Leonardo Dicaprio

Author: Douglas Wight

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A biography of American film star Leo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Biography

Author: Douglas Wight

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'I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD' That was the cry from Leonardo DiCaprio as he stood astride the bow in Titanic - the movie that would go on to smash all records, raking in a whopping GBP1.1 billion worldwide. Now, few Hollywood movers and shakers would dispute that statement as Leo has rocketed to become one of the highest paid actors in the world. And his position looks set to be secure after an incredible 2013 which saw Hollywood's hottest talent appearing as the eponymous Jay Gatsy in the Great Gatsby, following swiftly on the heels of the great success of Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster, Django Unchained. Yet, although he's spent over 15 years at the top of his profession, Leonardo remains something of an enigma - his often daring movie choices suggest an actor still striving for perfection.

Leonardo DiCaprio A Short Unauthorized Biography

Author: Fame Life Bios

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Leonardo DiCaprio: A Short Unauthorized Biography is a short unauthorized biography produced from electronic resources researched that includes significant events and career milestones. Ideal for fans of Leonardo DiCaprio and general readers looking for a quick insight about one of today's most intriguing celebrities. This must-read short unauthorized biography chronicles: Who is Leonardo DiCaprio Things People Have Said about Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio is BornGrowing Up with Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio Personal RelationshipsThe Rise of Leonardo DiCaprioSignificant Career MilestonesLeonardo DiCaprio Friends and FoesFun Facts About Leonardo DiCaprioHow The World Sees Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio A Short Unauthorized Biography is one of the latest short unauthorized biographies from Fame Life Bios. Check it out now!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Author: Nancy E. Krulik

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Biography of the young actor who starred in the movie Titanic.

Martin Scorsese: A Biography

Author: Vincent LoBrutto

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Martin Scorsese's current position in the international film community is unrivaled, and his name has become synonymous with the highest standards of filmmaking excellence. He is widely considered America's best living film director, and his Taxi Driver and Raging Bull appear frequently on worldwide surveys of the best films of all time. Here, in the first biographical account of this artist's life, Vincent LoBrutto traces Scorsese's Italian-American heritage, his strict Catholic upbringing, the continuing role of religion in his life and art, his obsessive love of cinema history, and the powerful impact that the streets of New York City had on his personal life and his professional career. Meanwhile, the filmmaker's humble, soft-spoken public persona tells only part of the story, and LoBrutto will delve into the other side of a complex and often tortured personality. Scorsese's intense passion, his private relationships, his stormy marriages, and his battles with drugs and depression are all chronicled here, and, in many cases, for the first time. In addition, the book includes an interview with the director, as well as filmographies cataloging his work as a director, producer, actor, and presenter. As his Best Director award at the 2007 Oscars clearly demonstrated, Scorsese has become something like Hollywood royalty in recent years, finally enjoying the insider status and favor that eluded him for most of his career. But these recent developments aside, Scorsese is also notable as a distinctly American type of artist, one whose work-created in a medium largely controlled by commercialism and marketing-has always been unmistakably his own, and who thus remains a touchstone of artistic integrity in American cinema. In Martin Scorsese: A Biography, readers can examine not only the work of one of the form's genuine artists, but also the forces that have propelled the man behind it.

Celebrity Biographies - The Amazing Life Of Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert Downey Jr. - Famous Stars

Author: Matt Green

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Ever wondered how Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downey Jr. rose to stardom? Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on November 11 1974 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. When Leonardo was just 1 year old, his parents divorced and he lived with his mother in different parts of the L.A neighborhood while his mom was working hard to support him. The 90s saw the rise of some big, big stars but few reached the enormous levels of fame that Leonardo DiCaprio did. He began the decade as a newcomer to Hollywood and ended it with Titanic. Robert Downey Jr. was born on April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York, to a couple who both worked in the film industry. His life and career has been a mixture of great successes and devastating failures, but amidst all of the things he went through, Robert has been able to stay true to who he is and has never failed to win the admiration and support of his fans and critics alike. Starting out as a young actor with a tremendous potential for stardom in Hollywood, Robert’s career took a turn for the worst when he became a victim of drug addiction. For more interesting facts you must read the biographies Grab your biography books now!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Author: Douglas Wight

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I'm the king of the world!' That was the cry from Leonardo DiCaprio as he stood astride the bow in Titanic - the movie that would go on to smash all records, raking in a whopping GBP1.1 billion worldwide. Now, few Hollywood movers and shakers would dispute that statement as Leo has rocketed to become the highest paid actor in the world, earning as estimated GBP50 million in 2011 alone. And his position looks sets to be secure for some time to come as the release of the new 3D version of James Cameron's epic heralds another sensational year in the life of Hollywood's hottest talent, that will also see him take on the lead role in a new adaptation of The Great Gatsby and see him cast as a villain in Quentin Tarantino's new blockbuster Django Unchained. It's a far cry from the heart - throb's humble beginnings when he had to scrape for parts in TV commericals and soap operas before catching the eye in Baz Luhrmann's stylish Romeo and Juliet and then achieving worldwide superstardom with Titanic. Cementing his reputation with captivating performances in films like Catch Me If You Can and The Departed, DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Howard Hughes in The Aviator. A keen environmentalist and conservationist, he has given millions to good causes around the globe and has never been shy about wearing his political ideas on his sleeve. Yet, although he's spent over 15 years at the top of his profession, Leonardo remains something of an enigma. He has famously dated some of the world's most beautiful women but seems no nearer to settling down and his often daring movie choices suggest someone still striving for perfection despite his stunning successes.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Author: Martin Noble

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A biography of the young actor who has built his career on roles in such films as "The Basketball Diaries, " "Romeo and Juliet, " and "Titanic."