Journeys in the Wilderness

Author: John Muir

Publisher: Birlinn Limited

ISBN: 9781841586977

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 570

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The name of John Muir has come to stand for the protection of wild land and wilderness in both America and Britain. Born in Dunbar in the east of Scotland in 1838, Muir is famed as the father of American conservation, and as the first person to promote the idea of National Parks.

Journey in the Wilderness

Author: Gilbert R. Rendle

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426710658

Category: Religion

Page: 150

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"We who love the church know we are in the wilderness. In this book, Gil Rendle describes that wilderness so we can understand how we got here. What's even better, he helps us find landmarks and paths that can help us find a better way. Any lay leader or clergyperson will find genuine support here- but first he or she will have a chance to understand more deeply the dimensions of the hole we have dug ourselves into." Loren B. Mead, consultant, teacher, founder of the Alban Institute, author of the Once and future Church "Gill Rendle describes masterfully the mainline trek in the wilderness and identifies assumptions that no longer fit. Church leaders will recognize their experience of recent decades on every page. As insightfull as the description is, the power of the book comes in naming new paths out of the wilderness." Lovett H. Weems, Jr., author of church Leadership: Vision, Team, Culture, and Integrity "A hope-filled book about the future of the mainline church by one of North America's most respected consultants. Rendle challenges leaders to embrace the wilderness, learn from it, and summon the courage to keep moving toward the promised land. This is a must-read book for pastors and denominational leaders." Janice Riggle Huie, Bishop, the Houston Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church "Gil Rendle has long been a reliable guide for leaders navigating change in our culture and the church. Journey in the Wilderness is another invaluable piece of the map to help mainline church leaders seeking to discern God's vision for our future amid disorienting change." John Wimmer, Program Director, Religion, Lilly Endowment, Inc. "Gil Rendle provides not only a descriptive understanding of how mainline churches got into the wilderness but also clues for their path forward. He does it with perceptive wisdom and hopeful steps for the journey. Journey in the Wilderness is a must read for leaders of congregations and denominational leaders who seek a new/ancient role for congregations." John R. Schol, Bishop, the Washington, DC Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church "This book is gift of well-founded hope. Gil Rendle deftly describes the unique opportunities present within our wilderness experience and offers a clear perspective on the pathway for learning and relevant change we may find there." Tom Locke, President, Texas Methodist Foundation

Forty Years in the Wilderness-Fahm's Journey

Author: Dorothy Raye

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600346987

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

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Rejected by her parents, abandoned by her step-parents, Fahm's life is a picture of God's compassion and mercy working in the life of a little girl first in Laos, then as a young woman in Thailand, and finally as an adult in America. It is a story of hope for those who see no end to their hurt and difficulties. (Motivation)

The Wilderness Journey

Author: Richard Pratt


ISBN: 1326359940

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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The Wilderness Journey is the autobiography of Richard Pratt, a nineteenth century miller and Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. First published in 1876, this book tells of PrattOs spiritual and temporal journey from his birth in 1816 up to 1875. Richard Pratt was troubled much by ill health and poverty; his temporal trials, including the tragic deaths of a daughter and a son, and his spiritual trials, including his calling to the ministry of GodOs word, are detailed in this account of his lifeOs journey. This new edition includes footnotes to provide some background information and explanations to assist the modern reader. A brief Foreword, an Afterword and four Appendices, including obituaries, letters, and a sermon, have also been added,

Sojourn in the Wilderness

Author: Kenneth Wadness

Publisher: Harmony House Publishers (KY)

ISBN: 9781564690340

Category: Appalachian Trail

Page: 231

View: 1174

A memoir of an inspirational southbound thru-hike, disguised as a stunning "coffee-table" book of photography.

Soul of Wilderness

Author: John Baldwin,Linda Bily

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781550177350

Category: Photography

Page: 174

View: 7147

"Linda and I are fortunate to live near the western mountains of British Columbia, which contain some of the last wilderness areas in North America outside of the arctic. This is an area that supports grizzly bears and wolverines, where salmon run wild and the wolves and mountain goats roam through areas that have not changed since the arrival of Europeans to North America. This book is a look at those wilderness areas: their beauty, their essence, their soul." --John Baldwin In this modern world, where it is estimated that three quarters of the earth's ice-free land mass has been altered by humans, how many people have ever been somewhere they could truly experience pristine wilderness? Few mountain ranges in the world are as wild or beautiful as BC and Alaska's Coast Mountains. From remote fjords to soaring summits, North America's westernmost mountains offer innumerable challenges and sublime delights. And yet they remain relatively unexplored. Partners, co-authors and photographers John Baldwin and Linda Bily have ventured into the magical landscapes of the Coast Mountains. Travelling by foot and ski, their goal was simply to experience and document as much of these remote places as possible--to wander across the high meadows, ski from mountain tops and revel in the artful patterns of new-fallen snow. This stunning coffee-table book is sure to inspire readers to discover and connect with the intense beauty of this mountain wilderness.

Into the Wilderness

Author: Stephen Lyman,Mark Mardon

Publisher: Artisan Publishers

ISBN: 9781885183316

Category: Nature

Page: 179

View: 7921

During years of study and exploration, Stephen Lyman discovered his calling: to paint the wilderness with passionate commitment, and to communicate the joy found there in each image. Through his beautiful paintings and extraordinary photography he celebrates the importance of the wilderness as a whole. Into the Wilderness is more than a splendid art book. With it, you can journey with Lyman into a wilderness very few have experienced. You can share the sensation of being in the wild--exploring, discovering, studying, and enjoying the all-encompassing beauty of unspoiled nature. Into the Wilderness features Stephen Lyman's favorite paintings, as well as many unpublished paintings and sketches. In addition, the artist includes more than one hundred of his own photographs showing details and overviews of the natural world that inspires his paintings. Through Lyman's paintings and photography, and in the words of writer and former Sierra magazine editor Mark Mardon, each of us can experience the deep quiet of the woods, find serenity at the water's edge, climb mountains, and be completely at home in the world of the wilderness.