Letter to My Daughter

Author: George Bishop

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345519752

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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BONUS: This edition contains a Letter to My Daughter discussion guide. A fight, ended by a slap, sends Elizabeth out the door of her Baton Rouge home on the eve of her fifteenth birthday. Her mother, Laura, is left to fret and worry—and remember. Wracked with guilt as she awaits Liz’s return, Laura begins a letter to her daughter, hoping to convey “everything I’ve always meant to tell you but never have.” In her painfully candid confession, Laura shares memories of her own troubled adolescence in rural Louisiana, her bittersweet relationship with a boy she loved despite her parents’ disapproval, and a personal tragedy that she can never forget. An absorbing and affirming debut, Letter to My Daughter is a heartwrenching novel of mothers, daughters, and the lessons we all learn when we come of age.

Letter To My Daughter

Author: Maya Angelou

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748122354

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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A collection of wisdom and life lessons, from the beloved and bestselling author of I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS 'A brilliant writer, a fierce friend and a truly phenomenal woman' BARACK OBAMA Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to my Daughter reveals Maya Angelou's path to living well and living a life with meaning. Told in her own inimitable style, this book transcends genres and categories: it's part guidebook, part memoir, part poetry - and pure delight. 'She moved through the world with unshakeable calm, confidence and a fierce grace . . . She will always be the rainbow in my clouds' OPRAH WINFREY 'She was important in so many ways. She launched African American women writing in the United States. She was generous to a fault. She had nineteen talents - used ten. And was a real original. There is no duplicate' TONI MORRISON

A Letter to My Daughter

Author: Michael B. Dodd

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600340881

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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Michael Ireland has a pen, a notebook, and five days to live! In that time, his desire to bring his daughter to Christ will tax the resources of all three.

A Letter to My Daughter

Author: Carla Hutton Batchelor

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600343953

Category: Religion

Page: 72

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This guide for parents focuses on helping them assist their daughters on their spiritual journey from birth through adulthood and into a successful life in Jesus Christ. (Practical Life)

A Letter to My Daughter

Author: Frank Gill

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1434390411

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

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The rain was pouring down; it was a cold dreary spring afternoon as April, in the big apple can be. My self, and the press pool, were standing out side the Court House, on the covered landing. We were waiting for the verdict to come in. The jury had been out, sequestered in a small room for six days; and were on the ragged edge! The case involved the brutal murders of six known prostitutes, savagely beaten in there beds; with a baseball bat while they slept! The man charged with the crime, was an ex-Marine. A "Gulf War" veteran, with a history of street violence, mental instability at times; and an alcoholic! He saw a lot of action; and had medals of valor to prove it! To bad, he ended up this way. I didn't think he fit the profile as a murderer! I was dropped off and left; at St. Jude's Orphanage, as an infant. My friends call me D.J. My name is "Damian Jude"- (Named, after the patron saint) By Sister Anne, the mother superior at the home. I never got adopted! I was a drug addicted baby! --- I'm a private investigator!

A Letter to My Daughter

Author: Kim S

Publisher: Polished Publishing Group

ISBN: 0986486930


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A Letter to My Daughter copyright 2007, 2009 by Kim S. All rights reserved. Where my first book, A Letter to My Son, took me ten years to complete (from initial conception to publication), this second book was written in only two months time. It seemed to flow out of my mind faster than my hands could type ... a wonderful dilemma for a writer. When I wrote A Letter to My Daughter, I was in a positive frame of mind, and I wanted to find the best way I could to express that. I also wanted to show how my mindset had evolved over the past three years-to really contrast this book with my first. [ So, where the first book dwells on dark topics like adversity and victimization, the second is focused on hope and personal accountability. [ Where the first book cover is a pale yellow and gray colour, the second is covered with all kinds of colours. [ My author picture on the first book is done in black and white, I appear sombre in it, and I'm standing alone with my back against a wall; my author picture on the second book is done in full colour, I appear cheerful in it, and I'm surrounded by people I love. [ Of course, the puzzle also symbolizes our interconnection regardless of our individual beliefs. That was the purpose of this cover and book as a whole. It is me expressing a very joyful time in my life and sharing it with those I love. It is intended as an empowering message about being true to yourself while respecting other people's choices. It's about honouring all the different beliefs in our world and celebrating their similarities rather than belabouring their differences.

Letter to My Daughter: Words of wisdom, advice and lessons on life from parents

Author: Theresa Tan

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 981492833X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: N.A

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They say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. That innocent baby in the cot will one day become a sister, a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law. A girl's first—and sometimes final—teacher is her mother. From first steps to first kiss, marriage to motherhood, mothers are the coach and counsellor in every girl's life. In this collection curated by veteran editor and writer Theresa Tan, mothers write letters to their daughters who may one day become mothers themselves. At times hilarious, mostly brutally honest, these are no-holds-barred, one-sided conversations between moms and their girls: values to impart, mistakes to learn from, wisdom to pass on, confessions to make, gratitude to express. These letters will make you laugh, weep and hug your child. Includes notes on lipstick and taking care of your body; how to survive marriage (and divorce); stupid things never to do; making hard decisions; living life with passion; raising children and caring for aging parents; carrying on family traditions; focusing on what truly matters in life. Contributors include: Adlena Oh-Wong, Amy Poon, Ng Choong San, Cynthia Chew, Dawn Lee, Dawn Sim, Janet Goh, Jennifer Heng, Jenny Wee, Kalthum Ahmad, Karen Tan, Landy Chua-Moosa, Loretta Urquhart, Paige Parker, Petrina Kow, Sangeeta Mulchand, Shaan Moledina-Lim, Chiong Xiao Ting, Lin Xiuzhen, Yen Chua and Zalina Gazali

Letters to My Daughter

Author: Raquel Cobbins Milton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1796038288

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 80

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This book of letters written to my daughter emerges from a deep desire to share with other mothers my personal experiences of raising a daughter. This communication technique of writing letters transitioned from handwritten letters to type-written letters to computer-generated letters to e-mails and text messages. The effect of communicating your deepest thoughts without interruption or uncontrolled emotion while having a captive audience is invaluable. A parent’s journey can be bittersweet, but also extremely rewarding. When a child is born, so is a parent. They simultaneously learn together and grow together. The discipline of parenting fits in the category of on-the-job training, and it never hurts to compare notes. So I’m sharing my thoughts, my challenges, my triumphs, and my words of wisdom conveyed to my daughter during her formative years and the map of my journey as a parent. Enjoy the ride!

Love Letters to My Daughter

Author: DJD

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1637644469

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 86

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Love Letters to My Daughter By: DJD DJD sat down and began writing to her daughter, wondering why she left her, where is she, why won’t she contact her. Why would she choose the people she associates herself with and not her mother? Why do the people her daughter is with not allow her to have a mother, a family, her friends, her church? Is she hypnotized, on drugs, being held against her will? Her daughter was her world. Love Letters to My Daughter is a heartfelt collection of letters of a brokenhearted mother in her search for answers and renewed relationship with her daughter.