Letters to a Young Therapist

Author: Mary Pipher

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0465098959

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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Mary Pipher's groundbreaking investigation of America's "girl-poisoning culture," Reviving Ophelia, has sold nearly two million copies and established its author as one of the nation's foremost authorities on family issues. In Letters to a Young Therapist, Dr. Pipher shares what she has learned in thirty years as a therapist, helping warring families, alienated adolescents, and harried professionals restore peace and beauty to their lives. Letters to a Young Therapist gives voice to her practice with an exhilarating mix of storytelling and sharp-eyed observation. And while her letters are addressed to an imagined young therapist, every one of us can take something away from them. Long before "positive psychology" became a buzzword, Dr. Pipher practiced a refreshingly inventive therapy -- fiercely optimistic, free of dogma or psychobabble, and laced with generous warmth and practical common sense. But not until now has this gifted healer described her unique perspective on how therapy can help us revitalize our emotional landscape in an increasingly stressful world. Whether she's recommending daily swims for a sluggish teenager, encouraging a timid husband to become bolder, or simply bearing witness to a bereaved parent's sorrow, Dr. Pipher's compassion and insight shine from every page of this thoughtful and engaging book.

Letters to a Young Psychologist & The Golden Coin: Freud or Jung?

Author: Ignacio Solares

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496919599

Category: Psychology

Page: 179

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Letters to a Young Psychologist consists of a series of essays in the form of letters. As a primer on the subject of psychology, it is unique because it comes through the lens of a novelist with insightful references to the junction of psychology and literature. Early in the book, Solares gives an overview of why the field of psychology fascinates him: "Vast regions of the human mind haven't yet been mapped." He encourages the reader: "I can only hope that you will fall madly in love with [psychology]. I give you these letters thoroughly drenched in that same spirit, starting with Freud and ending with the discovery of hypnosis and the volatile introduction of drugs into psychotherapy." Solares explores Freud's contributions and limitations, and does the same for Jung. He also tackles Behaviorism. Pragmatism, spirituality, an entertaining predecessor of Freud, Franz Mesmer, the use and misuse of drugs in psychological treatment, and role of meditation in psychology. The Golden Coin: Freud or Jung?, an award-winning play, features an enlightening and lively intellectual duel between the two famous psychologists of the title, one of whom visits the other from the afterlife.

Letters to a Young Therapist

Author: Vincenzo Di Nicola

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780983173458

Category: Psychology

Page: 234

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In these seven letters, practising psychiatrist Vincenzo Di Nicola offers wisdom to a young therapist from 25 years of experience conducting relational therapy. Ranging from what to read and how to begin therapy, the letters cover therapeutic temperaments and technique, how to create a relational dialogue, the myths of individual psychology and the need for relational psychology, the evolution of therapy in the past century and when therapy is over-all the while looking forward to the relational practices of the coming community. This book complements Di Nicola's model of working with families presented in A Stranger in the Family: Culture, Families, and Therapy (New York and London: W.W. Norton). -- It's a beautiful idea, this project of turning to young people... The relational dialogue offers an important new direction of study to discover the deep basis of the therapeutic alliance, in order to understand the still too-little known phenomenon of "change..". This is what you have brought together in your book: the search for the whole regarding the person and, at the same time, the network of primary affective relationships that we call the family and of social relationships ... -from the Foreword by Maurizio Andolfi, MD, Director of the Academy of Family Psychotherapy, Professor of Psychology, University of Rome Author description: Vincenzo Di Nicola, M.D. is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and relational therapist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After studies in clinical psychology, medicine and psychiatry, Di Nicola trained and collaborated in family therapy with Mara Selvini Palazzoli and Maurizio Andolfi and more recently in global mental health with the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. He has held clinical and teaching appointments at the universities of Ottawa, Queen's and McGill and is an Honorary Professor of Law in Minas Gerais, Brazil and a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Di Nicola is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal and a doctoral candidate at the European Graduate School.

Becoming a Therapist

Author: Thomas M. Skovholt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111817819X

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

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Praise for Becoming a Therapist "This resource is filled with practical and personal advice, relevant stories, and examples, and reads more like help from a friend than a typical textbook." —Roberta L. Nutt, PhD, ABPP, Visiting Professor and Training Director, Counseling Psychology Program, University of Houston "Ah, now this is the book I wish had been available when I entered the field. Tom Skovholt has defined the initial experiences and followed the process through to the culmination of the therapeutic experience in a truly great book. Becoming a Therapist is a major contribution to our field." —Arthur (Andy) M. Horne, Dean and Distinguished Research Professor, College of Education, The University of Georgia; President-Elect, Society of Counseling Psychology "Becoming a Therapist's informal style is accessible and engaging and yet soundly grounded in evidence and in the wisdom Skovholt has developed through his career-long research on psychotherapists and their development." —Rodney K. Goodyear, PhD, Professor, School of Education, University of Redlands; Emeritus Professor of Education (Counseling Psychology), University of Southern California Essential guidance for mental health professionals navigating the start of their helping careers Written for those entering a career in the helping professions, Becoming a Therapist: On the Path to Mastery explores the therapeutic career path for new practitioners, painting a vivid portrait of the novice therapist's journey. This practical book guides you in using the helping relationship to improve the lives of others, whether your chosen profession is in counseling, clinical psychology, social work, school counseling, addictions counseling, family therapy, medicine, community counseling, pastoral counseling, or academic advising. Destined to become the resource every new practitioner turns to again and again, Becoming a Therapist prepares you for the reality of what it means to be a beginning therapist, with relevant discussion of: The fifteen indispensable qualities of every mental health professional The unfolding practitioner self Self-care for burnout prevention and resiliency development The importance of culturally competent practice to practitioner expertise Practice, research/theory, and personal life: the practitioner's learning triangle The significance of peer relationships in the novice experience Steeped in author Thomas Skovholt's years of experience, Becoming a Therapist thoroughly and clearly illustrates the excitement, intensity, anxiety—and, ultimately, the satisfaction—you can expect as a helping professional.


