Left for Dead

Author: R. K. Jensen

Publisher: Aaron Communications III

ISBN: 0976396424

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 202

View: 4691

The riveting true story that has touched hearts World Wide about two brothers raised by the Mafia in a life of gangs, drugs, bank heists, and murder. Follow their struggle to escape the trappings of mafia life- Only a True Miracle of God can save them. A story of great tragedy, and Miraculous Triumph. A powerful story of struggle, defeat, & ultimate triumph. Dennis Mansfield, CBS TV Commentator

Left for Dead

Author: Howard Jencks

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469190958

Category: Fiction

Page: 241

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While investigating the murder of a suspected serial killer in the Lake Tahoe basin, Detective Michael Garrett is lead back to the small desert border town he once called home, where he uncovers a violent drug cartel that has begun expansion into the United States, and discovers the frightening reality that he has now placed not only himself, but his family and others in harms way. Driven by tourism, the last thing the city of Stateline, Nevada wanted to do was announce the presence of a serial killer. Driven by the laws of nature, the last thing Rosa Jimenez wanted was to become his next victim. Called to assist with a gruesome fi nding, Detective Garrett fi nds himself entrenched in an investigation he cant walk away from. Recognizing Rosa from his past, he was resolute that justice be served. As the investigation leads Garrett south, he seeks the assistance of an old friend and current Vice-Detective with the LAPD, David Ross. When Ross is unable to open doors in the Los Angeles area, Garrett realizes his next stop is his hometown on the Mexican border where he stumbles on a link to Los Zetas, a Drug Cartel that has formed an alliance with the Mexican Mafi a. Used to operating with impunity in Mexico, the cartel targets Garrett and his family as his investigation begins to threaten their business. In a daring attempt to make things right, the detectives cross the border to confront the man directing the cartel henchmen.

Left for Dead

Author: B.L. Hurst

Publisher: B.L. Hurst


Category: Fiction

Page: 457

View: 5319

Left for Dead tells of a disaster of unknown origin and proportion that wipes out most modern technology. After the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019, each subsequent winter, brings about back-to-back Polar Vortices which carry subfreezing artic weather systems down across continental U.S. In 2021, the Deep South gets hit with the worst one to date receiving heavy snow storms common in the Dakotas. Rolling blackouts sweep the nation and food shortages create widespread panic. Then, as municipalities begin to adjust to what experts called the ‘new normal for southern winter weather’, and bring about peace, a dark threat waits in the wings ready to bring about a new crisis. Asher Latham is serving a life-sentence for murder in the state penitentiary when the power goes out and certain signs tell him that they’re facing more than a simple power outage. He believes an EMP event may have struck the U.S. and realizing the long term ramifications of such an event, he has no desire to die in prison. But, what can he do? After time off due to the weather, Bethany Johnson has just returned to Vanderbilt University to work on her law degree when a bad day turns into a nightmare. She finds herself alone facing a murderous mob of accusers. Associate Pastor Grant Foster and his loving wife finds themselves looking after a large group of their neighbors, employees of their RV dealership, and members of their church. Best-selling novelist Carrie Raymore sits at her desk working on her latest book when her computer bursts into flames, the short circuit spreads to her external memory source frying months of work. Then she notices a neighbors home on fire and rushes over to help. Follow along as these people face a crisis of epic proportions as they struggle to survive.

Left For Dead

Author: Nick Ward,Sinead O'Brien

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472968247

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 5301

The second edition of the Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year is updated with a new chapter describing Nick's eventual completion of the Fastnet Race thirty years after his first, ill-fated attempt. The world-famous Fastnet Race takes yachts from the Isle of Wight to the Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland and back. The 1979 race began in perfect conditions, but was soon engulfed by the deadliest storm in the history of modern sailing. By the time it passed, the havoc caused was immeasurable, and fifteen sailors had lost their lives. It had been Nick Ward's childhood ambition to sail in the Fastnet Race, and being asked to join the crew of the 30-foot yacht Grimalkin was a dream come true. But then the storm hit. Grimalkin was capsized again and again. With the skipper lost overboard, after hours of struggle three of the crew decided to abandon the boat for the liferaft. Nick and another crewmember, both unconscious, were left on the beleaguered yacht in the middle of the Irish Sea. Both were presumed dead. Gerry died a few hours later, and Nick was left to face the storm alone.

