Journey in the Wild

Author: Dr. David Eso

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524631051

Category: Poetry

Page: 118

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Journey in the wild is a deeply reflective, emotive and thought provoking book from the author of "showers from the fountain." While depicting my ongoing struggle with illness in prose; it is also encouraging as it challenges me to focus on God in spite of difficult time. And offers strong dependence and trust in God. Pains and sufferings are part of life but we don't have to do it alone: "Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love." -Psalm 143:8 And the night comfort me with your presence and divine vision. In the day set your angels on guard to protect me from all harm.

Journeys in the Canyon Lands of Utah and Arizona, 1914-1916

Author: George Corning Fraser

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816524402

Category: Travel

Page: 224

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"Frederick H. Swanson has edited Fraser's voluminous journals into a single volume covering three trips taken from 1914 to 1916. Fraser conveys impressions of the land that will fascinate any reader who wonders what the canyon country was like before it became a popular tourist destination - and one that will inform historians interested in early accounts of the region. Accompanied by a selection of photographs taken by Fraser and his fellow travelers, Journeys in the Canyon Lands brings to life the Southwest's breathtaking backcountry on the brink of discovery."--BOOK JACKET.

Hope Anyway

Author: Leeana Tankersley

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 149343053X

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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When we are in the darkness--whatever that is in our own particular story--the temptation is to believe that it's over, it's always going to feel this way, we will never be anywhere else or feel anything other than we do now. We fear the darkness, and for good reason. But it is in the darkness that new life begins. With an openhanded spirit and openhearted vulnerability, Leeana Tankersley reveals the darkest chapter of her own story, the thing she never thought would happen and could do nothing to prevent. Along the way she shares how waiting patiently in the darkness allowed something incredible to take root within her: a defiant and hard-won hope that is not dependent on happy endings. If you have lost your faith, your family, your health, your home, your security, your business, or your very self, Leeana wants you to know that you are not alone or forgotten. You are not doomed to stagnation or stasis. You are not worth less than you once were. Against every last odd, you can hope anyway.

Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art: A Reader

Author: George Nash,Aron Mazel

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1784915610

Category: Social Science

Page: 702

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Why publish a Reader? Today, it is relatively easy and convenient to switch on your computer and download an academic paper. However, as many scholars have experienced, historic references are difficult to access. Moreover, some are now lost and are merely references in later papers. This can be frustrating.

Craft of the Wild Witch

Author: Poppy Palin

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738705774

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

View: 3063

Read nature's language and develop a living relationship with the land from the wild witch perspective; find magic in the mundane; and review Sabbats, Esbats, spell-weaving, companion spirits, fairies, intuition development, and more. Original.

Journeys in Scotland

Author: Samuel Johnson,Queen Victoria,Neil Munro

Publisher: Palimpsest Book Production Limited

ISBN: 1910486167

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 446

View: 4702

A Scottish lost treasures collection of three classic Scottish travelogues, each offering a superbly descriptive narrative. Bundled by subject matter rather than author, the books create a compelling trilogy. "Palimpsest's eClassics series, Scottish Lost Treasures, shows us how much poorer Britain's cultural heritage would be without Scottish writers ... The best example I've seen of how curation and presentation can bring old books to new audiences" - The Observer "This strikes me as a fantastic venture, and one I hope will expand further" - Professor Willy Maley, University of Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday

Animal Migration

Author: Ben Hoare

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520258235

Category: Nature

Page: 176

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This guide explores the mysteries of animal migration over land, through oceans, and by air. With more than 300 color photographs, maps, and illustrations, it covers every continent as it traces the routes of some 50 remarkable migrations -- including those of polar bears, wildebeest, hummingbirds, iguanas, and sharks. The author describes the navigation, reproduction, and feeding strategies of these animals and discusses migrations that stand out for their extraordinary challenges, such as those that take animals unthinkable distances across hostile territory. This book also includes a catalog of migration hot spots around the world -- places where the planet's greatest animal voyages can be observed.

Ill-Made Mute

Author: Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330523589

Category: Fiction

Page: 600

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Book I in the 'Bitterbynde' trilogy, and a landmark debut in the realm of Fantasy writing.In a world where creatures of legend haunt countryside and forest, to be caught outside after dark means almost certain death, so the inhabitants of Isse Tower are amazed when a mute, starving foundling is discovered outside their gates. With no recollection of either its name or past, the child comes to realize that the only hope of happiness lies with a wise woman residing in distant Caermelor. But to get there, the newly named Imrhien must survive a wilderness of endless danger. Lost and pursued by unhuman wights, Imrhien is eventually saved by Thorn, a mysterious and handsome ranger, but unknown to them both a dark force has summoned the Unseelie, and malignant hordes amass in the night...

Prayer in the City

Author: Patrick A. Desplat,Dorothea E. Schulz

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 383941945X

Category: Social Science

Page: 314

View: 4034

This volume envisions social practices surrounding mosques, shrines and public spaces in urban contexts as a window on the diverse ways in which Muslims in different regional and historical settings imagine, experience, and inhabit places and spaces as »sacred«. Unlike most studies on Muslim communities, this volume focuses on cultural, material and sensuous practices and urban everyday experience. Drawing on a range of analytical perspectives, the contributions examine spatial practices in Muslim societies from an interdisciplinary perspective, an approach which has been widely neglected both in Islamic studies and social sciences.