Author: Maxine Borowsky Junge,Kim Newall

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 0398090742

Category: Art

Page: 187

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This is not a "how-to" book but rather about the "experience" of becoming an art therapist. The text covers issues in supervision and mentorship, contains stories by art therapy students about what they are thinking and feeling, and letters to young art therapists by highly regarded professionals in the field. The reader has the advantage of ideas and responses from both a student art therapist and an art therapist with many years' experience and is clearly intended for students aiming for a career. Chapter 1 is about students as a secret society and the importance of student colleagues. The second chapter is a short history of art therapy education, while Chapter 3 is a review of some literature potentially useful to art therapy students. Chapter 4 represents Kim Newall's journal with imagery of her internship experience as a third-year graduate student in a community clinic. For Chapter 5, art therapy graduate students in various geographical sections of the United States describe their worst and best student experiences and their most important role models. Chapter 6 is about mentoring–what it is and why an art therapist should have a mentor. In Chapter 7, twelve senior art therapists, each with many years' experience, write a personal letter to the coming generations of art therapists. The letter writers are all pioneers in the field. Finally, Chapter 8 offers a selected art therapy bibliography. This extraordinary book conveys the message "you can do this and it's worth it." The text is a much needed contribution to the field of art therapy. Students for many semesters to come will be reassured, validated, and informed. Experienced art therapists will ford valuable perspectives on supervision, teaching, and mentorship.

Introduction to Counseling: Voices from the Field

Author: Jeffrey A. Kottler,David S. Shepard

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305176138

Category: Education

Page: 560

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INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING: VOICES FROM THE FIELD, Eighth Edition, provides students with a comprehensive overview of the counseling profession while encouraging them to examine the day-to-day realities of being a counselor and their motivation for choosing the profession. Coverage includes information on what counseling is as well as its history, theoretical orientations, applications, and professional issues. As students become engaged in the process of learning and applying counseling concepts, they get an unparalleled look at what their professional futures may hold. Voices from the Field sections in each chapter offer further insight into the real challenges faced by experienced practitioners, as well as the ways in which those challenges were resolved. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Therapeutic Improvisation: How to Stop Winging It and Own It as a Therapist

Author: Michael Alcée

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 1324019603

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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Putting together what you learned in grad school and beyond into a coherent voice that is both personalized and professional. As a new or seasoned therapist, it’s so hard to make transformational moments out of all that’s being thrown at you in sessions. You’re just winging it, but deep down you know there’s a way to make your sessions more dynamic and intentionally responsive. This book shows how to develop a keen ear and sharp eye for the many changes coming your way. Examples from music, movies, and literature will illustrate how the scientific principles of interpersonal neurobiology can help you claim your artistry as a therapist. This inspiring and informative book will help you find your voice and navigate the complexities and joys of the mysterious relationship that is therapy itself. Supervisors and new clinicians alike will be refreshed by the innovative vision of mental health practice as having a flexible and creative capacity.

Pursuing a Career in Mental Health

Author: Ann F. Garland

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0197544711

Category: Mental health services

Page: 257

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"Many people are interested in pursuing a career in mental health but may be uncertain about career options. This book helps to identify the best educational path for their interests and prepare for success. Throughout, mental health professionals share inspiring wisdom to build realistic expectations and highlight key decision points. Comprehensive information about the disciplines of counseling, marital/couples and family therapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, and social work is provided, along with an expansive array of job possibilities. Practical guidance about masters versus doctoral degrees, graduate admissions success, educational costs, and salary projections is offered. Readers learn about how diversity and inclusion issues, as well as laws and ethics impact mental health, and how to prevent career burnout. Thought-provoking chapters promote balanced respect for both the healing art and the science of mental health, and forecast innovations that will shape the field into the future. Finally, multimedia resources are recommended to boost career preparedness"--

Theories of Counseling and Therapy

Author: Jeffrey A. Kottler,Marilyn J. Montgomery

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412979269

Category: Education

Page: 441

View: 1383

A concise, hands-on, and experiential text that helps readers understand and apply theory in counseling and psychotherapy Through a unique approach that makes understanding theories in counseling and psychotherapy fun, stimulating, and personally meaningful, this fully updated Second Edition helps students comprehend the various and complex theories, apply the material to their own lives (through the use of the reflective exercises in every chapter) and internalize the content of the course. The book’s three-part structure includes an introductory section that provides the background necessary for understanding the theories, a middle section that discusses the main theory “families,” and a final section that focuses on synthesis and application. Throughout the text, the authors seek to surprise readers with the best of the past, excite them with the vitality of the present, and prepare them for their futures as therapists.