiences. Fascinating. And it's only when he is back home that he realizes that he has taken a part of the installation with him. The book tells the story of this impressive project. The volume contains 58 selected full-colour reproductions of the 142,129 original photographs with which the artist documents the installation. The text section of the book contains an essay by Hans Peter Markstein, a review by Yoko Kawakami, and the full length interview that Helga T. Green made in April 2020 with the artist in Boston. Bilingual edition: texts in German and English.

Biology Of Enlightenment

Author: Mukunda Rao

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9350292491

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 448

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In this book we meet with the modern sage, U.G. Krishnamurti, and listen to his penetrating voice describing life and reality as it is. What is body and what is mind? Is there a soul? Is there a beyond, a God? What is enlightenment? Is there a life after death? Never before have these questions been tackled with such simplicity, candour and clarity. In these unpublished early conversations with friends (1967-71), U.G.discusses in detail his search for the truth and how he underwent radical biological changes in 1967. Preferring to call it the natural state over enlightenment, he insists that whatever transformation he has undergone is within the structure of the human body and not in the mind at all. It is the natural state of being that sages like the Buddha, Jesus and, in modern times, Sri Ramana, stepped into. And U.G.never tires of pointing out that 'this is the way you, stripped of the machinations of thought, are also functioning.'

Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee #1

Author: Robert Kirkman

Publisher: Image Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 36

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ALL-NEW monthly series created by ROBERT KIRKMAN and CHRIS SAMNEE! The one who wields the fire power is destined to save the world, but Owen Johnson has turned his back on that life. He doesn't want the power he never did. He only wants to spend time with his family and live his life, but unseen forces are at work to make that impossible. Danger lurks around every corner as Owen's past comes back to haunt him.

Why Software Sucks-- and what You Can Do about it

Author: David S. Platt

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 0321466756

Category: Computers

Page: 273

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Describes why computer software has become unreliable and offers suggestions on ways users can correct the situation.

The Evergreen

Author: N.A

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The DeValera Deception

Author: Michael McMenamin,Patrick McMenamin

Publisher: Enigma Books

ISBN: 1936274094

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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A new thriller by two experts in Anglo-American history and Winston Churchill.

The Diplomatic Review

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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Progressives, Patterns, Pedagogy

Author: Ute Römer

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027222893

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 354

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This book presents a large-scale corpus-driven study of progressives in 'real' English and 'school' English, combining an analysis of general linguistic interest with a pedagogically motivated one. A systematic comparative analysis of more than 10,000 progressive forms taken from the largest existing corpora of spoken British English and from a small corpus of EFL textbook texts highlights numerous differences between actual language use and textbook language concerning the distribution of progressives, their preferred contexts, favoured functions, and typical lexical-grammatical patterns. On the basis of these differences, a number of pedagogical implications are derived, the integration of which then leads to a first draft of an innovative concept of teaching progressives - a concept which responds to three key criteria in pedagogical description: typicality, authenticity, and communicative utility. The analysis also demonstrates that many existing accounts of the progressive are inappropriate in several respects and that not enough attention is being paid to lexical-grammatical relations.! Winner of the "Wissenschaftspreis Hannover 2006" for outstanding research monographs !