Josiah the Great

Author: Ben Macintyre

Publisher: HarperPress

ISBN: 9780007428199

Category: Adventure and adventurers

Page: 400

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This is the story of Josiah Harlan, the American adventurer who forged his own kingdom in Afghanistan during the nineteenth century and subsequently became the inspiration for Kipling's 'The Man Who Would Be King.'.

Brill's Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great

Author: N.A

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004359931

Category: History

Page: 879

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Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great has something for everyone who is interested in the life and afterlife of Alexander III of Macedon, the Great.

Out of the Shadows

Author: Kate Bruce,Liz Shercliff

Publisher: SCM Press

ISBN: 0334060699

Category: Religion

Page: 146

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The story of the Bible us most often told as the story of men, from patriarchs to prophets, kings, disciples and apostles. But women are there, sometimes in the background, sometimes striding powerfully onto the stage. Their story is moving, prophetic and good news for the congregations to whom we preach. Out of the Shadows seeks to enable preachers to see these often marginal characters in a new light, offering ideas about how to communicate their stories with power, resonance and punch.

In Search of the Kuskokwim and Other Great Endeavors

Author: Stephen J. Spurr

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 1935347047

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 220

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The United States knew relatively little about Alaska prior to the turn of the century when the Klondike Gold Rush was about to attract thousands of stampeders north, many of them spilling over into Alaska as more gold was discovered on the Yukon River and her tributaries. The government had few reliable maps of the vast territory it had purchased from Russia thirty years before. The U.S. government commissioned J. Edward Spurr, a geologist, author, and explorer from New England, to mount two expeditions to explore and inventory Alaska, traveling thousand miles by canoe and on foot without benefit of telephones, radios, airplanes. The effort almost killed him, but his efforts helped provide detail to regions that had been largely blank on the Alaska map.

The Burnham Family

Author: Roderick Henry Burnham

Publisher: N.A



Page: 546

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Our Crumbling Civilization and Collapsing Universe of 5 Percent

Author: Plammoottil Cherian

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1644685132

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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-It is the biggest question of all in the universe, when and from what universe came into being and how it expanded. It puzzled Einstein and many other cosmologist after him. Finally, they have discovered the particle, which they mysteriously named the God particle. As the mystery surrounds this particle, their quest will either end in finding God, the source of the particle or not. -In an age when biblical truth are considered fairytales by many a scientists, someone must be bold enough to tell the truth that in the beginning the universe was void and darkness prevailed in the entire cosmos until God separated darkness by his eternal light and used 5 percent of the dark matter to create the universe and everything within it. Dr. Cherian courageously links the Scriptures and the science behind the dark matter and the scientists who were divinely guided to name it the God particle. -Newton's and Einstein's dreams have been materialized and though not accepted by the vast majority of scientists openly, many are compromising that universe formed from a cosmic evolution, and life evolved abiogenetically and God interjected his presence into the process of evolution to claim his role-a most absurd stand. -While the latest scientific discoveries tackled the biggest mystery of the universe, scientific discoveries have corroborated the truth man (humanity) is nothing but specks of the dust (Ps. 103:14). -While God who created the universe "sits enthroned above the circle of the earth and stretches out (expanse) the heavens like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent. (Isa. 40:22) is also holding the universe in his hands. -Dr. Cherian brings to light the neglected truth that science and theology are the perfect match of God's truth in the universe. -Most of the scientific discoveries deciphered during the last five hundred years are recorded in the Bible, including water in the exoplanets and the dark matter and dark energy that have been discovered recently. The author has succinctly explained with specific biblical references and explanations. -The author also reveals that from Plymouth Rock to Independence Hall and throughout the length and breadth of America, the profound Christian heritage is engrained in every inch of the land, and America cannot negate God from our land. -God's systematic order of creation was schemed as stages of unguided evolution. -All Christians of the nation must reinvent the declaration by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1892 that "This a Christian Nation," and present-day lawmakers must adhere to that with freedom and liberty for all. -Like a skilled attorney, the author explains America is part of the "Israel of God and a member of the Commonwealth of Israel," as explained by Apostle Paul. The United States of America and the United Kingdom are two nations blessed by God, under the protection of the Almighty God, and we have a moral mandate to preserve our godly culture and civilization and lead other nations to follow before Armageddon, which is imminent.

New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310529506

Category: Religion

Page: 704

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The New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters is a complete index of every person named in the Bible, from Aaron to Zurishadai. Discover the roles that men and women—from the obscure to the famous to the infamous—have played in the unfolding story of Scripture. Entries range from one-line biblical references for minor characters to full-length articles that address the theological significance of over forty major figures. With entries based on the New International Version?today's most read, most trusted Bible translation?this easy-to-use volume will help pastors, teachers, students, and church workers quickly and easily identify and understand the importance of every person in the Bible. The New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters features contributions from top biblical scholars of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In addition to the alphabetic name-entries, twenty supporting articles shed light on topics of particular interest and relevance, such as: Kings of Judah and Israel Women in the Bible Children in the Bible The Apostles Pharisees The Elderly in the Bible Angels in the Bible Jewish Genealogies —ZONDERVAN'S UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE REFERENCE SERIES— This four-volume series supplies users of today's most popular modern Bible translation, and New International Version, with scholarly, economical, and uncompromisingly evangelical study tools. It includes: New International Bible Commentary New International Encyclopedia of Bible Words New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters

Words of Love Volume 2 HB

Author: J. Wayne McKamie


ISBN: 0997258969

Category: Religion

Page: 277

View: 1486

This is the second of multiple volumes we plan to publish if the Lord is willing. As I began listening to the sermons and reading the transcripts for this volume, I began to realize the practicality and the focus of Wayne as he challenges his hearers to think and to consider their actions along life's pathway. Wayne has a way of always challenging his audience. I believe all who will read the sermons in this book will find many nuggets of spiritual nourishment and find themselves facing serious spiritual questions in living for Jesus Christ. The messages are truly inspiring!