Left for Dead

Author: J.A. Jance

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451628587

Category: Fiction

Page: 306

View: 3551

After the near-fatal shooting of a former police academy classmate and an encounter with Sister Anselm, who is acting as a patient advocate for a woman who was savagely attacked by a drug cartel, Ali Reynolds is determined to seek justice in both cases.

Left for Dead

Author: Beck Weathers,Stephen G. Michaud

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0375505881

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 304

View: 7431

With a new preface by the author • As featured in the upcoming motion picture Everest, starring Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, and Jake Gyllenhaal “I can tell you that some force within me rejected death at the last moment and then guided me, blind and stumbling—quite literally a dead man walking—into camp and the shaky start of my return to life.” In 1996 Beck Weathers and a climbing team pushed toward the summit of Mount Everest. Then a storm exploded on the mountain, ripping the team to shreds, forcing brave men to scratch and crawl for their lives. Rescuers who reached Weathers saw that he was dying, and left him. Twelve hours later, the inexplicable occurred. Weathers appeared, blinded, gloveless, and caked with ice—walking down the mountain. In this powerful memoir, now featuring a new Preface, Weathers describes not only his escape from hypothermia and the murderous storm that killed eight climbers, but the journey of his life. This is the story of a man’s route to a dangerous sport and a fateful expedition, as well as the road of recovery he has traveled since; of survival in the face of certain death, the reclaiming of a family and a life; and of the most extraordinary adventure of all: finding the courage to say yes when life offers us a second chance. Praise for Left for Dead “Riveting . . . [a] remarkable survival story . . . Left for Dead takes a long, critical look at climbing: Weathers is particularly candid about how the demanding sport altered and strained his relationships.”—USA Today “Ultimately, this engrossing tale depicts the difficulty of a man’s struggle to reform his life.”—Publishers Weekly

Left for Dead

Author: Voncille Shipley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595418082

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 2854

Praise for This Raw, Red Land Shipley.combines deft characterizations and a fine use of vernacular.This Raw, Red Land entertains and informs. -Patricia Ann Jones, Tulsa World Praise for Land of Sun and Flowers Richly told and with an amazingly descriptive voice.Shipley's novel is filled with wonderful dialogue and paints a vivid portrait of life in.early Oklahoma. -Eric Dabney, The Oklahoman When Howard LaClede dies from collision injuries, police rule it accidental but his wife, Trish knows from his last desperate phone call that someone he recognized left him for dead. While she deals with her grief and seeks that person, Trish assumes operation of Howard's floundering firm. Inexperienced in business, she must learn quickly or lose the company. She faces multiple problems: insufficient funds, rampant theft, departing customers, restive and insubordinate employees. Missing keys and account discrepancies reveal tangled deception that suggests criminal activity implicating several employees. A key employee dies of a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills. Was it accident? Suicide? Foul play? Is there a connection with Howard's crash? Hearing an intruder in her house, Trish cowers in the bathroom until circumstances force her to confront danger from a surprising source. Web Site: www.voncilleshipley.com

Left for Dead

Author: Joy Kluver

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 1800199988

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7024

The sun is rising over the deserted park. Spring shoots have burst through the frozen ground, framing the woman’s broken body in green and gold. Their surge of relief at finding her alive quickly dissolves into fear: the man who did this is still out there. His next victim might not be so lucky… The first time Detective Bernadette Noel sees Keira Howard, she is lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life. The police assume that she has become the latest victim in a series of brutal attacks, and after weeks of fruitless searching, they think the evidence found in Keira’s case will finally lead them to their man. When a suspect is caught the case looks closed, but Bernie isn’t convinced. Keira may have the same markings as the other women, but she doesn’t meet the profile – the random attacker let his victims go. Keira’s attacker had intended to kill. The witnesses – Keira’s closest friends – are all telling different stories, and the discovery that Keira was hiding a secret pregnancy suddenly makes everything a lot more complicated. When a crucial witness goes missing, Bernie’s gut instinct is proven right – so why won’t her superiors let her investigate? They may have caught a guilty man, but a potential murderer still walks free. Then when their prime suspect is suddenly killed on police watch, Bernie’s situation becomes much more dangerous. The closer Bernie comes to discovering the truth, the more she is putting her life at risk. And the only people she can rely on to make it out alive might be those she can no longer trust. An utterly compelling crime thriller full of twists and suspense, perfect for fans of Val McDermid, Angela Marsons and Cara Hunter. What readers are saying about Joy Kluver: ‘Wow!! Just wow!!… This book is brilliant! More than brilliant, amazing!!!… Absolutely gripping, addictive and captivating… I was absolutely hooked from the first page to the last. I had a complete shock at the twists… Love, love, loved all the characters!!!’ Bookworm86 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘An absolute belter of a read… I was just totally consumed… it will have you engrossed from start to finish. Gripping stuff.’ Sibzzreads ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Compulsive and absorbing… plenty of thrills and an intriguing mystery… I mean it when I say that the twists and turns catch you off guard… Impossible to put down… Crime fiction at its finest.’ Avid Reader’s Retreat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I read it in a few greedy gulps, desperate to know what was going on and who the killer was. It gets a very easy five stars from me… Top stuff!’ Hooked From Page One ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Everything about this book is captivating… Impossible to put down. I downloaded the arc this Monday morning, and by evening, I had finished. The rollercoaster was intense, the twists and turns unexpected… gripping read.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Immediately I was hooked… This is one book you will need to clear your schedule for because let me tell you once you start this book you just can’t put it down!… There was one twist that I literally was yelling and screaming at the character!!!’ Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘One of the best detective books I have read in ages.’ NetGalley reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Left For Dead

Author: Nolon King,Stacy Claflin

Publisher: Sterling & Stone LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 191

View: 3987

What's an innocent assassin to do? Brad Morris was just cleared of murdering one annoying neighbor when another one turns up dead. Luckily, he was at a party with everyone on the block when the body was found, but that doesn't stop fingers from pointing his way. Especially since the murder weapon was a BlueBlade, the knife company that Brad's boss, Kurt, uses as a front for the real work that Brad and his fellow assassins do. Kurt demands that Brad find the real killer — without blowing his cover or dragging BlueBlade into the investigation. If he can’t, he’ll be thrown to the wolves. Or worse, “retired.” Does one of Brad’s suburban neighbors hate him enough to frame him for murder? Or does he have a much more dangerous enemy lurking within the fellowship of assassins? Left For Dead is the second book in the new Stacy Claflin and Nolon King thriller series, Dead For Good. Pick up your copy today!

Left For Dead

Author: Kevin O'Brien

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472219902

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 6912

A chilling read from king of the Seattle serial killer thriller and New York Times bestseller, Kevin O'Brien. Perfect for fans of Chris Carter, Karin Slaughter and Mary Burton. When Claire Shaw wakes up in a Seattle hospital, she can remember nothing of what happened to her. All she knows is she's lucky to be alive - the single surviving victim of a vicious serial killer. But next time, she may not be so lucky... Back on an isolated island resort, Claire returns to a life she barely recognises. To a town that is hiding something sinister in its dark woods, remote cabins and chilling smiles. Bit by bit, Claire's memory takes a terrifying shape, she realises her fears are far closer to home than she had thought.